It's episode night!!  Episode Four already.  It seems like only yesterday I was at Comic Con talking with Ben Edlund who was in the process of writing this one.  I'm definitely intrigued to see how this works out.

I wasn't going to post the rules tonight since I would think that by episode four everyone would get the gist.  As most of you know though, there's not going to be much Sam in this one.  Heck, we might not see "Sam" at all.  So, while I'm sure Sam fans are going to be very disappointed, please judge the episode based on its merits and not who got what screen time.  Give a thoughtful analysis on what you think, good, bad, or indifferent.  Considering I haven't had any problems so far, I trust everyone to do the right thing. 

Also, while I have your attention, remember that article I wrote last week about the ratings?  Well, the DVR ratings came out last night. had a story, but I didn't link it because I thought Michael Ausiello's info was a little flimsy.  It was, especially compared to the CW press release that went out today.  4 Million viewers for the premiere!!!  There we go, the viewers didn't go away.  Here's the press release in its entireity (thank you 




Significant Ratings Growth Across Key Demos and Total Viewers According to Week One Live-Plus 7 Data


TOP MODEL and SUPERNATURAL Also Grow in Live-Plus Seven


The CW Scores Largest Percent Gains of Any Network in Adults and Women 18-34 and Total Viewers with New DVR Data


October 1, 2009 (Burbank, CA)  The CW Network saw considerable ratings growth from Live-Plus 7  Day DVR viewing for the week ending September 13, 2009 according to Nielsen live-plus 7 day ratings vs. live only viewing.

Led by 90210, MELROSE PLACE and freshman hit THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, The CW saw the largest primetime viewership increases (on a percentage basis) of any network in target demographics of women 18-34 (52%, 2.10rtg v. 3.20rtg), adults 18-34 (53%, 1.40rtg v. 2.14rtg) and total viewers (38%, 2.8M v. 3.8M).

On Tuesday, September 8, 90210 grew a whopping 73% in women 18-34 (1.92rtg v. 3.32rtg), 65% in adults 18-34 (1.27rtg v. 2.10rtg) and 46% in total viewers (1.9M v. 2.9M). MELROSE PLACE gained an impressive 54% in women 18-34 (2.12rtg v. 3.26rtg), 58% in adults 18-34 (1.25rtg v. 1.98rtg) and 43% in total viewers (2M v. 2.8M).

On Wednesday September 9, the two-hour premiere of AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL added 43% in women 18-34 (2.37rtg v. 3.38rtg), 41% in adults 18-34 (1.49rtg v. 2.10rtg) and 31% in total viewers (2.9M v. 3.8M).

On September 10, The CW's new powerhouse Thursday also showed major ratings gains with Live-Plus 7 DVR data.  Bloodcurdling freshman hit, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES winged to a 64% increase in women 18-34 (2.33rtg v. 3.83rtg), 63% in adults 18-34 (1.69rtg v. 2.23rtg) and 40% in total viewers (4.0M v 5.7M).  Meanwhile, SUPERNATURAL had women 18-34 increase 35% (2.33rtg v. 3.83rtg), adults 18-34 47% (1.21rtg v. 1.78rtg) and total viewers 38% (2.9M v. 4M).


# Seraphim 2009-10-01 22:13
I knew family would triumph (but we still have many more episodes to go).

My heart broke when Dean's heart broke.

But you know what, the angels, Lucifer--it's not over for the boys. Not by a long shot.
# Alice 2009-10-01 22:15
Okay! I'm not sure. I've gotta wrap my head around it and do a rewatch. It was okay.

I hated the compound scenes, didn't care for future Dean all that much, but I'm sure that was the point. There were too many Dean/Dean scenes and they felt off. I'm sure they were off since those obviously involved editing.

Loved stoned/mortal Castiel and current day Castiel saving the day. I REALLY REALLY loved the Dean/Lucifer in a Sam suit showdown. Perfect! It might be one of my favorite scenes of the series.

