Here we go with the third episode of the season, fittingly titled "The Third Man," bringing us the return of Cass!  Hooray! The director for this episode was Bob Singer, his first of the season, and the writer, of course, was Ben Edlund.  It was a very Edlundian episode!
The hubby and I were all settled in, watching “Weekend at Bobby's” when about half way through my husband casually said something I haven't heard from him in a while. “I really like this”. I wholeheartedly agreed.  It's not that my husband doesn't enjoy "Supernatural," he does, but this episode was so pleasantly different. That's what makes “Weekend at Bobby's” so extraordinary and so entertaining.
Here is the first in a series of articles I will be doing on the Chicago con panels of actors who graced the stage this past weekend, and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did attending them.  

It’s another Edlund goodie (and man are there goodies) and once again, there’s so much to cover!  Let’s not waste any time getting started.   

An announcer we know to be Jensen Ackles' father tells us that one year ago, Galveston's shoreline was pounded by a hurricane with 150 MPH winds with 10 foot swells, but things are beautiful now.

I've made no secret that Mr. Dabb and Mr. Loflin are my least favorite writers and last week I stated that while I was insanely looking forward to this episode I was worried about what the writers would do.  I'm happy to say Dabb and Loflin delivered an episode that while not quite a "Dark Side of the Moon," it's nowhere near a "Sam, Interrupted," "Hammer of the Gods," or "Yellow Fever."

Happy episode day everyone!  This is a pretty important one from a milestone perspective.  It's the directorial debut of Jensen Ackles! Couple this is Smallville's 200th episode and it's a big night for The CW.  So, how did Jensen do?  Or for those that really don't notice the director's tricks, how was the episode in general?  As a big fan of Crowley, not to mention the teasing by Mark Sheppard at last weekend's Chicago con over Crowley's fate, I'm very much anticipating this.  

So, don't hold back, tell us what you think!  Did Jensen do us proud?  Jim Beaver?  Mark Sheppard?  Oh heck, everyone?  For those that need a few teasers before viewing, check out the Spoilers page.  Sablegreen has a good summary.  Enjoy "Weekend at Bobby's."
chiconpanel “Jensen, you totally just Kayne West'ed me, what the hell?”  Yes, the second half of the Misha, Jared, and Jensen panel in Chicago on Sunday got even crazier.  
Oh master Edlund, you give us so much.  We repay you with this?  Ah well.