Greetings fellow Hellatus survivors! I'm remiss in getting this article out - it's much later than I'd intended but a friend and I took a trip States-side to the Big Apple in honour of our graduation - if there are any New Yorkers here - you have an incredible city! Anyways ,while putting together the Guests feature in honour of the hundredth Supernatural episode way back when, it was increasingly difficult to choose a mere 100 from the many, many faces who have appeared on our great show in the last 104 episodes. Hence, we have what I'm calling the Bonus Round. I am going to try, to the best of my ability, to include every person who has ever guested on Supernatural as I put together this list over Hellatus. Once again, there isn't really a rhyme or reason to the order in which they appear. (Thanks to SupernaturalWiki for suppying the pictures!)
Supernatural's Pivotal Episodes: Season 3, by Elle2

Here we are, four weeks into Hellatus and all is well, right? Come on, we're doing fine aren't we? The site is rocking with articles, games, daily motivational posters and soon there will be a clock, you know the kind of clock I'm talking about; the one that counts down to the beginning of Season 6. It's coming soon, the clock that is. Also, casting spoilers will soon be up since filming begins July 1st which is just three short weeks away.
So, I'm very sorry for getting so behind with these! I'll make it up to you, readers, by...finishing the rest, I guess. Anyway, on to webisode 6. This one clocks in at 2:59 and picks up right where we left off in webisode 5, which was... Right, let me check real quick. Yes, Ed was getting attacked by the ghost of Janet Meyers.

Webisode 6 starts off with Ed screaming in the background as Spruce races into the main theater to see if he's okay. Harry and Maggie arrive shortly after, and they are all quite worried about Ed, rightfully so. And they're worried about him because Janet cut him on the arm!
100 Favourite Moments of Supernatural 
Season Five
The decisive season , the one that will give our beloved characters more heartbreaking choices to make and keep us on edge. With the Lord of Hell unleashed, Sam and Dean Winchester have to find a way to get back together on the same page and conquer their fears, their anger, their sadness to be brothers again in the truest sense and rise from the ashes of their pains. only to bring the greatest sacrifice a soul can give.
Plus: our show celebrated its 100th episode in this season, a triumph only the occasional show reaches. It's a testimony of the fantastic acting we have noticed from the very beginning, the amazingly creative teams in front of and behind the camera, the high quality scripts, and. as helplessly vain as that may sound , of its faithful fans who have kept watching Supernatural, thereby making sure that 'the suits' would deem it worthy of investing money and keep this exceptional show on air. Furthermore , we are looking forward to a sixth season.

To see the awards given thus far, here's part one and part two.

Most Awkward Winchester Family Moment

This is one of my favorite categories this year, for every time I think about the winner it makes me smile.  First though, there is an honorable mention.  This moment goes to a place we never thought Sam and Dean would go, even with their always close quarters. Dean is caught doing an "act" in a place where urban legends come true and has the hairy palm to prove it. If that's not funny enough, Sam with one eye roll manages to top that. "You could go blind doing that too." Wow, did that just happen? "Seinfeld" set a precedent I guess. 

(Part One can be found here)

Special Presentations
Supernatural has produced four title sequences for very special episodes; "A Very Special Christmas" (3.08), "Monster Movie" (4.05), "Monster at the End of this Book" (4.18), and "Changing Channels" (5.08). Each is very unique.
A Very Supernatural Christmas (3.08)

The title sequence is preceded by a version of the old CBS Special Presentation Indent. Sleigh bells are heard and a cheery bright yellow Christmas ornament appears and then explodes in a red/yellow inferno. The text appears and, while the traditional colors of Christmas are red and green, the show keeps the cold color of blue for the title, and red for the remaining text. The "Very" flickers in and out like an old motel sign, and then eventually disappears. The askew Santa hat landing classic ... gives us the feeling of a comic child-like story. However, very few Christmas stories include exploding ornaments, reminding us that we are in the unreality of the Winchester world. 
I accept, I've always needed a "catch all" thread going here.  The one where you can make comments about the little jarring changes I keep making to the site, suggestions about what you'd like to see (yes a spoiler page is in the works once spoilers actually start happening) or you might have a question at large about Supernatural or any Supernatural related news you've heard recently.  Here is the place to post all those non-article related things.  No question is too burning!  I might not always know the answer, but I am a bit more informed that the average fangirl so try me.  We've got some time to kill during this hellatus, so fire away!  Just not literately.   
Title sequences, also called title cards, are methods by which cinematic films or television programs present their title, key production and cast members utilizing visual imagery and sound, and usually follows the opening credits. But Supernatural is known for not having opening credits, and instead goes for a cold open (or teaser), the technique of jumping directly into a story at the beginning of the hour, and a title sequence with the show's logo and graphics. The opening credits for the series are then superimposed over the opening scenes of the episode.
Just to set the mood, the following analysis features videos of all of the seasons' title sequences, and some of the special stand-alone episodes they have done over the years. It also includes two never used ones produced for season one. 
--Robin's Rambles by Robin Vogel
With Ruby at his side, Sam works his mind-mojo to exorcise a demon, but the man taunts him about being a hero and "all the things you and this slut do in the dark." Sam successfully kills the demon, making Ruby smile, but he has no idea Dean is watching outside the window.

Sam tests the working pulse of the host body and reports to Ruby, “I feel good--no more headaches.” He's helping the man walk out when Dean enters, furious, demanding to know who SHE is. "Good to see you again, Dean," says Ruby. Dean immediately attacks her, all set to murder her with the demon-killing knife. Ruby and Dean battle it out until Ruby has Dean in a choke-hold. Sam intervenes, orders her to stop. She does. "Aren't you an obedient little bitch," gasps Dean. Sam sends Ruby to the emergency room with the victim. "Dean!" calls Sam, but his brother walks away from him.