Okay, I keep reading all the wild speculation and it's Hellatus, so it's time to start something here.  This is Sam's final glare at Dean in "Swan Song."  So, is he happy, sad, indifferent, mad, what the hell does it mean??  What is Sam?  Is he human, angel, demon, ghost, what do you think?  Is the burning out light a sign or Kripke messing with us? 

So, speculate away.  We've got all summer!


# Megan 2010-05-14 22:05
I've read a lot of people saying that they think it was wrath or anger or something, but I disagree. It's very hard to read, but I'm gonna say longing or satisfaction. Mostly, I think he's checking up on his brother, and is seeing that Dean kept his promise. Yeah, the more I look at it, I definitely see longing and some form of contentment.
# Megan 2010-05-14 22:08
Oh, and I forgot to mention. I think God brought him back, full human and what-not. 'Cause didn't he show up right after Chuck/God(?) said something to the effect that "nothing ever ends," then he smiled and disappeared. Maybe that was him giving Dean and Sam their final prize?
# Ardeospina 2010-05-14 23:19
I think what happened is the director told Jared to totally clear his head of all thoughts, just like the Ghostbusters when Gozer told them to choose the manner of their own destruction. He's not supposed to have any emotion on his face so we fans can speculate and be driven nuts all Hellatus long!

Also, season 6 is going to start with the boys hunting the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.
# Kalixa 2010-05-14 23:57
Hahaha, I agree with Ardeospina!

But yeah, if it's not just Jared's "don't give anything away" look, then I think it's Sam trying to decide if he should let Dean know that he's there.
# Suze 2010-05-15 03:11
It's a special Mess With Our Heads All Summer look they cooked up just for us to go mad over. Bastards.

PS.I think he's back, human, and trying to work out if he should leave Dean to his domestic bliss or tell him the game's back on. ( Ardeospina, just as long as it's not the Bertie Bassett Dr. Who Monster ... :lol: )
# Jasminka 2010-05-15 03:39
This is one of those iconic looks you never forget.

Call me crazy, but I felt instantly reminded of one, probably the most famous, shot of Greta Garbo - the final scene of 'Queen Christina': she looks out to the sea, and her look could mean anything. She reportedly asked the director, Rouben Mamoulian, what she should express in this last shot, and he replied: 'Nothing. Absolutely nothing. You must make your mind and your heart a complete blank. Make your face into a mask.'

I think this expression on Jared's face leaves so much room for guessing, I could imagine that being exactly Kripke's intent.

He could be human Sam, being rewarded with his life and redemption after sacrificing himself, he could be demon Sam - which would also be a great idea: a good demon fighting on Dean's side. Can't imagine Dean taking to this easily, though.

Personally, I'm glad that we were given this last scene, confusing as it is, to know that Sam is back with the first episode of season six. As what or who - I'm okay with anything, I guess. If Jared had the chance to flex his well-trained acting muscles some more with portraying even more layers of this character, I'd be so happy for him and probably very proud to see him evolve even more as an actor.

So, bring it on... HOw long is it till September?

Love Jas
# Yirabah 2010-05-15 04:42
I myself been wondering if God brought back Sam as an angel since he did such a good job with trippling Lucy in to the box. There are those indications like the flickering light. We had that before when angels appeared. Also the emotionless face is something we seen with angels.

Now, am I wrong? I hope. Since I would like the brothers to be together again. Both as humans.
# Jasminka 2010-05-15 05:19
Actually, yirabah, I remember a line from Houses of the Holy where the priest tells the ghost-thinking- he-was-an-angel that men can't be angels. As far as I know, the catholic church claims this to be a 'fact'. So, there might be an obstacle for Sam coming back as an angel.
On the other hand - if God decides to bring him back, He might also have the power, being almighty and all that, to bring Sam to life in whatever form he pleases.
I've had several theories on the matter: the flickering light could indicate that Sam is a demon or an angel or that a demon or angel placed him there.
I don't care really at this point. Still digesting the episode. As I said earlier, I'm fine with everything that will offer Jared to give us some great acting.

Love Jas
# joelsteinlover 2010-05-15 08:47
His face reminds me of Dean's post-Hell faces. My first thought was anger, my second was sadness, and my most recent is blakness, like everyone else.

I think the flickering light was whatever power it was that brought him back.

