Hmm, it smells like a Thursday...looks like a Thursday...acts like a Thursday, it must be Thursday!!  Oh, and it's one of those magical 22 Thursdays each year we are blessed with.  Yes, I'm talking about episode night.

So, after you see the episode in whatever time/space you're in, take a few minutes to share your reaction.  If you're like me, I'll be watching it more than once, so multiple reactions are allowed.  Heck, even one word comments like "great" work. 

Rules, no fighting, no disrespect, no wishing someone dead, and NO COMMENTS about Sam and Dean and their apologies thing.  If you're still having issues with that, please go to the Sam Fans vs. Dean Fans article. 

Okay, happy episode everyone.  See you later this evening!


# Alice 2009-10-15 22:04
Wow, how sad! :shock: That poor kid! Poor Sam and Dean. They're left with more guilt issues galore. Love the kid though. Something tells me he'll be back.

How much do you want to bet the props people had fun making the Castiel action figure.  How many fans will want that for their mantle? 

Loved that Sam and Castiel finally had a blow out. As for the tooth fairy, that's going give me sleepless nights the next time one of my kids loses a tooth.

Off to rewatch!
# Jessy 2009-10-15 22:15
Awesome epi, I was kinda worried about the moral implications for Sam and Dean, but both of them stayed firmly on the moral high ground. And yeah, pop rocks and soda :P.

Poor kid- imagine hearing that stuff when you're 11! I'd run away to Australia too. And poor Sam! And poor Dean, and poor everyone.

As for Castiel- I'm kinda waiting for him to get served at this point. He's blamed the Apocalypse on the brothers and now snarked about Sam's mistakes.Not too good for taking responsibility for his own mistakes though....
# Ally_x0 2009-10-15 22:17
whats Jesse's last name?! lol i'm dying to know but I can't find it anywhere ;P ?

anyway .. I LOVED this episode! SO MUCH ? :oops:
# Rachel 2009-10-15 22:20
Humor mixed with intensity. Awesome as per usual for the movers and shakers of our little Supernatural world. Awesome epi but when aren't they awesome epi's? -lol-
# MyMADWorld 2009-10-15 22:26
Great episode - so much better than last week. Loved the pork (That'll do pig - hee) and Dean hitting Sam with the buzzer! Even the hairy palm! The boy was great & the mother was really good, too - poor thing!
Castiel action figure - awesome. Dean was his old self - nice to see.
Only complaint - don't they ever think back to other similar occurences? Just a comment like - hey Sam, remember that time when the fairy tales were coming to life? (Bedtime Stories, S3). Didn't they notice a resemblance? At least Dean did think it through quickly. Still - maybe the drawing of the tooth fairy - a little too obvious?
Also - if the demons can do this why don't they just make a bunch of 'antichrists'?
I'm thinking that the writers are getting a bit lazy.
Otherwise - it was really good.
Amanda P.
# Amanda P. 2009-10-15 22:28
when the clips of Dean ans Sam fighting aired in the 'then' bit, I honestly thought that this episode was going to be filled with some major tension between the brothers. Thankfully it wasn't. The humor, was great and the drastic turn to a sad ending worked out well. I really felt bad for the kid, I really thought he was gonna stay with Bobby and I was hoping for it too.
It was also great to see Castiel again this episode along with some jokes on him (woopie cushion, and doll) I also couldn't help but yell out "TOLD YOU SO!!" when Castiel took the words "you didn't" right out of my mouth.
I thought this episode was awesome. so much more better than last week's, in my opinion.
# Andrea 2009-10-15 22:45
Great episode. it felt so good to see the boys back together witjout the tesnion of the last episode. it was like old times.
No offence, I know that Castiel has many fans, but I just loved it when the kid turned him into a doll. LOL! Go kid. I just think he has a lazy memory. Speaking about Sam's mistakes? Really? Let me see, who let Sam out to go and kill Lilith? Who deceived Dean into serving the angels and helped keep Dean locked in the green room until it was too late? That's very cute of him to blame others.
# Elle 2009-10-15 23:31
Loved it. Fantastic episode on all fronts - it was a thoroughly enjoyable watch. Normally, child actors don't do much for me - but even the kid worked!
# Karen 2009-10-16 00:12
Absolutely loved this episode.
Had the mixture of comedy, angst and drama.
All the ingredients that make this show so outstanding.
Just needed Bobby to have made it perfect.
As for Castiel, love the character, but tonight, I just wanted to either cuff him in the back of the head or kick his butt.
Of course I would of needed a chair to accomplish this task, being just over 5foot 1, on a good day.
# Antoinette 2009-10-16 00:29
Cute! But depressing. But cute! Heh.

