Up next, it's (shockingly!) the Ghostfacers Webisode 3 recap.  This one clocks in at a hefty 3:56, so it looks like the pattern is going to be the odd-numbered webisodes are longer than the even-numbered ones.

We start off with the usual Ghostfacers theme song over a shot of the gang then jump right to an establishing shot of the old Grand Showcase theater to remind everyone that the Facers are headed there on their ghost hunt.  Ed kindly tells us in a voiceover that the Ghostfacers have, in fact, made their way to said theater to search for the ghost of Janet Meyers.  He then informs the viewers that the team set up their home base, or Eagle's Nest, as he calls it, and positioned their cameras.  The team huddles together for a cheer of GHOOOOOOOOOOST!facers.

Ed starts off his instructional speech by reminding the team, twice, that this is not a drill.  They're doing a first EMF sweep, so the team needs to keep their eyes peeled for hot spots.  He then goes on to pair himself with Ambyr and teams up Maggie, Spruce, and Harry.  Harry objects to this grouping, naturally, since he's also smitten with Ambyr.  They decide to settle it by Rochambeau, which is a fancy name for rock-paper-scissors.  Harry warns that he's not "throwing paper this time," and Ed's all "whatever." So they play it out, and Harry totally throws paper!  Ed anticipates this, of course, and wins.  Harry and Dean totally need to get together and come up with a new rock-paper-scissors strategy.  They're pretty woeful at that game.

So Ed cuts up Harry's paper and goes off with Ambyr.  Harry tries to brush it off and tells Spruce and Maggie they're with him.  Ambyr is sorry that Harry lost, and he tells her not to worry about it because it's a "stupid, stupid game!"  He's yelling, so he's obviously not happy about how that whole thing played out!

Some nice and creepy establishing shots later, we're with Ed and Ambyr in the theater basement.  Ambyr is in charge of the camera, and Ed wants to make sure that he's in the picture properly.  Ambyr says she thinks he is, but wants to know how to tell for sure.  I'm just going to quote this exchange verbatim because it's a rather funny double entendre.


Ambyr: Uh, how do I know?
Ed: Okay. Just -- well, see my face?
Ambyr: Yeah.
Ed: See your little box? (here he's indicating the fold-out screen of the video camera)
Ambyr: Yeah.
Ed: Okay, my face has just gotta be right in your box.
Ambyr: Okay, yeah, your face is in my box.
Ed: Face in your box?
Ambyr: Yeah.

Hee!  Now it's confessional time for Ed, and he's talking about how Ambyr has "what you call...'it'. The shining." Oh-ho, so Ambyr fancies herself a bit of a psychic, does she?  Also, nice misdirection there.  When Ed said "it," I really thought he was going to go in a very shallow direction but didn't.  Well played, guys.  Cut to Ambyr gasping and breathing heavily while Ed questions her about whether she's picking something up.  But since Ambyr isn't the most articulate of people, she can only answer by saying, "I was just like...whoa."  I guess that's a yes, then.  Ed goes on to say that things just kind of come into Ambyr and she says things.  Can't wait to see how this plays out down the line! Ed and Ambyr make it to the scene of the crime, the place where Janet Meyers was killed by her ex-husband, and they're suitably spooked.

Cut to Harry, Maggie, and Spruce in the projection room conducting their own investigation.  Spruce thinks it smells like his grandma's closet, and wow, Spruce is talking!  Harry starts poking around and walks into this nook next to a giant spool of film that's been mounted to the wall.  He gets stuck on the streams of film coming out of it and starts to panic about it, saying "I'm hooked on film!  I'm hooked on film!" He's clearly quite tense about the whole situation if he's already kind of flipping out about something so minor.

Maggie cuts in at this point to inform Spruce and Harry that the temperature just dropped 5 degrees in the room, which regular SPN viewers will immediately recognize as a VERY BAD SIGN!  Spruce asks what the reading is and BANG!  Something makes a loud clattering sound, startling the three of them.  And me.  I was startled, too!  Classic horror move, and it gets me every time!  Harry radios to Ed that he has a temperature flux and a possible telekinesis and that he's going to check it out, even though I just warned them that the temperature flux was a VERY BAD SIGN!  Harry very sweetly asks Maggie if she's okay, and she laughingly admits that she's just scared.

As they go to investigate the possible telekinesis, Harry suggests that Maggie switch to thermal, and she agrees.  The better to see the ghost with, of course.  Harry checks to see if Spruce is ready, and he is as ready as he'll ever be, and I am still amazed that Spruce is talking.  He barely had any dialogue up to this point. The crew takes a deep breath and heads into a decrepit room adjacent to the screening room.

Harry's rocking the EMF meter, and he notices a lot of EMF spikes.  Maggie points out that the wires might be a factor, but Harry doesn't think it's the wires.  He thinks it's something big.  And hold on, did they just take electrical wires into account as a possible explanation for EMF?  Boy, how our little Facers have grown!  It's like they're almost...professional or something.  Harry continues to scan with the EMF meter and finds something on the ground that's making the meter really buzz or whatever that noise is that it does.  It's in an old box, so Harry picks up the box and puts it on a table.  Maggie says that it looks like a box full of old screen tests.  Harry disagrees and thinks they are probably news reels.  Maggie responds with, "Well, actually, it says 'screen tests' on the box."  That shuts Harry up!


Harry and Maggie dig around the box until they find a small reel labeled "Janet Meyers."  Ding, ding, ding!  A clue!  They both take a look at the reel, and then Spruce notices something in the mirror behind them.


He zooms in on it to get a better look, warning Ed and Maggie that there's something there.

It's the ghost of Janet Meyers!  Awesome!  Spruce pans over to where she should be standing in the room, but there's no one there. VERY BAD SIGN!  Ooh, so you can only see her in a mirror?  Sound like anyone else we know?  I wonder if that will come into play or not.


He asks, "where the hell is she?" And then stuff starts flying at him!  Ghost!Janet flings something right into Spruce, in fact, and it breaks his camera.  Oh, bitch!  These guys work at Kinko's!  Do you have any idea how long it's going to take to save up enough money to buy a new camera?

Spruce is appropriately freaked out by this development, and Harry shouts his name as the webisode cuts to the Ghostfacers song again, signaling the end of this webisode.  Those were a lot of screenshots for the end minute there, but all the important stuff happened then.  I'm excited about meeting Ghost!Janet.  We'll see how creepy she gets.


# Jasminka 2010-05-04 06:29
I can't thank you enough for providing us, the not-watchers overseas with these amazing recaps!! It's like watching the episode, and when I read the dialogue parts with their voices in my mind, it's the perfect mind-freak-movie...
you rock, Flamey, thanks so much for all the trouble. Love Jas
# pJ 2010-05-04 14:29
Theses are great!
# Ardeospina 2010-05-05 20:42
No problem, guys! Glad I can be of service.