Okay, here we go with the Ghostfacers webisode 2 recap.  I'm just going to jump right into this; no introduction necessary!  This episode was shorter than the first, clocking in at a brief 2 minutes and 45 seconds.  This webisode opens with a shot of the new team set to a snippet of the Ghostfacers theme song, then cuts to...

Yay for an establishing shot showing the Ghostfacers still operate out of the garage!  Once that's established, Ed very kindly starts going over the details of the Ghostfacers' case for everyone.  It seems the Grand Showcase theater was built in 1939 and is the home to numerous ghost sightings and attacks.

Maggie goes on to inform the group that the ghost in question is Janet Meyers, an aspiring actress who was attending a swanky party at the theater when her ex-husband followed her into a dressing room and killed her.

Rather, he "carved her face up with a razor," as Harry so dutifully informs us.  And wow, Janet was divorced?  It's clear from the black-and-white photo and old-timey clothes she seems to be wearing that this wasn't a recent slaying, so being divorced at that time was probably a pretty big deal!  Of course, I guess she was in Hollywood, so it probably wasn't as unusual there as it might have been in some random small town.  Right, dead actress with a carved up face.

It's also about this time in the webisode that the actress playing Janet Meyers starts to look really familiar to me, but I just can't place her yet.  It's driving me bananas!

It seems that not only did creepy ex-husband carve her face up, but he made her watch the whole thing in a mirror while he did it.  That's just nasty, man.  Spruce interjects that it was a crime of passion, and Harry agrees, saying that repeated spectral violence eventually shut the theater down.  Ed thinks the team should take a look, but Ambyr is worried.  "What if it's haunted?" she says.  Ooh, someone didn't read the Ghostfacers internship application closely enough!  Ambyr's comment prompts a great exchange of "uh-oh" faces between Ed and Harry, followed by an even better "Oh, Boy Long Sigh of Doom" from Maggie during a confessional.

Maggie thinks Ambyr is sweet, and notices that the guys seem to really like her.  Cut away from confessional, and hee, Ed and Harry are talking about how Ambyr is a great intern while holding up some sort of fan.  They're making an Ambyr music video with Spruce filming it!  Oh, geez, boys.  You are such nerds.  Ambyr doesn't seem to mind, though.  In fact, she's really hamming it up for the camera.

Maggie walks in on them and is appropriately annoyed.  Perhaps my point of view is a bit skewed since I'm not a guy and all, but I think Maggie is prettier than Ambyr anyway, so I'll confess to being a little confused by all the attention she's getting.  Maybe it's the ditzy factor?  I don't get it.  Whatever, the point is that Ed, Harry, and Spruce are loving the fact that she's around.

Back to Maggie's confessional, and the topic now turns to the budding romance between her and Harry.  She sort of fumbles around the point for a moment before confessing that there was something that happened between the two of them during their last mission.  Cut to Harry, and he admits that he likes Maggie.  Duh, everybody likes Maggie!  She's awesome!  But she's his best friend's sister. Adopted, he points out. Ugh.  Still not funny!  Cut back to Maggie saying Harry is her brother's best friend, so it's bad for the team if they get together.  And back to Harry saying that they felt for the good of the team, it was better to stay apart. "Why, what'd she say?" he ends with.  Cut to Maggie saying, "why, what did he say?" And it's pretty clear these two still like each other.  They're so going to hook up again before these webisodes are over.  Cut back to Harry asking Spruce, through the camera, of course, "is that what she said?"

Back to mission prep, and Ed tells the team they have two hours to sundown, and he wants all the gear packed up and ready to roll by 17:00, or 5:00 for those of you not familiar with military time.  Although, from the view outside the garage window, it already looks dark outside, so it seems like Ed might not understand military time, either!

After the mission prep is taken care of, we cut to a close-up of the picture of Corbett, and because I miss him, here's the picture of that.

As Ed narrates his mission log 703-8, we're shown a montage of all the Ghostfacers coming over and touching the picture of Corbett for good luck.  Ed says that "as the Ghostfacers prepare to re-enter the darkness, we pay homage to a teammate that has crossed into the light."  So they all go over and pay their respects, except for Ambyr who fixes her hair, but she didn't know the guy, so I'll give her a pass.  Now it's a getting-ready-for-the-mission montage.  We need a montage!  There's a nice awkward moment where Ed has a microphone for Ambyr and goes to put it on her, realizes that it should go in her cleavage, then backs off and mimes to show her where to put it.

Then we get another fun moment of the team pretending to walk in slow motion since they can't afford to film it in real time and then slow the tape down.  Or course, they all look suitably ridiculous doing it.

They load up the gear in the van, and Ed notices that there's a parking ticket on the windshield.  He's not too happy about it, and immediately yells at Harry that it's a two-hour parking zone, so they've gotten a $50 ticket.  Harry states that he didn't park the van there, so Harry wants to know who did.  Ambyr fesses up that she was the one who parked the van there, and is very apologetic about it.  Something tells me the guys aren't going to be too mad about it, though!

And that's the end of webisode number 2.  On to webisode 3!  I hope we'll be moving out of the garage and into the Grand Showcase theater because I'm excited to see how the haunting and the ghost hunt progress.