We've arrived at the halfway point of the Ghostfacers webisode series with number 5.  The run time on this one is 3 minutes even.  Standard opening, and we jump right in with footage of a few rooms in the theater.  Ed tells the viewers via voiceover that the Facers have discovered that they can only see the ghost of Janet Meyers in mirrors, so they've set up mirrors throughout the theater.  Ed is manning the Eagle's Nest, a.k.a. home base, with Harry and Maggie in one room, Spruce in another, and Ambyr in yet another.  "Red leader, standing by," Harry reports.  "Gold leader, standing by," Spruce reports. "Ambyr!" Ambyr reports.  Hee.  Ed pipes in with "standing by," which Ambyr neglected to add to her report, and she responds with, "Standing. Bye!"  And that is so silly that even Ed chuckles at that. 


Oh, Ambyr, you are so silly and earnest and I think that yes, I like you.  Which probably means that you are Doomed because the characters I like are always killed off.

So, the mirrors are in place, and the team is ready to verify the existence of the Janet apparition. Ed announces that they are "commencing dead time," which I'm assuming means that he's going to shut up for a while so the team can wait for Janet to show up.  I really hope he doesn't live to regret that choice of words, though.  So the team commences Operation Wait Around Until The Ghost Shows Up (unofficial Ardeospina title.)

Harry and Maggie are in the film storage room on the second floor, and Harry lights a few candles and says it's just for the ghosts.  "It's not for..." he trails off.  So he's clearly still crazy about Maggie since he had to reassure her that the candles weren't for any romantic reason.  Which is sweet, but Harry, don't you watch Supernatural at all?  Taking a girl to a haunted location for a date never ends well!  Haven't you seen "Asylum?"


Harry tries to start a seance to bring Janet's ghost to them, so he holds out his hands for Maggie.  She's all, "what?"  And I really like this back and forth that comes next:

Harry: I just...
Maggie: Really?
Harry: Well, I was just thinking for the...
Maggie: Hold hands for the ghost?
Harry: Well, I don't know 'cause it --
Maggie: Do you want to hold hands with Ambyr? You want to go grab her? I mean, that's a better idea.
Harry: [ Scoffs ]  What? No.

Hee.  They are so getting back together.  Cut to Spruce, who's in the theater lobby, a suitably spooky location we haven't seen yet.  And there's the concession stand, so I guess that's where Ambyr got her popcorn from.


Okay, now things start to get creepy.  Spruce starts calling out to Janet, trying to get her to show up.  He's panning his flashlight across the mirrors in the lobby, hoping that she'll appear.  And I'm hoping she won't show up because it is terrifying when things just pop up behind you in a mirror.  There's a reason "Bloody Mary" is one of the scariest episodes ever!  Seriously, Facers, have you not seen season 1 at all?  Ed and Harry were in one of the episodes, for Pete's sake!


Ambyr is down in the basement dressing room where Janet got killed, and she's also calling out in an effort to get Janet to show up.  She pans across a mirror, starts across the next one and GASP!  Oh, no, it's just her reflection.  No Janet.  False alarm.  "Janet?" she asks, still trying to reach out to the spirit.  But then we hear the ghostly voice of Janet say, "don't you tell me that."  Ambyr is quite rightly startled by this, and she calls over the radio to ask Ed if he heard that.  Ed didn't, but he tells Ambyr to talk to him and let him know what's going on.  Cut to a shot of the computer screen Ed is looking at, monitoring the video feed of each team member, and suddenly one of the cameras in Ambyr's room starts getting static interference.  Viewers note this as a Very Bad Sign, but Ed tells Ambyr her overhead camera went out, so she goes over to try and fix it.

Ed warns her to be careful, and she puts down her handheld camera to fix the overhead one.  So as we watch Ambyr through the handheld, it starts to fritz out, too.  Very Bad Sign, Ambyr!  You should get out of there!  Ed tells Ambyr he lost her feed and transmits to the rest of the group that they need to watch their backs because something's going on.  Spruce is getting electrical interference now, too.  Harry and Maggie's feed goes to static, too, and seriously, why aren't they listening to me?!  Very Bad Signs, Facers!  Spruce goes to static, and now Ed is panicking because he's lost all visual contact with everyone.


"What the Hell? Houston, we got a problem here," Ed says in a major understatement.  He leans over to check his equipment and Janet shows up in Ambyr's makeup case mirror!

Harry radios in to see if Ed's okay, but he's totally not because Janet lunges out from the mirror with a straight razor in her hand and attacks Ed!  It's really hard to see in the screencap, but it's there.

Ed goes flying, and he starts screaming as the screen cuts to black.  He keeps screaming until the end Ghostfacers song comes on.

That was intense!  Webisode 5 was my favorite so far.  Janet is a really creepy spirit, and she doesn't mess about!  If she goes for you with that razor, bad things are going to happen.  Sorry if some of my screencaps are a bit blurry, but the video is a bit blurry on purpose because it's through handheld cameras, it's dark in that theater, and the online streaming isn't the most responsive thing to pause, so sometimes blurry is all I can get, especially with action shots.


# Jasminka 2010-05-17 16:59
Again this is great fun to read! You're doing some serious work here, Flamey!
Thanks so much for yet another webisode of my favourite nutjobs of planet Supernatural!

Love Jas