The brotherly reunion at the end was awkward! I'm sure that was intentional. I'm certain I'll have more to say later.
# MyMADWorld 2009-10-01 23:10
I loved it! Fabulous episode. The future Kansas City was incredible - great sets, action & music choice - sooo cool. Funny lines - 'I'll just wait here', 'Hoard Toilet Paper'.
'Oh, Baby, No!'- not the Impala - Dean's voice and expression then - heartbroken!
Future Dean vs Past Dean - I thought it was great. We'd all hate ourselves if we ever met and would definitely act like a jerk to each other.
The long tear on Dean's face as Sam/Lucifer left. Ohhhh my.
The reunion - it had to be awkward - too much has gone on for it to be 'all cleared up'. Sam should have said more. Loved Dean's 'I've got the 2nd best hunter in the world with me'
It was all awesome.
# Sablegreen 2009-10-01 23:13
WOW!!! I’m back in my ‘comfort zone’ For me, THIS is the best episode of the season. Don't get me wrong, ALL of the episodes have been phenomenal for directing, script, acting, drama, you name it…..but the ‘rift’ was just not "Supernatural' for me. I know there was tension and stress all through s4, but that is always common in families, just ask me….I have 7 siblings. The ‘closing the door’ scenario is not….and really never works.

This is the first time I REALLY liked Cas. Now, I can even forgive him for letting Sam out. The look on Cas’s face at the end, made me think he knew exactly what had been happening to Dean, and knew Dean would see through Zachariah. Makes you wonder how that version of the future was there for Zach to send Dean to in the first place. And as always, I LOVED Chuck.

Interesting place they keep their dad’s diary. Would have thought Lucifer would have known that from Sam.

Just LOVED Jared as Lucifer. That "Hello, Dean" just sent chills through me. So glad Dean got to see the Lucifer Sam met in the last episode. Now the boys are both on the same track! (And, as a side note, Jared was so HOT in that white suit.)

While the reunion was not the hugs and tears many wanted, it was PERFECT. Dean apologizing, and Sam, so sincere, in his appreciation, was beautiful! So glad the 'smarter' brother is back. And Sam was right on with the colt. I like that idea from the first.

I’m glad the premier has such a good audience, I just hope the remaining episode pick up viewers too.
# elle 2009-10-02 00:18
I LOVED IT! I thought this was a really solid episode.

Alice, the comment about Dean/Lucifer!Sa m encounter being one of your favourite scenes echoes my thoughts exactly. That scene was phenomenal.
Also - this incarnation of Lucifer definately had me drooling!

Every moment of this episode was perfect for me.
Amanda P.
# Amanda P. 2009-10-02 00:23
I couldn't be more happy over the fact that Dean called Sam and made amends. Dean with out Sam makes Dean one annoying ass dick that's for sure. The complete change in him was awesome, and played out so well. It was insane how much of a difference 5 years made him into.
As of late I've been annoyed with Sam and them mentioning that he said yes to Lucifer topped the cake. I couldn't help but curse out my TV. But I hope that what was said when they made amends "Keep us Human" sticks with them.

I also squealed seeing Chuck, his cameos are spaced out well. Not to close together, Hope it sticks that way, still it was great seeing him :D.
# Alice 2009-10-02 00:27
There, the rewatch was better. Still not my favorite of the season, but overall a good episode. I thought the compound scenes dragged a little bit, but I love how 2009 Dean played off future Dean so well. It was really sad to see future Dean lose his sense of humor. Probably because his baby was rotting in the yard there. That really hurt, see the car that way.

I'm still not convinced that was the real future. There was too much elaborate setup, especially future Dean telling present Dean to say yes. I wonder how much of that Zachariah manipulated.

Still, what worked the most in this episode was the brothers together. It reminded us how explosive these two are together in a scene, even when they're subdued. The way Jared and Jensen played off each other in that Dean/Lucifer scene was amazing! Especially since Jared was playing someone else. Dean crying? Oh, he made my heart melt.

The final scene was way better on the rewatch. Things still aren't perfect or back to normal for these two. However they know now that being together is the only way to keep each other human. Without each other, Sam becomes Lucifer and Dean becomes someone who will lead his friends to certain death. I love how Dean watched with horror how much his humanity slipped away.

