Monsters I Hope to See in Season 6, by Elle2
I make no reference in this article to my being original, in fact, this article is completely inspired by Laurel’s recent, Top Eleven Characters she hopes to see back. That and the fact that one of the commenters stated that she would like more lists please, hopefully this partially fulfills that request. We do aim to please here at TWFB.
Now, if you avoid anything involving potential spoilers about Season 6 this is not the article for you, there are only minimal spoilers but since Eric Kripke, Sera Gamble and Ben Edlund have all made references to some of the monsters that will be returning in Season 6 there will be references to those here. If you don’t care that my listing of a monster or two that’s been seen before as well as my happy dance or whatever enthusiasm I enthuse over the upcoming reappearance of said monster, then read on without fear. I will be mentioning monsters that we have been spoiled about as to their return but since that’s all I know, there’s nothing else to worry about.
I’m only going to get into monsters, demons and angels do not tread here.
Now, what are the monsters that I’m hoping to see in Season 6?
“Wishful Thinking”
--Robin’s Rambles by Robin Vogel

Now - An attractive woman taking a shower at a spa is peeped on by a young, pale boy with red hair. When she turns, he becomes invisible! She wraps a towel around herself and walks to the sinks. An invisible hand wipes the condensation from the shower door to better see her. After she wraps a towel around her hair, we see wet footsteps approaching her. Sensing a presence, she turns. "Hello? Anybody there?" She pulls the towel off her head and tosses it toward the rack. However, it ends up on the head of the invisible young man. She stares at the towel, seemingly hovering in mid-air. "Hello, Mrs. Armstrong," says a voice. She screams.

Bar - Dean rapidly downs shots as he and Sam argue over Uriel. Why would Uriel tell me you remember hell if you don't? wonders Sam. "Because he's a dick," says Dean, as if that explains everything. Their fey waiter stops at the table to offer them more food--a chipotle chimichanga or fryer bombs? Dean says no, then gives the guy a wide-eyed, WEIRDO look. "I have no idea why Uriel told you I remember hell," says Dean. Watching his brother down the third shot, Sam says, "Right" sarcastically. Sam insists Dean look him in the eye and tell him he doesn't remember a thing from his time "down under." Dean does so, easily. Sam just wants to help. "You know everything I do," insists Dean. Their waiter returns. "Outstanding!" he chortles. "Dudes, you have got to try our Ice Cream Extreme. It's extreme." Check, says Sam. The waiter drops it on the table instantly. "All right, awesome!" he says in parting. Munching a pretzel, Dean wants to know, "Where do we go from here?" Sam shows him a report on his computer showing that a ghost might be haunting a women's health facility in Concrete, Washington--a woman claims the ghost threw her down a flight of stairs. Dean is already grabbing money from his wallet. "Women? Showers?" he says. "We've got to save these people!"