All I want to know is if Sam still has his demon bloody powers. Ooh, or if he has his powers without demon blood!
# Sablegreen 2010-05-15 09:04
The look is hard to read, but 'happy to be alive' isn't it. However it's not the look that is worrysome, it's the flickering light. Angel don't flick lights,demons do, but the myth arc is over so why bring Sam back possessed? They will need to set up a new foe for the boys and a new arc, but another demon?

I think God did bring Sam back. I really don't think he would have restore everything else of Team Free Will and not Sam. Logical thing would have been to do it at the same time as Cass. But that wouldn't have given us a cliff hanger for next season. THAT was Kripke messing with us.

It looks more to me that he is sad, thinking he should not tell Dean he's alive and let his brother try a normal life. Or he's sad because he can't tell Dean he's alive....I hope we don't have another soul selling thing going on here. The myth arc is over, and we are supposed to be moving on.
# Jeannine 2010-05-15 10:02
I can't decide at all what that look is. It's so subtle. But it's definitely not rage, that's a whole different look for Sam.

I think Sam is human. I also think the flickering lights have nothing to do with Sam. That it's something else, maybe even the new (or old) big bad stalking Dean and Sam is there to stop it. Lucifer and Michael may be in the cage and the Apocalypse is over but that doesn't mean demons will go away. If nothing else, Meg is still out there and I'm sure she will have an ax to grind.
# Bevie 2010-05-15 14:08
Don't know what it will be next season, only what I want it to be. I want Sam to be human and certainly NOT a demon or an angel. Men can't be angels, according to the priest in Houses of the Holy. Luci has to be in the cage in the pit with Michael, or the whole of season five is meaningless. The Apocalypse IS over. Thank God!

I interpret that look to mean, Dean kept his promise and Sam is debating within himself whether to reveal himself to Dean or let him live on in a more normal life with Lisa and (perhaps, I keep hoping) his son. Sam managed to survive normally at Stanford with Jess, and thinks perhaps that Dean can be happy without him. He is so WRONG! But then, Sam has been wrong before. As he was in "Shadow" when he told Dean if they killed the YEDemon he would go back to school and Dean would have to let him go, and asked Dean what he wanted. Dean wanted his family to be together. Sam believed they were family whether together or apart. That is not what Dean feels or needs. Dean needs Sam like a thirsty man in the desert needs water.

So I'm hoping Sam won't leave Dean suffering for too long into next season before showing up and I hope we get a great big hug we have been longing for for two seasons now since the one in Lazarus Rising.

Just my two cents. ;-)
# CandyMaize 2010-05-15 18:51
I like that they left the story open to go in a variety of directions. Although the fall seems far away, we will get to see where they go from here ..

So I'm actually most curious about what the end of this season would've looked like if it had also been end of the SERIES.
# Freebird 2010-05-15 18:59
Ardeospina, agree with you :D :D :D

And agree with Megan, too, there seems to be some satisfaction, like, this is what Sam wanted all the way - let Dean live a normal life - and seeing him with Lisa and Ben having dinner in a nice house, it looks like Sam's thinking "Mission accomplished".

And it also looks like a totally blank glare.

Well, one thing's for sure: Sam's final look is messing with the fandom ;-) Satisfied, Kripke??!!
# Supernarttu 2010-05-16 00:57
Oh man that last look. Be still my heart.
He looks... very somber, yet tiny hopefull and maybe happy but definitely torn. And yet it's a look I've never seen on Sam so who knows?

But I do too think he's human, brought back by God. And maybe the light flickering means something but like Jas, I don't really care, as long as he's back, I'm exhilarated. And if it did (mean something), well then, that could only mean more drama for next season and I'm 100% onboard with that, the little angstybitc.h that I am. :D

I can't wait for Season 6, is it september yet? :-) And darn that move to friday, now I have to wait yet 'another day' to see this incredible show. Hope it helps the ratings though.

But I am hopeful and it feels so refreshing. This hellatus ain't gonna be so bad as the others *she says in complete denial* :D

Aaaah, Kripke. You sure like to mess with us. Job well done yet again :-)

And Bravo Jared for that look. It haunts me. Beautiful, like poetry. Reminds me of that poem Jas dedicated (for the lack of a better word) to Sam, Alone by Poe was it? Man, that look seems like the embodiment of that lovely piece.
# ElenaM 2010-05-16 01:06
Ha--Narcissus, love your #3 :lol: Sometimes a flickering light's just a flickering light, but you better believe I'm going for the salt anyway!