Okay, enough for now. I'm off to bed.
# staceycp 2009-10-02 00:44
this was a very interesting episode. even though depends on others tastes the ep may have layed the metaphore's alittle bit thick. (zachariah telling dean to say yes to michael all-obvious metaphor for sams plea to join him again. and why sam said yes to lucifer was obvious that he wasnt strong enough without dean and proberly couldnt live without him.) but i felt it worked really well. and I agree with you alice- lucifer/sam-dea n show down was exceptional.

and on lucifer. I think his main lie is when he tells both sam and dean that they cant change their destiny's. but i think hes trying to screw up their minds to steer them in the destiny he wants to come true. given the fact that sam and dean are on the road together now. i thin that alone changed the future emensely. the end scene was interesting too. it had a nostelgic real dream like feel to it. and it was very awkward like it should be.

and i wont count out the conflicts yet. they maybe together now but i think the tension will still remain and dont think the show will push the reset button. supernatural never sweeps things under the rug never to be seen again. it looks like the next few weeks will be some more comedic episodes. and next weeks celebrity guest may give the ratings a bit of a boost i hope! lol
# Tigershire 2009-10-02 01:10
Wow, powerful. I'm definitely going to have to watch again. Especially without commercial breaks.

As for the end scene - even with Dean's change of heart - he's not going to suddenly going to trust Sam. Sam is going to have to earn it again.
# Kelly 2009-10-02 01:57
Wow, I really think this episode is in contention as one of my favorites of all time. This was so amazingly done. Only this show could pull off such a weird scenario as character confronting his future self and it not seeming strange. It all just worked so well and Jensen gave a phenomenal performance from start to finish. As did Jared, he knocked my socks off playing awesome.

Of course the best thing about this episode is Dean realizing he needs to reunite with Sam, a moment which brought tears to my eyes the second I saw him leaning against the impala. It's not going to be easy, there's obviously tension between them and that's not gonna go away any time soon but it's really the best option. I like the line of them keeping each other human the best because I find that to be so true.

OMG I just don't know what else to say. Everything rocked, EVERYTHING...I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and very sad when the show was over. It flew by SO fast!
# Supernarttu 2009-10-02 03:16
This ep was great, I loved it.
I actually liked all the pastDean & futureDean -scenes. Jensen rocked those scenes.
I felt it kinda odd that futureDean and Sam hadn't talked in 5 years. When did Lucifer take Sam over? They didn't say when it happened... I thought they would have at least talked to each other by phones or something... And why did Sam say yes...? Because he wasn't with Dean? The questions this ep rose were intriguing. The ending was good but I know these guys still have miles to go before they're ok with each other again. And that's the way I like it.

Shallow note, Jensen was HOT and LuciferInSam was smoking hot too :-) The looks and the body language.
The chemistry with these guys is phenomenal.

ps. Dean and girl panties? Castiels "The voice says I'm almost out of minutes", "That's the way I roll", Deans "if it isn't the ghost of christmas-screw -you", so many great one-liners...! And Lucifers: "kill you? wouldn't that seem redundant?" Sorry, don't remember the quotes word for word but they where great :-)

Waiting for reviews.
# Suze 2009-10-02 07:03
Oh, that was just fucking fabulous. Off to work in tears again. :D :D :D :D :D
# Insey 2009-10-02 07:53
I really quite liked that this was a Dean-centric episode. I liked the clear differences between our Dean and Future Dean (though I do wonder if Jensen has been taking tips from Misha, as his voice as future Dean was much deeper and gruffer, much like Cas' is) and I liked how troubled Dean was by the way he had become in five years.

That being said, the bit with Future Dean telling our Dean to say yes felt really felt like that was something Zachariah had put there...but then it was somewhat justified by the other Dean saying he knew he never would say yes to Michael and the angels.

I loved Cas in this episode, he was hilarious both as his normal self ('The voice says I'm running out of minutes!') and as the stoned future version. That being said, human Castiel made me quite sad but it made that bit near the end when Dean told him never to change all the better :-) I love Dean and Cas' friendship, Dean needs one outside of his brother.

And Sam...well I think I might be alone in saying I didn't really like Jared as Lucifer...I am not sure what it was about him, I just didn't find him as enigmatic as Mark. However, the scene between Dean and Lucifer was a powerful one, and I liked seeing Dean react to what happened to his brother, and how it fuelled him to make changes even though Lucifer told him that they would always end up back in that place.

