Happy episode day!!!  Only four left, and this one is definitely a puzzle.  The preview for "Hammer of The Gods" makes it sound like a quirky tale of the cannibalistic version of the Hotel California.  The one clip we got too also seems to show the lighter side.  However, at the bottom is the description courtesy of The CW.  It doesn't sound so lighthearted.  One of our favorite people is back!!!  No looking if you don't want to be spoiled.  So enjoy with your open minds and come right back here when it's all done to tell us what you think!!


Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are kidnapped by a group of gods, including Kali (guest star Rekha Sharma), Ganesh (guest star Keith Blackman Dallas) and Bladur (guest star Adam Croasdell) and held hostage in a small hotel. The gods want to use Sam and Dean as bargaining chips to stop the Apocalypse, but Gabriel (guest star Richard Speight, Jr.) shows up and warns them that if Lucifer finds them he will kill them all. Unfortunately, one of the gods turns on the rest and Lucifer appears.


BTW, I've been hearing some really amazing things about the final three episodes, especially the one next week.  All I was told is that from this point forward, it's going to be a turbulent ride.  Yay us!!!


# elle 2010-04-22 22:15
Wow - I'm equal parts sad, excited and disgusted. Need a rewatch. Have to get back to studying though - I don't know why I do this to myself. I shouldn't watch Supernatural before an exam - the whole night is blown I'm so distracted by the new developments. *sigh* Curse Supernatural and it's seductive story-telling!
# Scullspeare 2010-04-22 22:19
"Luci - I'm home!" *snort*

Ah Gabriel - RIP. You'll be missed.

Great episode. LOVED the showdown between Lucifer and Gabe. Mark Pellegrino makes an awesome devil.

And that last scene *shudders* was about the grossest thing SN's ever done; squicked me out more than opening scene to Bloody Valentine. Scuze me while I go wash my hands.

Hang on everyone: the rollercoaster to the finale is off and running.
# Sablegreen 2010-04-22 22:29
This was an excellent episode. Many things were great to see return, not the least of which is the boys. So good to see the writers remembered who the Winchester are. It’s nice to have the real brothers back!

So much fun here, can remember them all. Loved the elephant, motel hell, tomato soup, Luci I’m home….. . Mercury was great! Do you wonder what the boys ate at the buffet?....I don’t think I want to know.

The concept of all the ‘faiths’ and their stake in the world was a cool twist. Interesting to concept that humankind caused all this by abandoning the pagan gods. Dean was right, any port in a storm! To bad only Kali survived.

So each archangel has a dagger? Interesting! Wonder if that will figure into this in the future. Glad to see Gabriel got Dean’s message in Changing Channels, but sorry to it cost him his life. I would have been nice to have him around for the end. I really like the Trickster this time. But in SPN the dead can return.

Didn’t know if Famine was killed in MBV, but guess so! Loved Pestilence…. Matt Frewer is one of my favorite actors. Look forward to his episode!
# Sablegreen 2010-04-22 22:45
Just thinking. The boys never got their blood back did they. So Kali still owes them? Maybe that will come back in future episodes too.
# Alice 2010-04-22 23:00
I honestly have no idea what to think about this one. Sure, its an excellent setup for what's to come and Pestilence, ew yuck! But I'm still too devastated about Gabriel. Interesting how he was among the Gods as Loki. I can only think that if God brought back Castiel, he can bring back Gabriel too. He knew he was sacrificing himself and he did it for Sam, Dean and Kali. So sad. I definitely need a rewatch to grasp it all.
# Alice 2010-04-22 23:05
Also, it looks like they're setting up Sam for going over the edge. The lack of sleep comment and then the preview for next week. That anger thing has to come into play somehow!
# BagginsDVM 2010-04-22 23:09
Darn it! I was hoping to make it through an episode without shedding a tear. I'm going to miss Gabriel, but at least he went out fighting for the guys rather than against them. Luci did look sad that he killed his brother.
It was fascinating to see the other "gods" represented & to get their opinion of the apocalypse. We didn't see the identities of all of them, however.
Oh, & double yuck to Pestilence! Was that a puke-green rusted out Pinto that he was driving?? Matt Frewer is awesome, though.
# Alice 2010-04-22 23:45
I think all these male writers are having a pissing contest over who can out gross one another. I'm still secretly wishing in Sera Gamble's next episode she out does them all with something completely vomit inducing.
# MyMADWorld 2010-04-22 23:51
This was a fabulous episode! Loved the gods, the gore & the guys. Very funny lines - more like old times. Loved Dean's face as he's trying to pull off looking confident! One of the best guests was Mercury - he was very cool!
Pestilence was great - love Matt Frewer. (Max Headroom anyone? God I'm old!)Love the licence plate - took a re-look to read it - Sick and Tired!
Now, if BagginsDVM is right and that car was a Pinto then I called it months ago when Alice had a discussion on what cars the 4 horsemen would drive - I said Pestilence in a Pinto!! (& Alice quipped, shouldn't the Pinto be Death's?)
# Alice 2010-04-23 00:49
Pestilence's car is a 1975 AMC Hornet. Here's a stock photo:

# Jasminka 2010-04-23 01:51
We've got a plan! I like this.

There was a moment I actually thought, Gabriel would survive the brilliantly mean and powerful Luci - I still can't believe that he died. Gabriel is really dead, dark angel wings shadow and all...