And Ardeospina, Suze, Freebird, I'm with you :lol: :lol: :lol:

I'm really curious as to how this ending would've gone down if it had been a true series finale too
# Alice 2010-05-16 02:00
I just read this in another forum. I like this idea. Sam is in Heaven and was given a chance by God to see if Dean was happy. His look is sad because he sees that Dean isn't happy. Now he's probably got to decide what next.

Hey, it makes sense to me. Remember there was a big explosion before the hole closed up. Maybe the vessels burned away and Sam and Adam went to Heaven. So this could be Sam's spirit checking in on Dean. Just a thought.
# det_coverdale 2010-05-16 03:11
Another theory on the light: maybe it's Eric's symbolic way of saying 'Thanks', and he's turning the light off before he goes. lol...who knows?
# Jasminka 2010-05-16 03:47
Alice and Supernarttu, hey ladies!

Just read your post, Alice, and this idea is really moving me - that Sam did find redemption and was allowed to Heaven.

So, Sam returned for this moment, if it be that way, as a spirit?

Though the idea is appealing, I would love him to be a 'being' of flesh and blood in the next season instead a Supernatural version of My Friend Harvey. Which is also a funny thought.

Ah, well, waiting till September does already prove to be cruel...

Supernarttu, it's interesting, you know, I thought of that poem again, too. It ends with 'the cloud that took the form, when the rest of Heaven was blue, of a demon in my view.' Who is he? What is he? Kripke might just be messing with us, but he does it wonderfully. I hate him for the long wait with this image in my head, I love him for creating this show.

I'm gonna get myself a t-shirt saying 'I'm schizophrenic' on the front and 'Me too' on the back. Seems fitting.

Cheers! Jas
# Jasminka 2010-05-16 04:04
This has nothing to do with this look on Sam's face, but it just came to me, and since we're speculating Hellatus... I thought I'd add it here. ;-)

I wonder if the Croatoan storyline is completely wiped out or will we find it again sooner or later? Were the distributions entirely stopped? Even if that virus was one of Lucifer's plans to set the Apocalypse in motion, there might be some renegade demons like Crowley who will find out that it might be useful to them... If only to make a lot of 'human' money for the vaccine...

A crazy part of my brain would love to see Sam and Dean (provided they will hunt together again in one way or another) travel back in time to Roanoke to find out about that lost colony (both guys in colonial garp? Would be quite a sight).

I'm holding on to Sera Gamble's word that it will be an intimate, personal season. Lots of emotional challenges, I guess, but I signed on to this when I started watching and loving this show. It has put my soul through a meat grinder countless times, but it has also inspired me, made me laugh like crazy, had my mind working and challenged it. I love that, food for brain and heart...

Love Jas
# GoldenGurrl 2010-05-16 12:02
Sam's face is so beautiful and haunting in this shot.
I think between the light going out and the thunder in the background it could mean he is not quite human. This along with all the blood he had to drink in the end I'm not sure he will ever be human again no matter what happens...they are obviously leaving it open though.
# Andreaw 2010-05-16 12:30
Castiel told Dean back in WTLB that if Sam drank too much blood he would be changed forever and Dean would want to hunt him. But Castiel could be lying to get Dean's cooperation back then. I hope so because as much as Jared rocks as Evil Sam, i don't want Dean to hunt him. No, I believe Sammy was brought back as God's reward for his sacrifice. Castiel told Deam that maybe God helped more than Dean imagined.

I see many people were disappointed with Sam's reapperance. I always try to respect the opinions of others but honestly, I don't see how the idea of Sam spending the eternity in Hell could be a satisfactory ending.

And the Amulet! I cant say how much I love the idea of Dean finding it among Sam's things. That would be so perfect. Dean is angry at God for taking Sam from him but if he gets Sam back his faith will be restored. I think tyhe Amulet is going to play a partin that. I just can't believe they just forgot it!
# trina 2010-05-16 13:44
Sam is wearing the same clothes as when he fell into the box, so this has to be right after he got out of it. How long though, I don't know.