I do like that the brothers are back together (though part of me does kind of wish the split had lasted a little longer) but I do hope that there is still a bit of tension there, they still have a lot of forgiving and moving on to do the pair of them, but they are better together, even if they are one another's weakness.

All round it was a good episode, I enjoyed it, but it wasn't quite my favourite of the season so far (Good God Y'all seems to take that spot) but I am looking forward to more as always.
# Randal 2009-10-02 08:25
Funny how in only a few short years we go from "the lord is not on any flatbread" to "that's just how I roll."

I'm glad the future (and future Dean) were uncomfortable, goes to show what happens when that humanity does slip away and nothing much matters but bare, cold survival. Jensen is simply a brilliant actor.

Sam as Lucifer was exceptional, and I was worried because to be simultaneously sympathetic and, essentially, a used car salesman (the suit helped) is hard to pull off, and he did.

Zachariah just might be the biggest dick the show has ever had and he's certainly a candidate for teevee's all time top ten. I still think, in most respects, that WILL be the future if they don't stop Lucifer - sure, the devil's in the details, ha ha, but it'll be nasty, nonetheless - but c'mon, how could the solution be anything *but* the brothers' humanity? That's been Dean's mantra since day one. I'm not saying they'll appeal to Lucifer (dude ain't human, after all) but that certainly has to be in play in the final showdown.
# elle2 2009-10-02 09:36
I liked this episode very much. I've only seen it once, and that was broken up with 12-week old Jobe needing some outside time for...well, you know, so I went back and watched the parts I missed afterwards. Don't know when I'll get to a rewatch as I'm swamped with work and deadlines but my initial impressions were that this did what It's a Terrible Life did last season, reset some priorities.

I love,love, love that Sam called Dean and told him about the Lucifer vessel thing. Finally, Sam opens up immediately about something that now doubt is highly sensitive, distressing and horrible. He's showing that he's not going to hide anything from his brother anymore. I love that.

I'm not surprised Dean 'rejected' the return to partnership, he just wasn't through nursing his own pain and issues, however, 5 years in the future and seeing what he becomes...chang ed everything.

Like others, I wondered how much Zach was manipulating future Dean, when future Dean was telling current Dean to say yes I was screaming's a trap, it's a fake out, don't do it. I knew Dean wouldn't say yes simply b/c of last week's showing of the aftereffects of being a vessel for an archangel and that for Dean it would be worse, I don't believe he's ever going to let Michael take his 'meat suit'

The future was disturbing and I also think that's the point...actions have consequences. I truly believe this showed Dean what he knew but was trying to surpress, he and Sam need to work together.

Dean's 'reunion' with Sam at the end was perfect, awkward, unsure, off-balance but also appropriate as they both have a lot of ground to cover -- and isn't that the same setting as in Salvation when John leaves after Dean gives him the fake Colt for his meeting with Meg? BTW, I'm loving that the Colt is looking to be back, a return to basics works for me.

Also, finally Dean states what I've known all along, and many in the fandom have known, Sam keeps Dean human or on target and Dean keeps Sam human or on target. We saw how damaged they became when Dean died and was sent to hell -- heck, all of Season 4 showed how different they became because of their separation. Sam likely never would have succumbed to Ruby and his demon abilities had Dean not died -- we heard Sam say that in Metamorphosis -- you were gone and I had to continue on without you --

I think Dean recognized that Sam would finally said yes to Lucifer b/c with Dean's continued rejection of him it would lead to him losing his own identity and Dean realized after confronting himself in the future that w/o Sam he too had lost his identity. They keep each other human...perfect.

I also loved there was mind tells me that music over the shooting scene is an homage to something...per haps Good Morning, Vietnam? Can't remember, don't watch that many movies to know.

And yes, Cas was pitch perfect at the beginning over the phone and his forlorn intent to simply wait for Dean to get his sleep and then his sly...we had an appointment...a s he rescued Dean from Zachariah.

Great eppisode and I'm looking forward to a bit of comic relief next week though, whew, need to catch my breath a bit.
# Bevie 2009-10-02 14:21
First time since "Lucifer Rising" that I've yelled at the TV. When Future Dean was ordering Dean to accept Michael, I'm hollering "No No No NO!" And hopefully his answer will forever be "No!" I really believe that was a Zachariah contrivance, and what a great adversary is Zach. I'm hating him as I hated the bitch Ruby!

