I was more than halfway through my own list of monsters I wanted to see in season 6 when I checked in to TWFB and saw that Elle2 had created an excellent list of monsters she wanted to see in season 6!  Thankfully, I was writing about things we haven't seen yet, while she mostly chose things that she wanted to see again, and never the twain shall meet.  Great minds think alike, sometimes.  And since I didn't want to be influenced by anyone's comments, I did not read any comment posts.  If there are things on here that anyone suggested in those posts, I promise I did not try to steal your idea and not credit you.  There's only so many monsters to go around!  But if you did post about the same monster after Elle2's list, tell me so in the comments and we can talk about how awesome we both are for thinking of the same thing! 
Sam and Dean have tackled their fair share of monsters and spirits and other supernatural evils in five seasons.  Amazingly, there are still some evils they haven't faced.  And since season 6 is going to be more reminiscent of season 1 and is going to focus on monsters, I came up with a list of 22 supernatural things Sam and Dean haven't hunted yet that I want to see them take on in season 6.  Why 22?  Well, one for each episode!

Most of these are pretty familiar monsters, but I'll still put in a description for them anyway just in case there are things you haven't heard of.  And I realize that some of these things would be silly to fight against, but Supernatural is great at taking lore and legend and making it fit within the parameters of the show without being too fantastical, unless they're being fantastical on purpose.  Many thanks to Wikipedia, without which the research for this article would have been much more tedious.  Without further ado, I present the "Top 22 Previously Unseen Supernatural Beings I Want In Season 6."
Yes I know I’m going to get some flack for this and I know a lot of people aren’t going to agree with me but that’s ok, I’ve always been one for a lost cause. I started thinking about this when I saw an interview with Jeffrey Dean Morgan on ‘The Losers’ in which he was asked about Supernatural. What struck me was how angry he seemed about how the character of John Winchester had been handled in the later seasons. This got me thinking. It’s true in the later seasons John is suddenly being described as a “deadbeat dad” which, for all his faults, I never believed John Winchester was, let me explain why.
Those that we call Winchester by any other word would be as sweet…. Forgive me, kind readers, the blasphemy of paraphrasing the words of magnificent Shakespeare for my own intentions… But, as the bard and I have shared a loving relationship from my 16th year on, I trust William would not take it amiss…

I have been thinking, in one of those high temperature sleepless summer hiatus nights about the names in our favourite show. I wouldn’t say that Kripke & Co chose the names of the characters in regard to their mythological, biblical (or whatever else) meaning, but I found it to be a fun exercise to look at our characters’ names as if he might have.

This involves a recent controversy that some people are interrupting other threads for, so I’m giving this issue its own space. If you want nothing to do with controversy and vicious fan fighting, please look away now. This will be very nasty. 

Significant Mothers of Supernatural Part Two: The Surrogate
(For Part One: One-Hit Wonders go here.)

The Winchester Brothers have had their share of loss. Their family has never been large, forged more in arms than in blood, to be sure. From the first moment that the boys meet her, in her own way Ellen adopts the boys - tough-loving them as she does her own daughter. Throughout the series, Ellen has demonstrated many faces ranging from deft huntress to mournful mother. She serves to bring a maternal element to the series in mostly non-conventional, gun-slinging ways.

Here it is, the last of the Comic Con reports, for this site anyway.  I still have more interviews to transcribe and more reports to give, but that will be happening over the next few weeks between now and the new TV season start.  Those reports though will be happening on other sites (TV For The Rest of Us will be relaunching within a day or two).  For The Winchester Family Business, we're done!
I know I'm stirring up a hornet's nest here, but oh well.  Here goes.  Given all the noise made on this site and others about "Swan Song" I'm giving Eric Kripke his chance to speak his mind. 

When I had my chance to speak with Eric Kripke at this year's Comic Con, by the time he got to us he had already defended his actions a few times about "Swan Song" and addressed one of our questions as "Open to Interpretation, make of that what you will."  After seeing all the reports filtering in from the other interviews though, all I can say is that I never thought I could love this man more, but I do.  He says in his words of wisdom what I always interpreted from the finale, but he says it so much better. 

This is Eric's exact words at one of the press tables when asked in a roundabout way if Dean's role was diminshed in the finale:

"Everything can be open for interpretation. Far be it for me to tell fans what they think of the show is, it's for them. I can just tell you what it meant to me. This show has always been about family from page one to page five thousand. It's never been about one brother, it's been about the relationship between the both of them. For me it's like a ying/yang thing. Salvation of the planet depended on both of them acting equally. And had Dean not decided to sacrifice himself and go to be with his brother because of the love and relationship between them trumped all. Had he not learned to do that, to forgive his brother and love him over the years of training and learning experience of the show, then he would have never gone out there and Sam would have never seen him, never would have seen the car, and he would have never had the strength to take over his body and save the world. So to me, that's a two man alley oop."

(Question) He played the role he was intended to play.

Yeah, and one he would have never done in the Pilot but learned to do in the finale.  To me that's what it's all about.  But people, you know...as long as they're watching they can think whatever the Hell they want. 

