Here we go, the home stretch!  All new episodes until the June 23rd season two finale!  So what do we know about episode 2.17, titled 'Torn'?  Let's find out.  

Here is the official CW synopsis:  

IN FLUX – Twyla (guest star Karissa Lee Staples) is tapped to assist the Rangers on a case as she and Cordell (Jared Padalecki) are beginning to grow closer. Meanwhile Stella (Violet Brinson) re-evaluates her feelings for Todd (guest star Cameron Vitosh) and Colton (guest star Jalen Thomas Brooks) while Geri (Odette Annable) extends an olive branch to Denise (guest star Amara Zaragoza). America Young directed the episode written by Aaron Carew (#217).  Original airdate 6/2/2022. Every episode of WALKER will be available to stream on The CW App and the day after broadcast for free and without a subscription, log-in or authentication required. 

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On May 5th, 2022, the on-screen relationship between Bret and Liam ("Briam") came to a surprise end when Liam successfully stumbled through asking newcomer Ben Perez out on a date in Walker's episode "Champagne Problems" (2.16). While I personally was happy to see Liam getting out and about again, I was disappointed that his previous relationship didn’t get a proper conclusion. I’m sure the true, real life, behind-the-scenes reason for this plotline being dropped was related to Alex Landi’s (Bret’s actor) availability and schedule, but I do have to wonder what the in-universe reasons were.

Since we didn’t (and likely never will) get an on-screen conclusion to Briam, I’d like to put some of my own thoughts out there about how and why this ship sank.

After watching Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester for so many years, I was interested to watch him on Big Sky, playing temporary Sheriff Beau Arlen. I’d never watched Big Sky so I was a total newbie when I tuned in to see Jensen's debut as Beau in the season 2 Big Sky finale. Despite missing the first two seasons of the story, I quickly clued in to the primary dramas: a fugitive woman with child in tow; an angry man with a vendetta and the detective wanting to find him before he committed murder; and a drug cartel run by a presumptive father, a betrayed son, and a conniving daughter.

I don’t know why the old sheriff is gone, but the new one first appeared as a pair of legs jutting out from under a Jeep. Don’t be fooled, though! Soon after the man appeared from under the vehicle to reveal Jensen’s smiling face, we learn that Beau Arlen doesn’t know anything about cars! Despite this, there are actually several similarities between Jensen's current and former characters.

The trailer for Walker: Independence dropped at the CW Upfronts and it definitely did not disappoint! See it again and read through the extended series plot description, then chime in with your thoughts! 


The trailer begins with Abby and Liam Walker as they travel to Independence, Texas, where Liam will be taking the sheriff’s position. Abby seems apprehensive about the move, so very far away from their home in Boston, but Liam remains optimistic and tries to pass some of it on to her. 

They hear a noise outside their covered wagon. Liam assures Abby that it’s probably just a wild animal but he grabs his shotgun just in case. He checks the surrounding area, gun raised, and Abby watches him from the wagon. Then, a figure steps out of the darkness and guns Liam down. The shooter appears to hit Abby too, and she falls off the wagon. She plays dead while the mystery killer comes to check on her but the fire that was set off by shooting the lantern in the wagon flares and scares off the assailant. 

What were your initial impressions of the Supernatural spinoff show, The Winchesters? After seeing the series trailer released at the CW upfronts on Thursday, May 19th, I have to admit, I was… shocked. What I saw wasn’t at all what I expected the show to be. I rewatched the trailer several times, trying to understand how those characters related in any way to the Supernatural that had been part of my life blood for the past 15 years. If you promise to stick with me all the way to the end of my journey of discovering this new show, I’ll share with you how my initial skepticism of “What is this??” transformed into “I can’t wait!”  If you haven't yet seen the trailer, sneak a peek at it in Alice's news story covering The Winchesters and Walker: Independence

Of all the regular characters on Walker, August Walker is the one who’s most often relegated to the background. Most of his moments with the other family members involve him being a sounding board or a plot device. His individual plots are often short (when he gets them), and even his longer arcs involving his love life are still given very little screen time. Within the fandom, his character is often ignored or forgotten beyond being Cordell’s son. He’s just another character in an ensemble of others who have had larger, more memorable plots and more impactful moments. Despite all of this, it’s hard to ignore the impact August has had on Walker’s overall narrative - or perhaps, it’s a bit too easy to ignore it.

When August was first introduced to us, he was described as Cordell’s thoughtful son. August then spent the first few episodes acting as a peacemaker and buffer between his father and the far more opinionated Stella. Though he has gained a bit more personality over the course of the show, it’s still easy to put August in the background of his more dynamic family members. Because of this, his impact on the plot and the other characters is easy to miss or even forget about, when in reality he has been the driving point behind most of the larger plots and character development moments.

A Week Later

Walker’s “Champagne Problems” was a vast departure from the hatred fueled feud that has driven the Walkers’ story this season. In fact, there was so much love, happiness and reconciliation in this episode, I watched the entire show with trepidation, waiting for the inevitable bomb, literally or figuratively to go off, ruining everyone’s celebration. I admit that expecting disaster is a personal bias in my life right now, but I’m wondering how many other viewers also had trouble trusting that Cordell could actually have “a good day” without something blowing up in his face. The same could be said for Abby and Bonham, Liam, Stella and Augie, and maybe even Cassie.

Sometimes a show takes a breath before the drama intensifies. “Champagne Problems” delivers this reprieve before setting up for drama ahead. With the heartwarming theme of “you show up for the people who mean something to you,” it was a time of healing and understanding what’s important to our characters… even if other characters aren’t so thrilled about it. At the heart of it all is …

We had a lot of joy in this episode—long overdue—as well as some problems from the past and character insights. I’m going to skip the recap and just cover what I liked—and what made me gnash my teeth.

The Good Stuff

Bonham and Abeline are so sweet! It’s rare and wonderful to see a mature couple be so affectionate. They acknowledge that there have been hard times along the way, but also gave a wonderful acknowledgement to the importance of family, friends and community.

The big party was fun, and watching the family try to pull it off was familiar to everyone who has ever tried to surprise people who are hard to put one over on! I loved the affirmation that their family is more than their ranch or their house, that it’s the people and not the possessions or career milestones that really matter. Bonham and Abeline both gave insightful speeches, and we got to see Bonham sing and play guitar! (Go, Grandpa Campbell from Supernatural!)