Okay, system issues done.  So what did you think? 

Just a word about the episode title.  "Free To Be You And Me" was a best selling childrens album from the 1970's and a cult classic for any child of that era.  What did that have to do with tonight's saga?  No idea.  I'll try to come up with that one.  No holding back, so much was thrown at us!  The trailer for next week!  Whoa!

For posterity, I'll post the rules again for reference:

-  Sam fans, Dean fans, Castiel fans, Sam haters, Dean haters, Castiel haters, all kinds are welcome.  If something upset you about THIS episode, feel free, rant away.  I will even protect you from blatant attacks by other posters (respectful disagreements though are allowed).  However, once you've stated your opinion, move on.  Do not repeat the same complaint over and over again.  Repeated complaints will be edited.  Spirited discussions are welcomed.  
-  Be respectful to other posters, and try to make your comments as constructive as possible.  Any disprespect or personal insults will be edited.   
-  DO NOT complain about spoilers on episodes that haven't aired yet.  ONLY aired material can be judged.  Any complaints about spoilers or speculation will be edited. 
-  If you want to gush about every detail, by all means, gush away!  After all, we love our show. 
-  If your post is long, copy it before hitting submit.  I wish I could say I had the best commenting module on the planet, but I don't.  The verification at the bottom is snippy sometimes.