This one flowed much better for me than "Fallen Idols." And I've always been a MOTW fan, so I'm happy to see a good episode featuring the boys actually working and hangin' out in motels.
# trina 2009-10-16 00:57
Loved that the dynamic between the boys seems to be back on track, and yet it is also clear that no one is just forgetting. (What kind of show would it be without the angst after all)

Put me firmly in the "Castiel needs to get off his high horse" camp. Everyone, even angels, have choices and Castiel needs to own up to some of his. And yet I really liked the Sam and Castiel confrontation. More please.
# staceycp 2009-10-16 01:08
excellent episode! so thats 6 episodes. and 5 fantastic and one a middle of the road ep. season 5 is looking to be another winner. the contrast between the humor and drama in this ep flowed perfectly' they knew when exactly to let loose and when to hold back. supernatural is 'almost' always very good at this although last weeks episode showed that when supernatural does comedy episodes it either hits all notes or falls on its face horribly as fallen idols was a case of split personality disorder. [the comedy and winchester angst felt like two seperate episodes]

but this one the comedy was marginalised. it wasnt trying to be funny. it just was! all the gags worked and the story with jessie was incredibly powerfull with both the kid who played jessie and his mother dishing out some very powerful performances.

and the kid who played jessie had a real haley joel osment/sixth sense vibe to him.

but wow the drama side of this episode was super intense. this felt more like a good old mythology episode then a MOTW ep.

some of the comedy was so funny i had to replay it a couple times! that buzzer was a classic! the roast ham lol. and sams reaction to dean zapping him was solid gold!-it really reminded me of the old loony tunes cartoons when bugs bunny does something like zaps daffy duck with something and daffy is standing right by him panting in a angry look just like sam did!
# Anahera 2009-10-16 03:14
Hee, hee. Hairy palms. It'll make you go blind, too.

And, yeah, someone seriously needs to have a talk with Cas. Sam didn't have all the facts when he made the choices he made. If he had known that killing Lilith would have started the apocalypse he would never have done it.
# Jasminka 2009-10-16 04:08
Hi Alice,
hi folks,
biting my nails here.., gosh, I wish I didn’t have to wait to be able to watch online… It is so cruel a thing to be a fan in Europe. I’m trying not to read the comments to avoid spoilers, but, well, I’m not really succeeding… I’ll probably have to wait another ten hours or so till I get home from work, all the while thinking ‘what has happened?’ , ‘did Castiel watch too many Omen films?’, ‘will I freak out over this kid, as children tend to be very creepy in movies?’… Thought is free, thank heavens for that. Even though I’m tied to my place of work for the moment being, I can wander off (at least for a couple of minutes every once in a while) in my mind to a nice, cosy, sexy classic car and two fine specimen of the male… What a piece of art is the human cortex… My god, I sound like a lascivious mad scientist (wonder what my man would have to say…). Well this is what happens when you have to wait for your weekly dose of supernatural inoculation to be administered… Addiction, anyone? Sammy, I’m right there with you…
best wishes to everyone from an out-of-her-mind -with-waiting Jasminka
# Narcissus 2009-10-16 04:25
Awesome ep. At some points it almost felt like it was season 1 again. Basically everything I need to say has been said by everyone else I'll give ya an 'amen' and a squeeeee :mrgreen: LOVE.
# Jojo 2009-10-16 05:28
I'm with the "WTF, Castiel?" camp. He really, really shouldn't be putting blame on Sam and Dean, who yes, screwed up, but they had good intentions. Just one word from Castiel in 4.21 and 4.22 and the entire mess would've been void. He actively worked towards the apocalypse knowing exactly what he was doing.

In other news, I absolutely adored the ep. I need Dean making the stupid face thing as an LJ icon.
# Emma 2009-10-16 06:06
I really liked this episode. That kid was really good, I totaly believed him.

Again happy to see a conversation between sam and Cas, we don't get enough of them, but I'm with Cas here, we don't actually know how much Cas knos/knew, he says so in "On the head of a pin" that "they don't tell me much" so did he know?

Anyway nice to see the boys back on track.
# JenLynFin 2009-10-16 07:55
Hey guys! Been lurkin' on here for a while now, and just thought I'd peek out and say hi. So, you know, Hi. :-)

I loved this episode! I wasn't nearly as flaily or sqee-ish as I have been in a couple of the eps this season, but it was no less wonderful.

