It's Halloween, and in reading various discussions about all the creepy episodes in Supernatural in honor of this secular holiday, I had to think hard which one I thought was the creepiest.  Want to know what I came up with?  My choice is...

Bloody Mary

bloody mary
Why did I find this episode creepy? I like anything that gives me chills without a boogey man popping out of the dark. The best bone chilling suspense is what lies beyond the dark that you can't see.   Believe it or not, I don't watch much horror. I find "teenage slice and dice" and excessive gore not doing the genre any justice and I don't enjoy it. I like stories of creepy suspense that mess with your head like Poltergeist or Jacob's Ladder.  
This episode, it's darkness, the use of mirror images taking its victims, the suspenseful pacing, the dark figure stalking victims everywhere - I'm not sure how, but it got to me. Even the Sam and Dean moments seemed unsettling, for Sam's dark nightmares and his inability to accept his guilt added an ominous sense of secrecy to the relationship. When the brothers aren't truthful with each other, people die. Fine, people die when they're honest too but Sam had a right to keep his dark secret too. It was pretty scary (at the time). Mary was also really scary looking. Good job on that! 
Early season one the show's mission was simple, go for the urban legends. I always thought the legend of Bloody Mary to be lame and adolescent. I have to give Supernatural HUGE props for taking the stupidest concept in horror and turning it into something bone chilling. The dark room of mirrors, the bleeding eyes, the smashing of mirrors, awesome! Sure, creepiness and sensational horror was eventually sacrificed for richer character stories and a frightening mytharc (which makes me happy), but for basic, spine tingling horror season one delivered the best. 

So, what's yours?