Awesome was the Dean on Future Dean scenes. Jensen excelled himself in my opinion. I just loved our Dean more than ever in comparison with the cold hearted character Future Dean who really creeped me out. The same beautiful face but with all of his humanity burned out of him with the loss of Sam, his baby the Impala, and the deterioration of his personal angel. Those scenes must have be so difficult for Jensen to do.

Lucifer/Sam just creeped me out entirely also! IMO Jared was spot on excellent. So happy Dean called Sam to come back, even though I still want Sam to realize how much he hurt Dean with his lies, secrets, abandonment for a demon and CHOKING HIS BROTHER!

Castiel by the side of the road was so adorable LOL! "I'll just wait here then." And "We had an appointment." HeeHee!

Like Elle2 I could use some comic relief about now. I would like to unclench my stomach for a short bit.

By the way, I really loved this episode!
# trina 2009-10-02 15:58
I think from a writer's standpoint they should be done with having Sam apologize. It would get remarkably tedious for him to keep saying sorry.

Regarding this ep. I agree with Alice that there were parts of the Dean and Dean scenes felt slightly off. But, I loved that future Dean was a total jerk. He killed Castiel and a woman he was sleeping with. Yikes.

Castiel was great. I was not a huge fan last year, but I am LOVING him now.

Lucifer/Sam I have seen several complaints but I have none. When his back is to Dean in the beginning of the scene (when he breaks future Dean's neck) he has an evil, aggressive look on his face, but when he turns around he's all open and earnest. Loved it. Lucifer is putting on a great show, but he is at heart an evil monster.
# Sablegreen 2009-10-02 17:00
Sam should not have to apologize any more. He was not the only one responsible for what happened. Dean was a big part of Sam's downfall, and not just because he broke the first seal. Dean had been told by Bobby, more than once, that family is everything, and not to push Sam away. And even though Bobby is paralyzed, he still never blamed Sam, which Dean saw firsthand. If you think Bobby didn’t give Dean a talking to for letting Sam go....think AGAIN!

And remember Dean made a deal to bring Sam back because, in Dean’s words, “I couldn't live with you dead." He needed his brother then, and Sam needs him now. Sam was asking for help in ep2, and Dean ….well, was not being a big brother. Dean is firstborn, and with that comes certain responsibilitie s. That is the role Dean has been given, and he has to step up to the plate (and not Zach’s way.) Dean has to lead the way. And being a leader is NOT easy.

Now, the boys need to, as Dean said, "clean up their mess". TOGETHER!!!!! Sam will not withstand Lucifer without him, and now we know what will happen to Dean, if Sam does say yes.
Anyone think the colt might be Michael's 'sword'? And can it kill Lucifer? Maybe, only if it’s Dean's hand? Sam could certainly get Dean close enough to use it. I just don’t want to see either of them become angel condoms.

And Cas had better give Dean his necklace back, or I’m going to go back to not liking him again! ?
Did I mention I REALLY LOVED THIS EPISODE! Been waiting for this since s3.
# elenaM 2009-10-02 18:33
My first thought after watching this ep was "Good lord, that Jensen Ackles is impressive." Not that this is news to SPN fans, but still. (Don't get me wrong, I think Jared as Lucifer was amazing as well, and amazing in general...) What I mean is the first time through I found past Dean and future Dean to be such distinct characters, they really seemed to be playing off each other when it was just Jensen...and I was so engrossed in the story that I felt like there were 2 Jensens in the room at all times. It wasn't until my rewatch that I paid attention to all the tricks/cuts and how few scenes there were where you actually saw 2 Deans together.

