Oh show, you’re back.  You’re really back.  (Bites lip, fights off tears of joy to get on with review).  I mean honestly, who didn’t go to bed after the episode with “Dun, duh, da, dun, duh, da da, dun duh da, duh duh” thundering in your brain?  Who was the genius that figured out “Smoke On The Water” was THE Dean Winchester theme song?  

In what appears to be an idyllic home scenario--fire in the fireplace, pictures of a happy couple on the mantle, first alone, then with a baby, a bloody hand smashes one of those pictures. A frantic mother, bleeding, holding a baby to her chest, runs upstairs, away from a pursuer, and locks them in a bedroom. She tries the phone, but the lines have been cut. 

So Adam Glass writes for Supernatural…hmm.   This, his first ever episode of Supernatural, was pretty good.  Of course I won’t be able to watch it again until CW posts it on their website – technology really sucks sometimes, especially if you have only a barely workable knowledge of it.  
It's episode time!  General consensus is this is a lighter one, but I have a feeling it's going to start light and turn heavy.  We'll see who is right.  As usual, when the episode is done come here and share your reaction!  

If you want to know the details, we're keeping all the episode details in our Spoiler Page.  There's plenty there about this episode near the top.  

Happy episode everyone!   

We Supernatural fans are a very opinionated lot. (Understatement!)  We can argue about whether or not we liked or disliked an episode or story line for days, weeks, and even longer.  But one thing that I think most of us can agree upon is that no matter what happens in the show, it always looks amazing.  The production values on this show are stellar, especially considering their budget is a fraction of some other, lesser-looking shows.  So I'll leave the serious reviewing to those more capable than myself.  What I really want to do is talk about some of my favorite images from the episode, why I liked them, and what they meant or could.  Let's talk about the pretty, people!  In chronological order, here's what I liked from "Exile on Main Street."

With Exile On Main Street, there are so many layers, so many possibilities, so much pain, and so many QUESTIONS.  It’s kind of maddening actually and upsetting.  But this is "Supernatural The Sequel" and its a new frontier.  Let’s bravely trudge through it together.

Time for more preview pictures.  This time it's for episode 6.04, aka, the directorial debut of Jensen Ackles!  There are twenty preview pictures for "Weekend At Bobby's" and they are quite awesome!  This was the first episode filmed this season, so apparently there's a lot to share.  Also, Rufus is back!  And Crowley is back!  And the sheriff from "Dead Mean Don't Wear Plaid" is back!  It's all good.  

Need a little inspiration from Exile On Main Street?  Maybe these messages can help!
It's Monday! It's preview clip time!  Video is courtesy of The CW and it's even got a glimpse of the new promo shots at the end.