Okay, I’m going to do my best to be upbeat about this one.  I've got all my familiar vices nearby and I’m surrounded by pictures of puppy dogs, lollipops, unicorns shooting rainbows out of their butts, sweet fuzzy soft kitties, and Sam's bad hair days.  Anything to forget the fact that each time Sam is a soulless jerk, a part of me dies inside. 

This week, inspirational words go to the dogs.  And a cat.  And Sam and Dean.  It's all good.

In the last episode for two weeks, the Winchesters battle fairies and investigate a UFO sighting, and while Dean's quest to "Fight the Fairies!" looks hilarious, there's plenty of non-fairy humor to go around.  As a lot of the series’ episodes are, this one will be based on real, dark fairy lore.

It seems that the fan outrage over Sam's missing soul has gotten some reaction from the top.  In a just released EW article, Sera Gamble makes a statement about what's to come.  I think everyone is going to have to decide for themselves if her words are encouraging or not:

While executive producer and showrunner Sera Gamble stopped short of telling us when Sam would re-soul up (it definitely won’t happen before midseason), she said we should look for “a new sort of brotherly rapport” to develop between the pair, beginning with this week’s fairy episode, written by veteran Supernatural scribe Ben Edlund.

“I can only speak for myself, but I kind of find it charming and enjoyable in its own twisted way,” Gamble told EW. “I would never say that it replaces the core relationship that we all love and we all want them to go back to and that Dean is desperately trying to recapture, but for where we are with the story right now, there’s something sort of interesting and fun happening.”

A lot of what she says weighs into my recent review on the latest episode "All Dogs Go To Heaven" and the Sam story line.  So tell us fans, are you relieved by this statement?  Concerned?  Hopeful?  For those that don't want to comment, make your opinion known in our anonymous poll!  I'm really curious to know if there's a consensus out there or a fandom divided. 

Oh show, what are you doing?  Last week held such promise.  There were hints that we were finally going to be rewarded for our patience.  What happened?  

I don’t expect all episodes to be loaded with action and jaw-dropping brotherly drama, not to mention ground breaking plot twists.  Some episodes need to just be two brothers working a case.  â€œAll Dogs Go To Heaven” was all about that.  Unlike “Weekend at Bobby’s” though, instead of getting something that felt right, I got that uneasy feeling that again something is just too wrong. Instead of that wrong gradually progressing toward being a right, it’s just frustrating me with more inconsistencies and back steps.    
"Family Matters" was directed by Guy Bee, who also directed season 1's "Asylum," one of the coolest and moodiest episodes of the first season.  I absolutely loved the look of "Asylum," so let's see if Bee carried that through to "Family Matters." 

This show is going to be the death of me. The slow kind. After watching the last episode, again, I felt again saddened by the developments, even though there were no major tragedies here, no betrayals in the category we’ve witnessed before, no terrible beatings or falls of tears from our heroes’ eyes. It might be the sentimentality to approaching Christmas that keeps enveloping me these days. Don’t know, really. So, forgive these ramblings of a stressed out brain…

In honor of Sam Winchester's 29th birthday, I'm pulling out this oldie but hilarious goodie from November, 2010.  After all, Sam patented this look and should be recognized for it.  I present, the 21 Bitchface Salute!!

Buffalo, NY - A man walks out of a bar toward his car, asking, "Did he eat? You gave him a bath, right? Dd you take him to the park? Did he give me a peepee and poopoo? Good. Tell him Daddy loves him, be home soon."  As thunder crashes and lightning flashes, we become aware we are seeing him through a creature's eyes. He climbs into his car, rustles through his gloves compartment and suddenly finds himself face to face with the creature, who has leaped onto his windshield. "What the--?" he cries, but that's all he's able to get out before the creature breaks through the glass and splashes his blood on the driver's side window, finishing him off as he thrashes and cries out.