A question, though:

Wonder what you all made of Lucifer saying "I know you won't kill Sam" to Dean at the that significant, given that when Sam threatened to kill himself, Lucifer rolled his eyes and said "I'll just bring you back"? Seems to me like Lucifer probably has the juice to make good on his threat, so I don't think he's bluffing...but why say that to Dean then?
# elenaM 2009-10-02 18:39
I know Eric's commented about the frantic pace at which the show gets made with multiple scripts floating around, but they're usually really good at keeping things consistent and tying up loose ends especially with important issues, so I was wondering if there were other interpretations to that comment...thank s
# Andrea 2009-10-02 20:32
Last thing I want is starting a Deanfans vs Samfans fight like I've been seeing in other foruns. this sort of thing is pointless and works againt the show. yet some things have to be said. How much does Sam have to apologize yet? What should he do to show he's sorry? People just keep mentioning the strangling scene. First: Sam was not himself because of the demon blood effect. Second: Dean called him a monster, which was the one thing he couldn't bear to hear, not from Dean. It's interesting that no one seems to remember this little fact. Dean himself recognized that he went too far and tried to apologize through that ill-fated phone message. So why can't we give the guy a break?
# Julie 2009-10-02 22:58
Just didn't want this one to end. I loved Lucifer/Sam (although Lucifer/Mark is very good too) I did like the exchanges between current and future Deans - and Jensen did a fabulous job of what I am sure was a tedious shooting schedule.

Just to weigh in slightly on the apology thing... whether or not the apologies are going to continue or not, I think it has been effective in showing just how 'lost' (for want of a better word) they both have been in trying to find an appropriate and workable approach (or plan) to deal with the whole situation. Both characters are much more comfortable 'doing' rather than 'being', as Dean has often reminded Sam when they have come across a new challenge to defeat. "What are we dealing with etc, and what is the first step to killing it"

In our normal lives, when we have made a mistake that has caused someone we love pain an apology is the first step (and sometimes the second and third) whilst we work out what we have to do to "make it up". I think it has been used perfectly in this instance. Feel free to disagree...
# elenaM 2009-10-02 22:59
Thanks Alice, thanks Mae! It did occur to me that the only thing that can kill an angel is another angel, but then they'd always stressed that the Colt was supposed to be able to kill anything...can' t wait to see where they go with this! I'd love to learn more about the backstory of the Colt seeing as it's an object of such power in SPN mythology..Than ks again!
# Suze 2009-10-03 04:29
I don't think they're going to actually kill Lucifer, that would take too much of a chunk out of the mythology the show runs on ... I agree with Alice, they're going to shove him back under the stairs and good ridence ... what was he thinking with that white suit? It's hard to take even Ultimate Evil seriously when they're wearing John Travolta's cast offs ...

Personally, I've really had enough of Sam apologising. Yes, he screwed up. He was lied to and made some stupid decisions based on what he believed. So did Dean. Move on. I know we only got a bit of Sam in this episode but what we did get was great ... I loved the " Not revenge ... Redemption " conversation. I can't handle the idea of another umpteen episodes of him chopping lemons and beating himself up, I need kick-arse, once-more-into- the-breach Sam back!

PS. I thought Castiel was absolutely priceless in this one ... Go wash up for the orgy,indeed ... :lol: :lol: :lol:
# Jojo 2009-10-03 10:03
I take back everything I said about last week... okay, maybe not everything, but I feel like a reactionary idiot and I've never been happier about claiming that title. YAY, SHOW.
# Supernarttu 2009-10-03 11:55
One thing just occured to me...

How many times did they use "Say YES!" in this ep? I think I counted like 10 times, it was kinda funny :D Reminded me of a law campaign or something :-)

And I too think Sam has apologized enough.. And I'm sure he still will ('cause he, you know, does that A LOT *g*) but I think it's preeetty clear he IS sorry, very sorry. About everything. Poor thing, *pets*

-end of 'very important' rant :P
# Bevie 2009-10-03 14:12
Hi AmMo

I'm not anti Sam. I just want him to acknowledge that he has hurt his brother almost unforgivably and realize that he did that. Dean isn't hurt because Sam began the apocalypse. Dean would have killed Lilith too, if he had been able to. We watched a whole season of Sam lying and sneaking off to Ruby and treating Dean as if he was weak and stupid. Saying sorry over and over doesn't convey that he realizes the real reason for Dean's feeling tremendously let down and betrayed by the one person he trusted and depended upon implicitly.

Think how it would be if the positions were reversed? If Dean was the one sneaking out with a demon and lying and keeping it secret from Sam, and treating him as if he was incompetent and cowardly and ended up strangling his beloved little brother? Would it be OK to fix things by just a few "I'm sorry's"?

Dean has had plenty of occasions to say he was sorry since season one, and usually expresses exactly what he is apologizing for.