Kripke also was open when Maureen Ryan asked about where Sam and Dean are in their epic hero's journey right now.

"I think they finally reached a massive amount of growth and maturity.  For me in "Swan Song" one of the thing I insisted about ending it the way I ended it whether it was the series finale or not is not just wrapping out the story line but getting them to an end point that we've been building towards since the beginning of the show.  For me, that's always been what the show's been all about.  Certain fans have complained that it wasn't big enough and my point was sorry but, I wish you guys love it but, the show has always been about these two brothers and their growth as characters, ultimately reflected in Michael in Lucifer, in how Sam and Dean could do all the things that Michael and Lucifer couldn't.  They had to accept each other as grownups, they had to forgive each other their faults, they had to come together, they had to mature.  Dean had to learn to not just accept Sam as a freak but accept that being a freak is good and okay and smart in its own way and he's not a little brother anymore and Sam had to grow up too and appreciate Dean as the two of them.  For us, that's what the show is about and that's what saved the world.  That the two of them could forgive each other.  

Now, in season six, just to be honest, we look at season six as a sequel to a movie, there's going to be a new story line and there's going to be a new series of problems, and in a way I think is going to be lovingly, which I think the audience is going to love and drive them nuts at the same time, new problems.  So they've reached a point and they've come together but now there's going to be new problems.  They're going to have new issues that they've got to work through.  Their therapy isn't done yet."  

This is my take on everyone's attitude at Comic Con, especially Eric Kripke's from being in that press room.  What's done is done.  Season five and the whole apocalyptic arc are in the record books.  Sure, some fans were upset, but Kripke was not apologetic and had no regrets.  No one had regrets.  Sera Gamble and Ben Edlund are following their visions and are accepting that they'll find out when episodes air if fans like it or not.  They don't seem to be worrying too much about that though.  Jensen, Jared, Misha, and Jim are all very excited about the new changes and have no problems whatsoever with the directions their characters are going.  

So, in other words, everyone is moving on with renewed invigoration and ready to do something different.  As a viewer, I'm excited and honored to be part of that as well.  I will watch with open mind and full trust.  I really really hope everyone else will too.
Monsters I Hope to See in Season 6, by Elle2
I make no reference in this article to my being original, in fact, this article is completely inspired by Laurel’s recent, Top Eleven Characters she hopes to see back. That and the fact that one of the commenters stated that she would like more lists please, hopefully this partially fulfills that request. We do aim to please here at TWFB.
Now, if you avoid anything involving potential spoilers about Season 6 this is not the article for you, there are only minimal spoilers but since Eric Kripke, Sera Gamble and Ben Edlund have all made references to some of the monsters that will be returning in Season 6 there will be references to those here. If you don’t care that my listing of a monster or two that’s been seen before as well as my happy dance or whatever enthusiasm I enthuse over the upcoming reappearance of said monster, then read on without fear. I will be mentioning monsters that we have been spoiled about as to their return but since that’s all I know, there’s nothing else to worry about.
I’m only going to get into monsters, demons and angels do not tread here.
Now, what are the monsters that I’m hoping to see in Season 6?
“Wishful Thinking”
--Robin’s Rambles by Robin Vogel

Now - An attractive woman taking a shower at a spa is peeped on by a young, pale boy with red hair. When she turns, he becomes invisible! She wraps a towel around herself and walks to the sinks. An invisible hand wipes the condensation from the shower door to better see her. After she wraps a towel around her hair, we see wet footsteps approaching her. Sensing a presence, she turns. "Hello? Anybody there?" She pulls the towel off her head and tosses it toward the rack. However, it ends up on the head of the invisible young man. She stares at the towel, seemingly hovering in mid-air. "Hello, Mrs. Armstrong," says a voice. She screams.

Bar - Dean rapidly downs shots as he and Sam argue over Uriel. Why would Uriel tell me you remember hell if you don't? wonders Sam. "Because he's a dick," says Dean, as if that explains everything. Their fey waiter stops at the table to offer them more food--a chipotle chimichanga or fryer bombs? Dean says no, then gives the guy a wide-eyed, WEIRDO look. "I have no idea why Uriel told you I remember hell," says Dean. Watching his brother down the third shot, Sam says, "Right" sarcastically. Sam insists Dean look him in the eye and tell him he doesn't remember a thing from his time "down under." Dean does so, easily. Sam just wants to help. "You know everything I do," insists Dean. Their waiter returns. "Outstanding!" he chortles. "Dudes, you have got to try our Ice Cream Extreme. It's extreme." Check, says Sam. The waiter drops it on the table instantly. "All right, awesome!" he says in parting. Munching a pretzel, Dean wants to know, "Where do we go from here?" Sam shows him a report on his computer showing that a ghost might be haunting a women's health facility in Concrete, Washington--a woman claims the ghost threw her down a flight of stairs. Dean is already grabbing money from his wallet. "Women? Showers?" he says. "We've got to save these people!"