Croatoan Pandemic? Report by the Winchester Family Biz Gazette
Staff escaping the Niveus warehouse a couple of months ago back have reported, in shock, about colleagues turning into bloodthirsty beasts. The WFB Gazette's Jaspala Wesson spoke to the survivors and dug deeper into the mystery of a behaviour some doctors have come to call 'the Croatoan Phenomenon'.
After being saved by a group of mysterious, armed men the Niveus personnel deemed to be safe - but are now haunted by nightmares and PTSD symptoms and the notion that not all infected had been eliminated.
If the fears of the Niveus staff hold any truth, thousands, if not millions of citizens may be infected with this strange new virus, CDC executives stated last week, acknowledging that the world could be on track for a pandemic. The virus linked to the disappearance of the citizens of Rivergrove, Oregon, has surfaced in Kansas and Chicago, but - so far - been successfully isolated. In its wake, the World Health Organization raised its alert, but issued orders to keep it strictly under public radar to not provoke panic.
The heightened alert came after the discovery of a significant viral depot at Niveus Pharmaceutics, hidden in swine flu vaccine as cover. Authorities began classified investigations to disclose the groups responsible. Suspicions of a terrorism act were quickly raised as such quantities as were found clearly indicate that the nation barely escaped an attack with the chemo-biological weapon this virus undoubtedly was intended to be.
It's no secret that many "Supernatural" fans are also "Smallville" fans.  Many found the former because it came after the latter. The two shows are an iconic sci-fi pairing that have managed to consistently perform well for their networks year after year after year. They’re now together again after a year apart for what is “Smallville’s” final season and it couldn’t be more fitting. 
I’ve often been reminded that "Smallville" was here first. While I know that, I probably get that a lot since I got it backwards. I became a fan of "Smallville" in season seven, checking it out after finding "Supernatural" in season three. Yes, going through six seasons of DVDs was a lot of homework but we were able to do it as a family. The kids are hooked and I can’t wait until they’re old enough to go through the “Supernatural” catalog with them. 
Speaking of opportunity, I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a big shout-out to KryptonSite. Craig Byrne has been the most devoted fan this show has had. He has tirelessly run KryptonSite (a job that involves lots of hours and little financial reward as I know from experience) and written “Smallville” companion books.  As someone who hopes to run a fan site as great as his, it only took me two and a half years to get an interview with “Supernatural” stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. Craig waited ten years for his big interview, finally scoring the coveted and very rare Tom Welling interview at Comic Con.
Craig’s interviews with Tom and all the cast members at this year’s Comic Con can be found in the News section at They are different than the ones I'm sharing in this article, so I highly suggest you check them out.  Thank you Craig for all you’ve done for this show and its fandom.
At least “Smallville” is going out with a bang and getting a proper goodbye. In the four year history of The CW, no series has been given this farewell opportunity. So, when given the choice to attend “Supernatural's” panel or go to the final "Smallville" press room session, the choice was clear. I couldn't turn down a final opportunity.
I got this message today from paintgirl770 who needs our help.  Here's the dilemma:

I have been watching since season one, but my husband only very recently (last 2 episodes of season 5) started watching with me (he's not much of a tv guy, except for sports). Anyway, to my happy surprise he instantly appreciated the show! We watched the pilot and a couple of season 1 episodes so far, but he doesn't have the time (or patience) to watch all the episodes of all the seasons before Season 6 begins. What would you and yours recommend as the top say 5 or 6 episodes he should see in the next few weeks to keep him hooked (bear in mind I will be there to fill him in on storyline and events, etc..)

It's Hellatus, we're still buzzing from Comic Con news, so I decided that this would be the perfect group exercise.  After all, we're all in this together!  Which five or six would you recommend?  My initial list was at twelve, and breaking it down was not fun.  Here's my recommended list:

In My Time of Dying
All Hell Breaks Loose Part II (Watch the last five minutes of part I.  That doesn't really count as an episode)
Mystery Spot
No Rest For the Wicked
Lazarus Rising

Considering he's already seen the last two episodes of season five, he's good there.  The way I figure, he'll be so hooked by then, he'll at least take one marathon weekend to burn through all of season four.  Just one episode of that season is criminal.  

