Just the title alone tells you a breakdown is coming.  Children, aka Sam and Dean, playing with dead things, aka Angela the zombie, who is going to open up a whole mess of wounds that were already festering.  Bringing back someone from the dead? Of course, that was going to unravel a tightly wound Dean.  Now the truth surfaces.

In this episode, we get another brilliant take on the Sam-and-Dean-in-grief saga, this time from Raelle Tucker.  Her one-time writing partner, Sera Gamble, wrote the previous episode, “Bloodlust,” so the two episodes play like an in-sync-two-parter, and given the strength of these two writers, it's not surprising. I’m not going to call this episode as brilliant as “Bloodlust,” just because loser Neil isn’t as dynamic as Gordon Walker, and Angela is no Lenore.  But the Sam and Dean issues take a different turn, and this time different is good. 

Hi, everyone! I'm back with another top ten Supernatural list! This time I'm going with the most significant episodes and/or moments featuring Bobby Singer.  I once again compiled my list by picking the ten memories of Bobby that came to mind first. I figured these impacted and affected me the most. 

Now before you read my list, write down what you would pick. What ten Bobby episodes and/or moments did you think of first? 

San Diego Comic-Con 2020 (SDCC) is over, and from this fan's view, it was a fabulous success! Five days of watching and listening to the amazing talent behind films, television/streaming shows and comic books from the comfort of home made quarantine and social distancing fun. Give a geek a challenge and they'll find a way to keep the Comic-Con tradition alive!

One of the many thrilling dynamics of  San Diego Comic-Con is having access to brilliant, creative minds that would otherwise be locked away on closed sets or in studio offices. Hearing them talk about their craft is a rare opportunity to not only gain an endless stream of behind-the-scenes information about the media that fans love, but also to get the inside scoop on fascinating roles that are possible in the arts and sciences of the entertainment industry. Beyond geeking out and unprecedented access, on a personal level, SDCC is a chance to catch up with the cast and producers who have opened their hearts to their fans.

For the past decade, the creators of Supernatural have had a very high profile presence at SDCC. "Supernatural Sunday" was known for its long autograph lines, a packed Hall H panel, and the hundreds of interviews from Supernatural's press room.  While last year's emotional 2019 farewell Supernatural panel marked the end of the show's command of the Hall H stage, the show's creative team still showed up for fans this year during #ComicCon@Home.
The Walking Dead panel was large and in charge at San Diego's Comic-Con@Home on Friday!  12 members of the cast and crew talked about what fans will see in upcoming seasons of the franchise's now THREE series! Two cast members are #SPNFamily, so it was great to watch our old friends talk about their current "jobs" fighting monsters! They've got work to do so let's get to the details!

The Boys are back, AGAIN! Season 3 of the hit series received an early pick up and will be returning to Amazon Prime! The Boys' producers, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg made the announcement during their San Diego Comic-Con@Home panel. Exactly when season 3 will begin filming remains a mystery, though, as the producers acknowledged, 'it's anyone's guess when or where we can film season 3'! Eric Kripke shared the news on Twitter along with a season 2 trailer and the announcement that there will be a new after-show hosted by Aisha Tyler! 

"He took the stairs two at a time, hoping that Verrier was in a pleasant, helpful mood. One could never be certain with a prince of Hell — they smiled when they liked you, but they supposedly smiled just before they slit your throat, too.― Susan Scarf Merrell

Editor's Note: No matter where you are in the world, you have somehow, at some level, been impacted by the social justice movement sparked in the United States in May of this year. Reflecting on the many messages of inequality and under representation that are a part of this social awakening, I heard two pieces of advice that seemed actionable to me. The first was to respectfully challenge the words and actions of the people in our own families and in our own circle of friends if those close to us hold onto bigotry, ignorance or small-mindedness. The second was not to stand up to the hatred, but rather to stand beside the threatened, so they don't feel so alone. We can't all carry placards down boulevards as part of a protest, just as we aren't all in positions to influence hiring practices or social conditions. We all have to find a way to slowly share the securities of our existence with those around us who may, subtly or blatantly, feel unheard, unwelcome or vulnerable.

As Supernatural website writers, our forum is talking about a show we all universally love.Consequently, I proposed to our staff that we specifically turn our attention to guest stars, characters, themes or moments in the show that might help under-represented groups see themselves in Supernatural, and be more acknowledged as valued members of our #SPNFamily. Perhaps our public showcase of actors' roles and diverse characters may also help the industry and the public (fans and non-fans) notice the contribution of under-represented groups to Supernatural's 15 year, record breaking run. Diversifying The WFB’s coverage is something we can do to not only support inclusion and tolerance, but go on record as wanting to see more of it.

Outside of this introduction, you will not notice anything different about our articles. They won't have political sub-text or preachy undertones. They'll be about Supernatural, like they always are. Each will be written in the specific style of the writer, varying between fan videos, character analysis, photo edits or any combination of the above. The difference will be that maybe they'll shine the limelight on those who may not otherwise have been seen.
- Nightsky

My first Supernatural character tribute is to Dagon – Prince of Hell. The special thing about her was that she was the only female "Prince" of Hell. We only had a brief encounter with her, but she had a big influence on the overall story. She took care of Kelly and then, of course, she destroyed the colt.

Enjoy the videos!

On July 19, 1982 a future star was born in San Antonio, Texas.

His name is Jared Tristan Padalecki.

Yes, we are talking about you Jared.

Today we celebrate your 38th birthday!