My favorite part:

Cas: "We know him as the AntiChrist."

*sits on Whoopie cushion, which proceeds to make fart noises for several long moments*

Cas: "That wasn't me."

THIS is why I love this show! These 30 seconds sum up why I will watch Supernatural over any other drama out there. The "Losts" and "Grey's Anatomys" try so very hard to be so serious, when really, can't we all just use a good fart joke in the middle of the Apocalypse? *steps off soapbox*
# Randal 2009-10-16 09:12
Hairy palms?
Action Figure Castiel? (with kung-fu grip!)
Goddamn awesome.

A tremendously wonderful blend of humor and seriousness wrapped in some mytharc, really had me harkening back to such stuff from season two.

If we Occam the Antichrist gig, it probably *is* a slacker writer thing, but I'm thinking it might be a genetic version of the psychic kids minus the competition. Hot love (hey, Kripke, more Cheap Trick songs, dammit) might simply be as difficult and torturous for human/demon couples as it was for Romantic poets. Plenty of weak offspring along the menage à trois way. Jesse might simply be The One of all the many.
# biggs 2009-10-16 10:05
Not bad at all! I was fearing a silly "Twilight Zone" rip-off but we got some lovely bits:
-Sam and Cas conflict. I wonder how much of Cas's anger at Sam is linked to guilt (he's the one let Sam out of the Dean and Sam know that yet?) and maybe jealousy too.
- the ham. "Dude, again with the ham."
- the boy. He was a good little actor.
- the "demon" mom. She's also a good actress. I know it seemed slow to some, but the image of Sam and Dean just sitting quietly, listening to this poor woman's story, was kind of touching...and they look so hot in their FBI suits.
- hairy palms...I had to explain that one to my teenager.
- the automatic assumption that anything that goofy/murderous could be the Trickster...Lor d knows, that's always my first guess.
- Cas announcing that the Bible gets lots of stuff wrong. That'll cover the writers' butts for all sorts of future nonsense.
- the short "Dad kinda sucked"-"Yeah, he kinda did" scene in the car at the end. As my daughter pointed out, "For Sam and Dean, that practically counts as a family therapy breakthrough."
# Sablegreen 2009-10-16 10:51
SUCH A GREAT EPISODE!!!!! This is the show that should have followed 'The End'. I think 'Fallen Idols' was a ratings episode, a last minute idea to boost ratings by pulling in PH fans and non-fans. It just had trouble fitting the bother issues in, and ended up back pedaling a bit. Like ‘two steps forward, one step back’. Hopefully they keep going forward from here on. Need the show to be renew for s6!

It is soooooooo nice to have the boys back. They work together like a fine tuned machine. There was wit, humor, drama, morality, warmth, compassion... all the elements of a great Supernatural episode.

Loved the comment about Dean not using Sam's razor, and the smirk on Dean's face because he knew that is exactly what he was going to do. These are the 'brothers' that drew me to this show in the first place. And Dean zapping Sam with the buzzer. Classic...thoug h I was wondering why he kept carrying it around in his pocket? Would have thought he would have been more worry about it accidentally FRYING him…..especia lly after all the precautions they took when zapping the ham. Oh well...who cares. In an episode like this, all is forgiven! :lol:

I'm sure the figure of Cas with be a sought after item. And yes, I know there are a lot of Cas fans, but he was also to blame for the events of last season. And, AFAIK, neither Sam nor Dean know Cas is the one who let Sam out. I think when Sam finds out, Cas had better head for the hills. In this episode Cas just seemed to be there to move the story along.....give the boys info that John could never have written about in his journal......Oh , and on a different note: where is Dean necklace! I want to see that returned! :-x

Nice to bring in the demon child. Such a popular concept, and could really help ratings. Now the boys have two elements to help put Lucifer back where he belongs, War's ring and Jessie, an 11 year old boy, who, I’m guessing, will eventually come looking for his friends.

# Andrea 2009-10-16 11:39
Castiel didn't know all the facts. That's OK, I understand it. But it's not as though he didn't get any warning. Anna did warn him and questioned his actions in WTLB. He ignored her and had her turned in to the angels. He chose his course of action and must take responsibility for the outcome just like everyone else involved, even if he thought it was for the best. For that matter, Sam didn't know all the facts either, did he?
I don't know if Castiel knows about Sam being the vessel. He wanted to waste the kid for not trusting him to make the right choice when he comes to it. So if he does know he might want to kill Sam too for fear that Sam will make the right choice again.
# Andrea 2009-10-16 12:16
I mean, maybe Sam will make the WRONG choice again. Sorry for the mistake! :oops:
# Sablegreen 2009-10-16 12:25
Cas was warned more than once by Anna,....and then there was Uriel, who was actually killing other angels! How much of a wake up does Castiel need?

