This is for MyMadWorld, who reminded me that I did let something slide.  I should have done this a while ago, but things got REALLY crazy after Comic Con and I figured everyone had heard this quote from the Comic Con panel.  Apparently a few had not so I dug out my video of the panel and found this quote when a fan asked him about "The Monster At The End of This Book."  This is exactly how that episode came to be, why they like doing meta episodes, and why more are on the way.  I know for a fact episode 5.09 is a meta episode.  

From the words of the Master: 

(The Monster At The End of This Book) was Nancy Weiner’s who is our writer's assistant, it was her idea, totally, it didn't come from any of our heads. She showed up one day and wanted to do a stranger than fiction episode in which Sam and Dean find out that they’re characters in a book. And then we laughed and said "no that's impossible." It's one of those stories that kept floating around...this is actually how the writers process works. So we have the idea and we kick it around and we say its impossible and forget it and there's certain ideas we just can't shake.

It was actually me going into Sera's office and saying "why is this guy writing this book, is he one of the psychic kids and I can't figure out why he would do it," and then she said "Why don't you make him a prophet?" which was Sera's idea. And then it all of a sudden snapped into focus because it tied into the mythology. We have a lot of fun being self deprecating. We're aware of our faults and the scenes in our bunny costume as much as anybody and its sort of fun to poke fun at the show. And again I have such a tempetuous, loving, conflicted relationship with the online fandom that I also was attracted to possibility to also poke a little, loving fun, very loving fun, please don't hurt me.

And then Chuck became so attractive that when Ben and I were breaking the season finale Ben said we gotta bring back Chuck and he flew so seemlessly into the season opener. On the board there's more meta episodes on the way because we had so much fun that I think there will be more.

That was the exact same message Kripke was giving in the press room too.  So remember, the more grief you give this man online fans, the more its going to end up as a parody now on the show.  I sometimes wonder if that's the intention of all this online controversy.  I'm still waiting for him to poke fun at the blogger that ends up overanalyzing the show way too much and giving up hours of her day just to post articles about things that were just never there.  Please Kripke?  A girl can dream.