As for what he is....The only thing I know for sure is that he isn't Lucifer. To have all that has happened be for nothing is probably the one thing that would make me not watch anymore. My theory is that it is Sam, but the demon blood changed him. He's not evil, just different. Coming to terms with that could be a plot thread for season 6. It could also explain why he doesn't go right up and knock on the door. If Dean is "happy" in his apple-pie life, Sam might be wary of introducing the supernatural back into it. Even if that includes himself.
# elle2 2010-05-16 14:05
In Dark Side of the Moon Joshua told both Dean and Sam that they were allowed into heaven and that both were redeemed so I do believe that God would intervene and release Sam from 'the box' This is speculation that will have us on the run all summer...that and how long is long (well, at least for me.)
# Bevie 2010-05-16 17:15
Thanks elle2. I agree with this. Both Sam and Dean have made it into heaven before (many times according to Ash) and after such a sacrifice why wouldn't Chuck/God/Eric bring him back?

I don't want Sam to be an angel or a demon but 100% human again and lacking all that demon baggage he's carried for so long. I was so grateful that Dean did not become a mere meat suit for Michael. Dean Winchester is a human hero and I had no wish to see him otherwise. And he did manage to be the catalyst that sent Luci back into his cage so I consider him to have "ended it" as well as "started it" and have no quibble with him not being in a Michael suit at the finale.

According to Ruby (if you can believe anything she said) it takes hundreds of years in hell before a human soul turns into a demon. And in "Houses of the Holy" it was said that men cannot become angels.

And I definitely don't want to see bad stuff happen to Lisa and Ben just because she was kind enough to take Dean in and give him some comfort.

I'm all for them back in the Impala "Saving people, hunting things" again, arguing, teasing, saving and loving each other without the "chick flick" stuff. ;-)
Christine Apple
# Christine Apple 2010-05-16 17:46
I am just relieved that Sam wasn't left in Lucifer's cage screaming "Someone help me!.....Dean!!! !" I just don't think my fragile psyche could have taken that for another hellatus... As for the look on Sam's face, the blown light and rumbling thunder, I am still trying to get my whits back about me to form some sort of coherent speculation. I'll have to get back to ya!
# AndreaW 2010-05-16 17:56
It just occurred to me that Sam standing outside Dean's new home reminds me of the ghost woman in Road Kill, as she watched her husband in his new life and a new love. I think his monalisa look means only sadness, because maybe he feels he has no place in Dean's life now.
# Ashley 2010-05-16 23:10
I guess we should congradulate Jared for giving such an awesome look that it's both pleasing and outraging all SPN fans huh? :D My opinion is that Micheal and Lucifer fought in the pit or something, and Micheal rode Sam's body out of Hell, per God's orders. So I think that's Micheal in Sam. That light didn't flicker, it completely went out, and only Angels so far have made the lights go OUT. Demons make them flicker. I'm betting season 6 will probably be like a reenactment of the pilot in season 1 or something, since they said season 6 would be like the earlier days. ;-) I'm also thinking and hoping that Chuck was God. He's the perfect SPN version of one!
# det_coverdale 2010-05-17 00:03
God knows what Sam's look means...and God ain't talkin'. I don't buy the thought that Sam is standing outside, reluctant to show himself to Dean, 'cause he doesn't want to upset the life that Dean has always deserved. Sam knows exactly how it feels to be alive while your brother is in Hell. No way would Sam put Dean through any more pain if he had a choice. So maybe he doesn't have a choice. Or maybe we'll see them reunited in 6.01. What throws me is the comment that Dean and Bobby won't see each other for a long time. WTH? At least Bobby'll be back next season. Ahh...it's fun to speculate.
# sajah 2010-05-17 07:44
If I think about the burning out light, I guess this would rather indicate Sam being a demon than being an angle. Because so far angles always turn on electrical devices whereas demons make lights or the radio flicker and break them down. So if Sam isn’t human, I think he rather is a demon than an angle.
But I am certain that the main purpose of this scene is to make us speculate throughout the whole summer!
# Sablegreen 2010-05-17 09:51
For a long time there has been speculation about what Kripke would do with the boys in a series finale. Many felt he would have them alive and well, going on with their lives. If that's true, Sam would have reappeared with Cass. Team Free Will would have had a party and the boys and the impala would be forever hunting evil things.