I hope you're right Alice and God will bring him back, after all, he rose above all the petty things and gave away his life to save the guys and Kali.

I also agree with your assumption that they might be setting up Sam to a big break down - after reading the comments on the upcoming episodes I wouldn't be surprised. A part of me wants to see that. The other, SAMMY,NO screaming part want to jump into TV land and save the man...

Three more episodes to go. I would need a re-watch, alas I have to go to work now. Damn it. I'm just glad that I'm not the kind of basket case I was last week or gonna be the following weeks, I'm sure...

I hope y'all have slept well. Love, Jas
# Tigershire 2010-04-23 01:55
Oh Gabriel. :sad:

Sigh. I really liked him.

What really freaked me out? The idea that Kali was going to "scrub" Sam's ribs. No, no, no.

I loved the partial return of the "old" Dean. Pie and porn. GRIN.
# Jasminka 2010-04-23 01:57
P.S. Just saw the promo for the next episode - Holy Mother Of God! Of course Sam is going to flip out - wouldn't you, with the news he's about to learn? Alice, folks, I'm in panic. Did I just say I'm not a basket case? Well, I am now. Happy therapy-ing.... :o
# Supernarttu 2010-04-23 03:10
Wow. WOW. THAT? Was awesome!

Gabe was awesome upon awesome (did I mention awesome?), gonna miss you buddy. He sided with humans, yay!

And Luckys back, yay! Loved his showdown with Gabriel. Mark is amazing and Richard? Owns my heart.

"This ain't a peep show!" lol
SIK N TRD? Awesome, and disgusting!

*off to rewatch*

Ps. Casa Erotica? Weren't we talking about that last night? Lucky coincidence I guess... Here SammySammySammy SammySammy ;-)

Pps. Btw, saw next weeks promo also... *notfreakingout notfreakingout* Crap. Jazz, have any room on that couch of yours...? I'll raise your basket case with a full on nervous-breakdo wn-freak-out :cry:: I have so freaking bad feeling about this seasons end. It's going to kill me dead.
Thank God (and Kripke 8-)) for season 6. I have a feeling I'm gonna be saying that alot these last weeks, my new mantra.
# Bethany 2010-04-23 03:13
the last part was just gross ... i have a feeling i'm going to be grossed out throughout the next episode.

oh my god i loved the gods arguing
"don't mock my world turtle"
"i'm older than you" "that's never been proven"

also i loved the casa erotica "hungarian" is definately the word of the day.

i was so sad when gabriel died i was so happy to see him alive in the car but when they showed the wings i was so chocked up, he died for humanity for us .. i'm actually really sad, we'll miss you gabriel/trickst er/loki
# Karen 2010-04-23 03:44
The Trickster/Gabri el was my favourite character outside of the Team Free Will Gang.
I was so happy and proud that he chose to stand by Sam and Dean and stood up against Lucifer. I was really hoping he would survive, but knowing Kripke and Co. as I do, I knew in my heart I was going to lose him.
I’m not forgiving you for this Kripke!
Aside from my heartbreak, I did like the episode.
As for Pestilence…ewwww.
I will have to remember not to eat before watching the next episode.
# Jasminka 2010-04-23 04:21
I'm setting up a group therapy couch for us all... I can't freakin' think with the promo in mind, like a bullet in my head. Saaaaaaaaaaaaaa m.... :o

There's plenty of room, I'll just expand. I'll bring booze, meds, all kinds of happy pills just to keep us going for another three episodes... Get a grip, this is a TV-show, woman!

Ah, no, it's way more than that... it's something precioussssssssss

No, no, fictional characters, remember?

Ah, I need my precious winchesters... don't hurt them...

Come on, who cares?

Great... My personality is splitting up... Kripke, I'll send you the check of my shrink. The meds are gonna be expensive....

I'm in panic... What the hell? I'm not getting my reaction here. And all this from a promo? What will the whole episode do to me? To us?
Lots and lots of booze. Wouldn't even mind the headaches...

Jas is rambling... rubbish fluently... Help! ;-)
# elle2 2010-04-23 08:13
Fairwell, Trickster.