That's all I want. Just an acknowledgement that Sam knows exactly what he is sorry and apologizing for. How he has hurt his brother. Then Sam will be the same one that I have loved since the beginning. If it is not shown on screen, then I guess I'll just have to imagine that it has already happened off screen. I just really want to like and trust Sammy again. The brothers must be together and on the same page for them to survive this demon/angel debacle. I know Jared enjoys acting the bad guy and being nasty, but come on, give the fans a break and get back together guys! We love you that way.

And by the way, if Dean had not made that very foolish deal to bring Sam back, we would'nt have a show to watch right now. LOL!

Also, I really really want Sam to hear the real phone call that Dean made to him from the green room. As far as we know, he still thinks that horrible one he listened to was really from Dean.

I would be happy if Sam said "Dean, I'm so very sorry that I hurt you."
# Elle 2009-10-03 19:00
I too would like to see an acknowledgement of the hurt Sam caused to Dean. Not for killing Lilith but, like you said, for treating Dean so poorly.
# Lisa 2009-10-03 21:58
Did I mention that I love this show?! This epi was fantastic! Jensen just hit this one right out of the park! What an awesome job he did playing both Deans.
And Jared was right on the mark with how he portrayed Lucifer. That scene between Lucifer Sam and Dean was heartbreaking. The chemistry these two have came off so well during that. And oh the last scene with Dean standing against the Impala and Sam driving up made my heart go all warm and fuzzy. All I could say was
# Dany 2009-10-04 09:09
I'm a little late on this comment! Anyway, I really liked this episode, when Dean told Sam that they were better apart I rolled my eyes and though to myself that somebody should tell that boy that not being together was what put them in this mess in the first place? Of course doing that by sending him 5 years into the future is a little to much, don't you think? (by the way Zack you are so going to be Lucifer cell mate :twisted: )

Future Dean is definitely not our Dean! But I think that he still had a little of him because when he was saying to past Dean to say yes to Michael it looked like (at least to me) he was trying to save Sam ,again, by sacrificing himself, one last and desperate attempt to save his little brother (and the rest of the world), because if he would've say yes to Michael then Sam would never had said yes to Lucifer and he would be safe, I'm guessing that past Dean saw it too because he decided to take path #3 (being #1 not speaking or see Sam again and #2 self sacrifice again), and that was the best decision ever! My heart got all fuzzy and warm when I saw Dean pick up his phone, and that last scene it may have felt awkward but it was just perfect :D And in all scenes Jensen was perfect!

No luck with this little stunt hey Zack? So who was it that said that the future is not set in stone?

Lucifer using Sam body! Creepy! It looked (who would say that Jared would look so hot in a white suit?) like Sam, it sounded like Sam but it definitely it wasn't Sam! Great acting from Jared!

Future Cas made laugh and in a way I liked him but I'm with Dean when he told him not to change, ever! I loved that smile on Cas face when he told Dean they had an appointment! Perfect timming :D

This first four episodes left me a mess so now I'm ready for a little break and for some laugh next weak, or else I won't last until the end of this season!

Wow, this one's big! Never wrote that much before!
# Narcissus 2009-10-04 12:32
I KNEW IT!! When Future-Dean told Present-Dean to say yes, I knew Present-Dean would call Sam instead. Because when he was told point blank like that, thankfully he got the message that he has to change his course of action, but we all know he's too stubborn to say yes to Micheal, so the only other major change left is to reunite with Sam. Hah! And the reunion was so awkward!

Is there any significance that they chose Kansas City? I loved the fact that somehow, Future-Dean looked somewhat different from Present-Dean..I wonder how they pulled that off. The Dean - Lucifer scene was amaaaazing!! And poor Chuck, managing supplies! "Hoard toilet paper"..that was a priceless line, but, I'm sorry to say, I'm starting to feel like they're poking fun at our friendly neighborhood prophet a bit too much. Stoned Cas was also hilarious...not only did life happen to him, Dean happened to him. Where else would he get the idea of having orgys from hahaha. Oh and also, Sam looked real fine in white :-)

Needless to say, I love this episode, as I've loved every other before. I'll give it a 9.5 out of 10, but this is only after my first viewing, so it might change.