Also I didn't mean Sam would want to kill Cas ... just would be very upset with him. Wouldn't matter if Cas did somehow want and manage to kill Sam...which Dean would never allow. Sam can't die. Lucifer would just bring him back. Although it's never been stated on camera, I wonder if Dean also can't die.....meaning Michael would also just bring him back. Interesting thought. If so, the boys can REALLY kick some ass!!!
# Bethany 2009-10-16 13:27
The Sam/Cas exchange was great I can't wait for more scenes with them both in. FIGHT!!!!!

I love the Ham and the buzzer and the whoopee cushion - been giggling about it all day at work. It's one of the things i love about the show that they have the drama and the angst and seriousness but they also have the humour, because people, even people faced with horrible situations still have a sense of humour.

"dude with the ham"
"we don't have a fridge"

and Sam's face when he got hit with the buzzer was just brilliant.

*still giggling*

can't believe we have to wait 2 weeks for another episode :sad:
vana naine
# vana naine 2009-10-16 14:41
I liked 5.05, I loved 5.06.
Child with huge power!
Castiel angry with Sam! (As I love the drama in my show more than character's good mood, annoyed Castiel is so my favorite flavor of Castiel.)
Mother's love!
Great acting!
So little of logical mistakes!

Oh, I enjoyed this one very very much! My favorite in season 5 until now.
# Bevie 2009-10-16 15:52
What I loved in 5.06

Dean chowing down on the ham.
Buzzing Sam with the buzzer.
Dean flirting again (and on the job at the time).
Dean scaring the bejesus out of the joke store guy.
Dean teasing Sam again.
His hairy hand! Ohmigod! LOL
Sam's "yuck" faces.
Cas sitting on the whoopee cushion. "That wasn't me."
Dean's frozen face bit. Yikes!
Kid being a good kid after all. He'll surely return.
Cas an action figure with knife too.
Cas and Sam confrontation. Hope there will be many more of those.
A more relaxed and less angsty Dean.
The boys back working well together. Sigh!

There wasn't anything I didn't love.
# Maria 2009-10-16 16:41
What's with the hairy hands? LOL Can someone explain?

'You didn't.' Sam had it coming, and of course that moment was so chilling, it was perfect. Love the way Misha delivers that line. And the kid's performance, in Dean's words - 'awesome'!
# Parvay 2009-10-16 16:54
Great Episode -

The Boys were so much more in character than last week - Back to the good old days when Sam and Dean are in nearly every scene together - This is what Floats my boat!

Just a thought but did anyone else kinda wish the Castial figure droped on the floor and got smashed to smithereens - Castial never to be seen again - ByeBye :lol:

and Good Riddance!
# Jasminka 2009-10-16 17:51
Hello Alice,
Hi everyone,
Loved this episode. Loved it. There were so many hilarious moments – from Dean roasting that giant piece of ham (God bless him, I missed him being hungry all the time…, loved his comment at Sam’s indignant remark about him still eating away at the – already much smaller ham: ‘we don’t have a fridge!’ Dig in, sweetie. Never go hungry to bed…), to the shop guy in a Siegfried tee (or was it Roy? I don’t remember who the blonde guy is), to Dean’s hairy palms (I died that very moment! Come on, let’s face it – when was it the last time the Winchesters had sex that we know of? Months… Highly understandable. Poor lad.), to farting Castiel. Now, we know from the gag reels that there is a lot of flatulence going on during a Supernatural shoot… was this some kind of in-joke? Whatever it was, Castiel’s face was priceless. … And the kid-actor war unique. I guess this was not the last we've seen of sweet little anti-christ...

Wow, this was episode 6… actually I haven’t seen a weak episode yet. Okay, the last one had a few minor points, but in general every episode so far blew me away – one way or another.
This is no exception. I cannot stop thinking, there are – again – so many layers to be found that I have to sort my thoughts, much like collating data… I’ll tell you about what I come up with later, and I’m curious about your review, Alice… what will the lady of this site have to say…?

