Here we go with number 4.  This one's run time is 2:50. for those of you keeping track.  To jump right in, it's the now-standard opening of a Ghostfacers theme song snippet over a shot of the team.  Cut to everyone inside an actual theater room at the Grand Showcase with Ed doing a voiceover informing the viewer that they've located a reel of film with what they believe is a screen test of Janet Meyers, "the same actress that was murdered in this very theater."

The team handily has found a film projector that fits the film reel, so they fire it up and start watching.  Ambyr, holding what appears to be a bucket of popcorn, tells the team that she loves the cinema.  I love me some popcorn while watching a movie, too, but where did she get that?  Not sure I'd trust derelict movie theater popcorn.  Unless there was extra butter on it.  Mmm, butter.

So the screen test starts, and now I'm distracted because this shot totally reminds me of "Mystery Science Theater 3000" and I expect the team to start making funny comments at the screen test.

But they're not as impertinent as I am, I guess, and are watching the film very closely because it could contain some Important Clues.  The screen test starts off with the voice of a man off-camera asking Janet to tell them who she is, and she obliges.  Her name is Janet Meyers, and she's from Rock Island, Illinois, which, according to Google maps, is almost three hours slightly southwest of Chicago. Disembodied voice man tells Janet she is very beautiful, and she looks down, slightly embarrassed, and thanks the man.  He's right, though.  She is quite pretty.  See?

She looks much better as a person than a ghost.  And hang on, is that the actress who played Kimber on "Nip/Tuck"?  It is!  I knew she looked familiar.  Anyway, Spruce informs the team that this is the ghost he saw in the mirror.  The screen test continues and now disembodied man voice is reading lines for Janet to play off of for her screen test.  Janet is giving a very nice performance, drawing an "Oh, she's good" from Ed.  Disembodied man voice then cuts her test and asks, "What do you think, fellas? Have we found our leading lady?"  These other people applaud, Janet giggles, and disembodied man voice says, "you ready to be a star, Janet from Rock Island?"  Janet says she is, and the man says the part is hers.  Janet is very happy about that, and laughs a little.  Ambyr looks really happy for Janet, and Ed says, "She got the part."  Harry responds with, "yep, until her crazy ex-husband cut her career short." And he turns and looks at the camera with the best look on his face, like "did you hear what I said there?  I'm so clever!"

Ed thinks maybe this is why she's sticking around; she's waiting for her big break.  Harry thinks maybe they can give it to her.  Then Maggie calls the guys over to check something out on the computer she's been researching on.  The team trudges over, and Maggie shows them Spruce's footage with the image of Janet in the mirror.  She tells them you can clearly see Janet in the mirror but to watch what happens when Spruce turns around.

Yep, no Janet.  Harry says that there is obviously something in that room because it broke a $1,500 lens.  He's clearly thinking along the same lines I was when that thing broke.  That's a loot of copies to run to buy a new one of those!  This is why the Winchesters never get day jobs.

Ed postulates that Janet may be stuck inside the mirror like a death echo.  Maggie agrees that she thought so, too, until she checked the thermal spectrum.

She goes on to explain that the red and orange blob on the left is Spruce and the black blob on the right is Janet's ghost.  Ed and Harry lean in to take a closer look, and Ed sounds kind of amazed as he realizes Janet's ghost is in the same room as Spruce, Harry, and Maggie.  Maggie thinks that because Janet died in front of a mirror, maybe that's the only way they can see her, just like Bloody Mary.  Awesome callback!  I loved that episode.  It was so creepy, man.

Harry scoffs and says "that story's crap."  Then Maggie follows with my favorite line of the webisode: "Yeah, well, I know.  I read it in a cheesy Carver Edlund book."  Bwah!  Maggie is totally a fan of the Supernatural books!  I wonder if she's figured out that the Sam and Dean in the books are Sam and Dean Winchester?

Ambyr looks bored by the proceedings and seems to be applying makeup, but Ed realizes that the ghost is real and so is her reflection, so there's only one way the team can face her.

He pauses to let Ambyr finish putting on her lip gloss.  "What?" she asks.

That one way the team can face her?  "Mirrors," Ed says, holding up Ambyr's cosmetic case. "We need lots of mirrors."

And that's it for this webisode.  So, the team has figured out that Janet is Bloody Mary light and can only be seen in mirrors.  Sounds like a good plan to me, and I anticipate lots of Ghostfacers being startled by their own reflections in all the mirrors they'll have hanging around.


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Ah, Flamey! You rock!!
Thank you so much! What would we European Ghostfacer-fans do without you? The WB would allow us to starve..

You are adorable. But I'm sure you know that,.. ;-)

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