If not true, and many also feel Kripke would not want the boys to survive, both boys would have gone into the pit. Dean would not have let Sammy go by himself, knowing what hell was like. He wouldn’t have left his brother go alone, and we all would have had to be satisfied with the boys saving the world, and giving their all for us.

This ending with Dean alive, in pain, Sam a ‘something’ , not happy, is the in-between for a cliff hanger.

Really what has been said in the past for any of their episodes can always be changed. SPN has changed their story before, many times. The myth arc is supposed to be over, and maybe the Lucifer/Michael /Zack/God part is, but maybe the demons, possession, flickering lights aren’t.

For me I REALLY hope Kripke meant it when he said the arc was over, and keeps his word. That the boys ARE going back to the season one format of hunting baddies as a brotherly team, that brother strife, separation, fighting is OVER. It really is time to move on!
# BarbaraLL 2010-05-17 11:18
Here's my theory. Given that the light above Sam blew out, I think Sam is possessed by an angel, but by Michael, not by Lucifer. Since Michael possessed Adam, seems like he could possess Sam. I'd speculate that Michael built the Lucifer trap himself and, so, is able to control it, leaving the trap himself with Adam and Sam, and keeping Lucifer locked away. Michael was clearly angry at Dean and Sam and did not understand what they were doing and resented their interference, so Michael wants to come to earth and figure out why and how these humans got the better of him. Adam refused to continue as Michael's vessel. He's done his job and demanded to be allowed to go to heaven and rejoin his mother. So, that leaves Michael with the option of possessing Sam, who does want to get out of the pit and back to Dean. I don't think we'll ever see Lucifer again - that story is all done. I think that Michael will quickly (even in the first episode) realize that the Sam and Dean were right in what they did. Michael and all the angels will leave earth. I doubt we'll see Cas again, though I'm sorry about that, since he's my fav character. I like to think that Cas was permanently promoted to archangel, and the Michael has been demoted to Cas' former lowly third-rank angel status. I also guess that next season might pick up a few months or years ahead, so that Dean's had some good life with a family and Michael's had time to observe humans and figure out what love is about. Given Supernatural's grim stories, Dean's lover and her son might be killed or lost in the first episode, leaving Sam and Dean to try and find out who killed or took them. Crowley? He's a real bad dude, and may be out to return to his serious evil ways and kill Sam and Dean, and might start by killing or kidnapping Lisa and her son.
# Suze 2010-05-18 07:46
Sablegreen, that was exactly what was bothering me about the end of Swan Song ... In the real finale they should either both go down together in a blaze of glory or drive off into the sunrise to hunt more nasties. The WTF SamLooking and the flickering and the thundering are just to keep us all fizzy and stressed until September. They said that they were binning the angels storyline and going back to basics in S6 so in my book that means both human. I think this is just smoke and mirrors to make sure we come back! ( As if we wouldn't ... :roll:: )
# Randal 2010-05-18 08:14
Plausible theories all, but it's obvious that Sam has been possessed by the waitress from Tampa.
# Sablegreen 2010-05-18 08:59
That's another good point, Suze. The show right now has a cult following only. Everyone who watched the finale would have returned to watch the premier next fall. We really didn't need a cliff hanger to return.

There are a lot of people who are glad the myth arc ended, myself included, and to start the 'new, back to the begining' season 6 with some kind of posession, or separation of the brothers again is not the best of ideas.

To end the arc with both boys happy and hunting would have sent a much better message to the viewers, that yes, SPN is going back to it's roots. It would have also given new viewers next fall, and viewers who left the show because of either not likeing the myth arc or not being able to follow the arc, a good reason to try the show again.
# Karen 2010-05-18 09:49
I think the light flickering and going out was the power of God bringing back Sam.
To me Sam was resurrected, 100% Sam. His look to me is a bit sad and longing. Torn between reuniting with his brother or letting his brother go to live his own life.

Or as Suze said, its just a ploy to bring us all back next season. Your right Suze as if we wouldn’t be coming back.
# Holmes 2010-06-24 11:56
I think it's a really ambiguous look. It feels at first like he has some satifaction on his face, because his big bro kept his promise and I think Sammy feels happy because Dean is trying to start a new life and go on. But then, I feel that Sam realizes of how much the Apocalipsis affected their lifes and that they will never be the same, that a lot has change and that there's no way to put things back because both of them were parcially destroyed inside. That's what I think, that it's a mix between satisfactiond and sadness.