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The rest of the team is on board with this plan, apparently, because after the confessional, we cut to Ed saying there has to be some sort of genetic material that's keeping Janet tied to this world, "a locket of hair or something."

Harry, however, is still skeptical, pointing out that Janet has no known relatives, so who would she give it to? Ed rather ludicrously suggests that maybe she got in with the Yakuza and had to chop off a finger. Yes, Ed, I'm sure that Janet was tied up in the Japanese criminal underworld. Ambyr instead suggests that maybe it's a picture Janet is tied to. Maggie counters that they have to destroy an actual piece of her and pictures don't work. Spruce counters Maggie's counter by saying, "actually, that's not entirely true. My people believe that a photo can capture someone's soul."

Pretty sure he's talking about his 1/16th Cherokee there. Also, I'm sure that reference in the Ghostfacers episode was just to be silly, but I really like how they've incorporated it into the story here. Also, great teamwork here with everyone bouncing ideas off each other and contributing to the overall plan. It's like old-school Winchester problem solving!

Ambyr calls Spruce out, though, saying she thought he was Jewish. Spruce informs her, and reminds the audience, that he's Cherokee on his father's side. But Ed thinks Spruce may be on to something. "If a picture can capture a soul," he says, and Harry finishes his sentence by saying, "then what about a movie?" Cut to Janet's screen test on the movie projector while ominous music plays in the background.

And that's it for webisode 6. My prediction for webisode 7 is that they're going to destroy the film, but that won't be the end of Janet! Also, something will go wrong because come on, they're the Facers. Something HAS to go wrong, right?


# Jasminka 2010-06-08 14:32
Oh, of course you are forgiven, dear Flamey! You've given us so much with your posters, so this had to wait a bit... But - it's never too late, and I'm happy to read this one... Who needs to watch the webisode when we have recaps like this?
Thank you for all the work you put into this! :-) Love Jas
# Yvonne 2010-06-09 11:43
Great recap. Love the Facers. When I first watched I was impressed at how much TLC went into those characters and the story. Thanks for the reminder.

One of my favorite moments is when Ed stepped up to the plate. Wow. Just a normal guy (ok, abnormal). Inspiration from Dean maybe?