So let me call this rambling ‘In praise of Jensen and Jared’… Once upon a time… Oh, don’t mind me, it’s Friday, late, and I’ve had a hell of a week, and whenever I’m tired my mind sort of scrambles its creative eggs into something weird…
From the very beginning of the show I couldn’t ignore the guys’ charm. I loved the show, of course, the story, the set decoration, the connection the brothers had, the sensation of being scared by Bloody Mary and Co., and all that angst and the unravelling karma-credit-pl an. . . But, I’m a woman after all, and I’ve never been immune to the handsome face of a charming man (and yes, I know what my own charming guy would probably have to say). Oh well… Sometimes, like with this last episode, I sit there and wonder at how Jensen and Jared have grown to be even more attractive than they already have been, apart from being the amazing actors we know they are.

Look at Jared – he started out in season one as a sweet boy, and he’s grown to be this incredibly handsome man. He still turns on the boyish smiles and the puppy eye look, and he knows how and when to do it, but there is an air about him that wasn’t there when he was four years younger. And apart from mere great looks - we’ve seen him become an actor Hollywood will have to reckon with. What he does in this show never ceases to amaze me, and when I saw him in the Thomas Kinkade movie I saw a star in the making. Actually, it reminded me of the early films Brad Pitt made. When Pitt was still not much more than a sex symbol (in the public’s eye) he made a couple of films with Anthony Hopkins and delivered some of the best performances of his career. With Jared and the magnificent Peter O’Toole worked the same kind of magic. O’Toole gave him a lot to respond to, even when he did not say much, and Jared was able to react in the most authentic and moving manner (it’s basically about reacting in acting, when your partner is good you will rise), thereby delivering a wonderful interpretation of the role. Good looks alone can get pretty boring after a while. But there is so much more to him. And that’s what can take him to the top, provided he wants that at all and the business will work in his favour. Unfortunately in this biz being a talented actor is not enough, and the pressure it applies in terms of having to be as fit and handsome and ready as possible is huge.
And Jensen…He started out in this show already an established tv-star, fitting perfectly into the elder-brother-w ith-han-solo-sw agger-and-a-hea rt-of-gold stencil. The show needed a grown man for this part, someone with some Indy Jones quality and integrity, and the looks of a classic movie star. You’re looking for that, and Jensen’s your man. What he is able to convey with his face alone, is beyond words. What he is able to say with one look others need pages of dialogue for. And he does it with an ease many never achieve (it’s probably not easy, but the effort of it is not perceptible for the audience, and that’s the art of a highly talented actor).
As Gloria Swanson says in ‘Sunset Boulevard’: ‘We didn’t need dialogue. We had faces then.’
I can hardly believe how much better he’s getting with each season, with each episode. Combined with that face, and I’m starstruck.
And it’s the little imperfections about them that add to their charm and make their performances richer and improve their portrayal of Sam and Dean.
I somehow like the idea of growing old with Jared and Jensen. You know, take my grandkids to the movies one day (one far away day…) and watch a film with the guys (or with just one of them, you never know) and say ‘Deary, that man there, well, I was a fan of his when I was your age’. Hopefully they will provide us with movies till then. They’ll probably age gracefully, like Sean Connery, and give us fantastic portraits of complex characters…
Gosh, where am I going with this…? I guess the image of an older Dean from episode next has gotten to my weary head… I’ll better get going now before this gets too weird… It’s almost midnight over here.
Good night and sweet dreams to all of you, Jas.
# Jasminka 2009-10-16 18:18
Hi Sablegreen,
couldn't agree more with you - where is Dean's necklace? Cas, you did put store it in a safe place, right? Should he lose it (though I don't really think that he will) and should the Winchesters find out that Castiel let him out... who knows.
How about starting a 'bring-Dean's-n ecklace-back' campaign? Well, I still trust the writers. They will probably bring it back with some kind of bang.
Take care, love your comments, Jas
# Seraphim 2009-10-17 01:50
Had to finish an essay ... Okay: Sad, sad, sad.

But wonderful.

Also, ever think that the ANTIChrist would be FEMALE? I mean, anti-Christ, anti-male? Just a thought.

"A" for the episode.
# Frederick 2009-10-17 10:34
Dean didn't defend Sam when Cas jumped him, so there are still some issues there. Great eposode though. I have to rewatch it. I feel like an addict.
# Suze 2009-11-01 18:32
FINALLY! Bloody computer. Well worth the wait though ...

Boys back on form, loads of questionable humour ( hairy palms, Arf! ) Cas gets shrunked ( he-he, stitch that you smug blame-gaming gitface, you ... )

And best of all my childhood reservations about the tooth fairy were totally vindicated ... I wasn't having anything clomping about in my room, even if they came bearing cash ... My mum used to have to leave the teeth under a flower-pot outside the back door.