Okay, your turn!  What's your best advice?
When we last saw Castiel at the end of Season 4 he was standing resolutely next to Chuck - I am the prophet, ready to hold off heaven's most fearsome power, an archangel.
Season 5 opens with the news that Castiel was smote, like a water balloon filled with Chunky soup, not to worry, though, our Cas returned, brought back by God and he's determined not to take any of Zachariah's crap anymore.
 vlcsnap 00238
"Now put these boys back together and go, I won't ask twice."
Another fine entrance, Cas.
We quickly realize, however, in Good God, Y'All that while Cas has some tricks up his sleeve -- Enochian carvings on Winchester ribcages anyone? -- all is not well.  He can't heal Bobby and Cas picks up his newest accessory to his wardrobe, enter Cas' cell phone.
Free to Be You and Me finds Castiel struggling greatly with human interaction. He stands way too close to Dean, "Cas, we've talked about this; personal space." Has little to no understanding of the meaning of subterfuge, "It's the angels and demons, probably; they're skirmishing all over the globe." Can hold his liquor but not the truth from a prostitute and gets him and Dean thrown out of a brothel. However, Castiel does know how to handle an archangel, a little holy oil from Jerusalem (where else) and a well-laid trap gets the information they need, although not all of it, nor the information they wanted, and a quick escape, "Maybe one day, but today you're my little b****." 
SPN 0898 
We're treated to yet another incarnation of Castiel in The End; future, human Cas, loves the ladies, is stoned out of his mind, completely cut off from heaven and remembers fondly that he likes the Dean of 2009. This Cas is loyal to a lost cause, while somewhere, somewhen, five years earlier, present Cas is waiting silently by the side of the road for Dean to get a few hours of sleep and then carry on with his plan to find God. Cas may not be a good liar and he may continue to struggle with his cell phone, "This isn't funny, Dean, the voice says I'm almost out of minutes." -- but he is loyal and he understands that timing is everything, "We had an appointment."
Then there's I Believe The Children Are Our Future,really, what more can be said, Action Figure Castiel!
SPN 0901
You can choose your friends; you can't choose your family. Castiel has been blown up, turned into an action figure, run out of a brothel, killed (in the future) and now he is on the receiving end of quite a beating, Changing Channels is a lot of fun, to everyone that is but Castiel - yeah, and Sam didn't get away without some pain and embarrassment, and sure, Dean got shot - again - but this is a Castiel article.
vlcsnap 00325
Abandon All Hope: Castiel, meet Ellen Harvelle. One of my favorite meetings between Supernatural characters was Ellen and Jo and Cas. From Cas slinging shots with Ellen: "All right, big boy." "I think I'm starting to feel something. 
SPN 0304
To: "Haven't you ever heard of a door handle?" "Of course I have."
SPN 0469
I'm so glad we got a chance for these characters to interact, if only briefly.
And let's not forget that the Castiel who awkwardly shook Sam's hand and called him the boy with the demon blood in him back in It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester, now stands strong in the face of Lucifer and tells him: "You're not taking Sam Winchester, I won't let you."
The Song Remains the Same renders Castiel as basically a means to time travel, but there is little bit of a toast at the end as Team Free Will finally comes into its own. Bottoms up, Cas,uh, Cas?
SPN 1073
My Bloody Valentine, so much Cas goodness, I hardly know where to begin. I love the peek we get as Cas is shovelling burgers into his mouth of Jimmy, it's a peek but there he is.
SPN 1095
Also, Castiel has learned a thing or two about studying Dean over the past year and so many months, he's very aware that all is not well and he openly confronts Dean about it. Unlike Dean's interaction with Sam on the same matter, Dean is willing to talk to Castiel; likely because he knows Castiel will not push him as Sam would - and rightly Sam should. In the end, Castiel's silent, steady presence outside the panic room says it all; no matter what, he's part of Team Free Will and he's there when things go well and when things don't seem to be going well.
SPN 1243
Then there's the funny bits with Castiel, and there are plenty this season:
"They're not incontinent." BWAH!!!
 SPN 0334
"I'm going to hang up now."
SPN 0306
Poor Cas is also given the less than pleasant, or comfortable, task of consoling the disconsolate Cupid,sucks to be the newest member on the team.
Dark Side of the Moon (a masterpiece) takes Cas to almost his lowest point this season. Faithful in his belief that he can find God and get some answers he embraces the opportunity of Sam and Dean's death and subsequent arrival in heaven as a chance to discover what God's plan is. In the end though he's deeply disappointed and we see how very human Cas has become as he loses his hope, his faith; he truly is a part of Team Free Will suffering emotional loss as well as physical and personal.
SPN 1069
Drunken Cas is very funny Cas, even if he doesn't realize it (and Misha plays it perfectly. I remember reading somewhere Misha commenting that portraying a drunk person is quite difficult as most drunk people try very hard not to appear drunk; I like his understated drunken portrayal of Castiel very much and like the scene in My Bloody Valentine with the cell phone, it's a part of 99 Problems that I watch over and over again and enjoy every time.)