Sigh. I was so happy to see him do what I suspected he would after the events of Changing Channels but then he died -- something I also suspected would happen and it is appropriate...a lthough I'll miss him greatly.

If Season 5 is truly the end of this mytharc, and by all accounts it is, then Gabriel/Trickst er has to go since there will be no room for him, now that he's revealed as an angel, in Season 6. By all accounts the writers will be making a hard ninety-degree turn so angels likely have to go. I'm assuming this means Castiel as well but we'll see -- so long as Bobby figures in Season 6 and beyond!

I did like the bickering of the boys, Sam telling Dean next time I say keep driving and Dean's retort of yeah next time. Almost like a long-time married couple...and for these brothers with five years together on the road...seems appropriate.

Yep, the comment of Dean needing Sam sharp and Sam only getting 3 to 4 hours of sleep this week (WEEK!) is clear that pressure is high.

As for therapy, sheesh. I really had believed this year's hellatus would be pretty easy what with the five-year mytharc all tied up. Now I'm fairly convinced it's gonna be awful. Sign me up for therapy!
# Randal 2010-04-23 08:24
Alright, that kicked so many kinds of ass it's not even funny.

Gods arguing like petulant brats, one sultry Kali who gets huge points for the Judeo-Christian smackdown and for being sultry (I know I already mentioned that), Lucifer getting all self-righteous anti-heathen later on.

Pellegrino *owned* in this episode. Sure, he was smarter-than-th e-average used car salesman before, but here, he was hardcore frightening-as- fuck menacing. And to be that self-righteous, riff on pride, then immediately demonstrate it and have it not be hokey because of being so frightening? Oh, all the effortless, bloody slaughter of powerful entities helped as well.

Though now I'm curious as to how the mystical is truly set up in SPN, god as some Neoplatonic one and the many, when did the angels come 'round in comparison to all the other yokels floating about, do they climb the hierarchy based on how many follow 'em. There's an idea for some geek meta.

Um, Odin, famous for having only one eye, giving it up to gain wisdom. Couldn't have whipped up an eye patch?

What can one say about Mr. Richard Speight, Jr. If you must go out, go out giving the middle finger to the dicks above and below. And the laptop was only icing on the cake. Simply one of the greatest supporting characters in the history of television.

As for next week's promo, Sam and Dean are on the same page, so of course there's gonna be a foggy mountain breakdown.

M-M-M-Max Headroom!
# Jeannine 2010-04-23 09:24
Can I join the therapy too? Sheesh, I really think I need it. I actually yelled at the TV last night. I never yell at the TV (except for a Giants game but ya know that's football, it's allowed). Poor Gabriel. Rest in peace.

This episode rocked! Such great moments. "Please be tomato soup." "Next time I say keep driving..." "Get in the car princess." Dean's indecision about pie. The gods bickering. Lucifer being scary and quippy, "I hope you didn't catch anything." Dean winging it when talking to the gods. Lucifer's "I tought you all your tricks, little brother."

Though Randall, I gotta agree, it totally threw me to not see an eyepatch on Odin. But he wasn't really the Odin I had imagined. He sounded more like Thor.

I loved loved loved Kali's speech on how the angels are not the only religion and their ego. Its about time we heard the other religions pipe in on this.

I wasn't sold on Lucifer as being scary before. Creepy car salesman/whiny petulent child, yes. Powerful archangel not so much. After tonight....wow. Mark Pellegrino was so awesome.

And Pestilence. ::shudders:: That was so gross. Matt Frewer FTW! Trashcan MAN!!!!!
# Bevie 2010-04-23 16:30
I'm in mourning for the Gabester! :cry::
He's my favourite character outside of the main four.

I hope he manages to survive somehow.

Hope the boys didn't eat anything besides corn and pie. :shock:

Max Headroom? Didn't recognize him underneath all that slimy snot. YUUUUCK!

Dean was gutsy telling off those gods.

Can't help getting worried a bit about the final 3 episodes. Bobby........Ca s........? Please don't die!
# Antoinette 2010-04-23 18:23
Pestilence's SIK N TRD license plate was funny, but I was thinking it would've been even funnier and more appropriate if it had said CPTN TRPS.

While I loved the idea of bringing in other deities, I'm not so happy as then being portrayed as flesh-eating obsoletes.

The Greco-Roman pantheon and the Norse, okay, I guess, those aren't current religions (although I love Odin and crew, so I hate the idea of them literally eating people.)
But Hinduism has a *billion* followers and is Earth's 3rd largest religion. Kali and Ganesh aren't hungry forest gods whose worshippers forgot about them long ago, so why are they 1) totally powerless against Lucifer, and 2) portrayed as eating people when the Christian God and angels don't?