This is me trying something new. As real life work has a good hold of me and creating it difficult to find time to write properly, I felt reminded of some songs whose lyrics have reminded me of our dear Winchester brothers – resembling their relationship from the past or from today. So, to indulge in some things Supernatural, despite a restrained schedule, I am taking on this idea of illustrating songs. There will be more to come. For starters, I hope you enjoy this one.

The truth is out there...or in there...or there, whatever.  Whether it be aliens, fairies, or tiny green men lets reflect on this week's lesson of inspiration by learning the right way to use manners with all things completely off.  Sam included.  
No doubt this season has gone in a daring new direction. So much focus and so much outrage has been placed on Sam. He's not right, he's soulless, now there's big doubt that he wants his soul back even though he's telling Dean he does. 
We're not here to talk about Sam though.

"All Dogs Go To Heaven" was directed by Phil Sgriccia, a very familiar name in the "Supernatural" world.  This is his 18th episode directed on the series, and his first since the season premiere.  And since he was responsible for letting the cameras run for the infamous "Eye of the Tiger" outtake, I really hope we get some dog actor outtakes on the Season 6 gag reel.  At any rate, this is what I liked to look at this episode.

Thank you Ben Edlund! If anyone could take on the task of pulling the fandom out of its soulless blue funk right now, it’s the veteran writer with the warped sense of humor. Hmm, did I say warped? More like blissfully deranged.  Whatever it is, he’s got us pegged. 
“Clap Your Hands If You Believe” made me as happy as a…um...happy as uh…a pig in shoes, until the somber ending that is. It was a slap in the face reminder for those of us lulled into a false sense of security that things still aren’t right. Then again, Ben Edlund has never been what we call an optimist. Who can forget how totally screwed the brothers were at the end of “Nightshifter,”  Sam’s vicious slaughter of Brady at the end of “The Devil You Know,” the brothers being screwed over by Bela at the end of “Bad Day At Black Rock,” Sam’s painful detox and Dean’s despair at the end of “My Bloody Valentine” and what a heaping mess Dean was at the end of Edlund’s best episode to date, “On The Head of a Pin.” However, this for all intensive purposes is a screwball comedy episode. Just ask Jeremy Carver, do those end well either?

Clap Your Hands If You Believe is vintage Ben Edlund with a touch of Sera Gamble thrown in (as in in the past Sera was the writer most likely to have naked Sam, this season it’s all Ben).  I really liked Sam here and all the references to Pinocchio…I’m a real boy!  While this isn’t the brotherly dynamic we’re used to, this one was a lot of fun to watch unfold and while much of it bodes well for the future there is that final look from Sam at the end that says not so fast.

A young couple, making out in the middle of an Elwood, Indiana, cornfield (presented to us X-FILES style), are interrupted when Patrick says he sees "something out there" in the corn. "You're freaking me out," she protests, but he insists on having a look, and slips into the corn. Calling his name over and over, she chases him into the corn, but by the time she gets to him, a bright light has flashed and he has disappeared. "Patrick!" she calls, over and over, standing in the middle of a huge crop circle. As the camera backs away, we see she is in what looks like four small connecting moons surrounding a much larger planet of crop circles.

As many of you may know, the Fox network released it’s mid season schedule today.  In a major shakeup, “American Idol” is going to Wednesdays and Thursdays and “Fringe” is being bounced to Fridays at 9pm, once again opposite "Supernatural."  The current show in that slot, “The Good Guys,” has been losing to “Supernatural” easily in demo ratings and several times in overall ratings.  Yes, Fox has been losing Fridays to The CW.  
I get it, networks compete.  Fox has been finishing 5th on Fridays.  When “American Idol” returns in the winter they have a lot more material to work with on the schedule.  But why was “Fringe” moved to that timeslot?  Didn’t Fox decimate “Fringe’s” ratings last year when it was moved opposite “Supernatural” Thursdays at 9pm?  Didn’t history prove that ratings for both shows went down when that happened? Why compete two Warner Brothers produced sci-fi shows at the same time when there are plenty of other timeslots? 

Warning!!!!  If you haven't seen the latest episode of "Supernatural" and the preview for next week, do not read this!  There is going to be plot-based speculation and discussion! You've been officially warned!
Well, that was a corker! Ben Edlund wins at life, doesn't he?  That was a much-needed break from all the intensity we've had for pretty much the entire season.  Since this outing was generally lighthearted, there isn't too much to speculate about.  Or is there?
Soulless Sam as Comedy Relief
I wasn't too sure how they could make Sam work in a comedic episode since it's been so flipping tragic to watch him being all robotic (not the good kind) and not caring about Dean.  But I thought it worked pretty well here.  I mean, don't get me wrong.  It was still rather disconcerting to see Sam so flippant about the fact that Dean had been abducted, but we all know by now that he couldn't help himself.  Still, it kind of hurt, I'm not gonna lie.  But having Dean trying to teach Sam how to act was rather amusing.  Dean is totally Jiminy Cricket.  I just wish Samocchio's nose grew when he lied, too.
Second Thoughts
Well, the patented last conversation of doom was really true to form this week.  Sam's back to lying to Dean and is also having second thoughts about getting his soul back.  Oh, Sam.  Come on now!  Really?  If he can't feel anything, supposedly, why does he care either way?  He'd rather feel nothing?  But isn't preferring to feel nothing still feeling something?  My head hurts.
If A Leprechaun Makes You an Offer, Make Sure You See the Pot of Gold First
Maureen Ryan theorized about this in her column last week, and it the leprechaun's offer here seemed to at least hint at the idea that maybe Sam and Dean are going to end up making a deal with monsters of some sort to enlist their help getting Sam's soul back.  That could make for a very interesting turn of events.  You could have heaven and hell fighting over purgatory and Winchesters and monsters trying to fend both sides off.  And then it would be SUPER AWKWARD when everything was over, Sam has his soul back, and it's time to go hunting again.  "Oh, hey shapeshifter Bob.  Didn't you help me get my soul back?"  "I sure did, Sam."  "Huh.  Thanks for that." "You're welcome."  "But I can't let you rob banks and kill people, so..." 
So yeah, not too much to talk about after this episode, but that's kind of a good thing right now.  We just have two weeks to go nuts thinking about that promo for the next new episode.  Hell's prison?  Holy crap!  That sounds pretty damn cool.