Cas finally realizes just how heavy Dean's burden and pain really is, something he's studied and wondered on since Lazarus Rising (You don't think you deserve to be saved) and continued in It's the Great Pumpkin (I don't envy the weight on your shoulders) to his confrontation with Dean in Lucifer Rising (I see the pain inside of you, the doubt.) and now here in 99 Problems he questions Dean as to how he handles it, "Some days you get to kill a whore." Dean has always used hunting, the job, as a deflection when things get too heavy, here Cas learns that lesson as well and he puts it to good use in Point of No Return.
vlcsnap 00220
Despite all of Cas' disappointment in God and his actions of crawling inside a bottle - well, a liquor store, in 99 Problems, when faced with a crisis of huge import Cas is all business and back alongside Sam fighting to save a member of Team Free Will in Point of No Return.
While Cas has very little patience or faith in Dean during Point of No Return he has infinite amounts for Sam. He assists Sam in returning Dean to Bobby's at the beginning, tracks him down again after his initial escape from Bobby's - giving him quite a beat down for while Cas is learning to cope with his loss of faith in God he's got to vent his anger somewhere - and agrees to what he presumes to be a suicidal plan to rescue Adam simply because of Sam's faith in Dean; Cas trusts Sam, a long way from earlier in the season when he reminded a very earnest Sam who wanted to tell Jesse the truth that Sam knew the truth and it didn't stop him from making bad moves. Sam has earned Castiel's faith as well as Castiel's friendship.
Our beloved Castiel blew himself to places unknown and he remained there for a little while finally turning up off the coast of California and completely human now. He's going to need more than a liquor store and a bottle of aspirin to keep up with the Winchesters, good thing there's a bus.
In more than one way Castiel's transition from angel to human is shown, not only can't he heal his cuts and he now needs public transportation to get from one place to another but when strategizing with Team Free Will - and getting lost in the sarcasm that is Bobby, "I don't understand your definition of good news." - he sits and leans his head on his hand to support himself - ahh, Cas, not the same as when we first met you.
SPN 0411
Cas has learned the value of a shotgun, now he learns the value of a Molotov Cocktail - witty insults still elude him , "Hey, assbutt!"
vlcsnap 00315
Castiel has truly earned the right to be among Team Free Will. He went from heavenly angel, curious but indifferent to humans, to sympathetic, confused, loss of powers and loss of faith to ultimate loss of anything resembling an angel and becoming fully human. Yet even with knowing all that he'd had and not no longer had he willingly faced certain death with nothing other than a shotgun, a bottle of accelerant and a loyalty to friends and yes, family.
In the end of Swan Song Cas' choices led to him being fully restored to his angelic powers, so much so that not only could he heal Dean's injuries but he could restore Bobby's life. Dean remains an enigma to him, from their first meeting Cas didn't understand Dean's lack of self-esteem and at their last parting Cas didn't understand Dean's motivations any more than Dean understood them and he leaves us wondering as he asks another difficult question:
"You got what you asked for, Dean, no paradise, no hell just more of the same. What would rather have; peace or freedom?"
Just as Castiel stormed onto the scene in Lucifer Rising and proclaimed himself an angel of the Lord, he leaves us in Swan Song (thankfully to return) wondering just what is the answer to that question.
vlcsnap 00432
Thanks for reading, Elle2
Sera Gamble arrived, our table being the last group to talk to before going to the panel. The room was pretty noisy and crazy by now, for everyone was prepping for the press room/ballroom switch between "Supernatural" and "Smallville." Still, she gave us her undivided attention and even complimented me on the "Ghostfacers" t-shirt I was wearing. She was the only one that noticed! A big thanks to Patrick Doody, the Producer of "Ghostfacers" for the shirt. 
Please note that by this time the noise was so bad that hearing most of the questions word for word were impossible on my recording. The questions are shown here mostly in context but not how they were asked word for word. I also had a hard time with a few Sera's answers too, but managed to get most of it except for a few words here and there that had no effect on the overall answer. Also, the last two questions were very rushed because we were out of time. 
Now everybody say it together...SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!! 
Jim Beaver came to us with one of his usual eye catching t-shirts, a clever no smoking symbol with the words “There are cooler ways to die.” He was also wearing a hat that said “Idgits.” He thought the shirt was relevant to the show and the hat he had gotten that from a fan and thought he ought to wear that today.

You know the drill, SPOILER ALERT!!

Eric Kripke only sat down with us for five minutes, but it was enough to share his usual deep enthusiasm for the stories to come. He didn't give away too much that was already known, but he and Ben Edlund are still up to no good. Some things never change, and we love it. Here's the disclaimer...