Updated 9/18 - I've heard a few complaints that some people had problems seeing the last scene with Sam and Dean due to an issue with a cable and/or satellite provider.  Since it's so good and maybe others would like to watch it anyway, I've got it for you right here. 


Happy dance!  Happy dance!  It's episode day.  As usual, I'm opening up a thread here to post your thoughts on the second episode of the season, "Good God Y'all".  This one is a Sera Gamble penned episode, so you know it has to be interesting.  The rules are posted below, just as a reminder.

Also, BurgundyKat tipped me off to something that probably most of you have already heard about, but I'm sharing it just in case this is news to you like it was to me when I got it yesterday.  Yes, it has been a super busy week, why do you ask?  Anyway, I didn't comment on last week's Twitter hubbub over #Luciferiscoming and PDiddy's bizarre reaction over something that was clearly meant to promote a TV show because I didn't have anything more to say other than the whole thing was hilarious.  Now Misha Collins has gotten involved, so it mushrooms. 

Everyone is encouraged right now (since it's past 9 am Pacific Time) to Twitter using the trending topic #PDiddyIsScaredOfHisTV.  Yes, this all comes upon behest of Misha himself.  More details can be found below, especially the amusing fan video explaining it all, but all you really need to do is go to Twitter and check it out.  I'm dying to see how this all goes, especially since Twitter deleted the #Luciferiscoming stuff last week. 



Now for the rules on posting about the episode:

-  Sam fans, Dean fans, Castiel fans, Sam haters, Dean haters, Castiel haters, all kinds are welcome.  If something upset you about THIS episode, feel free, rant away.  I will even protect you from blatant attacks by other posters (respectful disagreements though are allowed).  However, once you've stated your opinion, move on.  Do not repeat the same complaint over and over again.  Repeated complaints will be edited.  Spirited discussions are welcomed.  
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I'm going to be on a little later this evening than normal since I have an event an won't be watching until after 9:00.  However, I will be here and I'm sure I'll at least have seen it before the West Coast.  So enjoy, and I'll check in with everyone later. 


# Seraphim 2009-09-17 21:57
God is not on any flatbread.

# Seraphim 2009-09-17 21:59
I'm first?


Okay, loved Bobby's "If you find God, tell him to bring some legs."

And that last scene hurt so good.

Wasn't sure how War would play out as a character ("The Magnificent Seven" anyone?), but it was all in Sera Gamble's hands and she knows how to deliver those blows.

Will give a fuller response later.

# Random 2009-09-17 22:01
NO.That really have to stop ending episodes like that.Pretty cool that they finally told you what dean's amulet does.
# Alice 2009-09-17 22:36
Well at least I know what the title came from. Edwin Starr's "War." I have to admit, I was REALLY jealous of his mustang. I want one! The four horsemen is a great development.

You know, it was just like the past two second episodes. Good, solid, a story with twists that pushes the character development along. I love that we saw Sam's issues and all is not well, but what do you expect from Sera Gamble? No one writes Sam better!

Rufus, Ellen, and Jo, loved seeing them. It was too short though. I need more! The brotherly issues! They are so broken. I'll probably have a more intelligent analysis after the rewatch.
# Alice 2009-09-17 22:43
Oh, I forgot to mention "Spirit In The Sky"!!! It was awesome. I can now cross one of the top songs off my wish list. It only took five seasons!
# Stephanie 2009-09-17 23:12
Hi, coming out of lurking (read the site all the time) because I'm so incredibly pissed off with my cable company that I can hardly speak.. Just as Sam and Dean were sitting down at the picnic table, the digital signal decides that it doesn't really feel all that much like broadcasting. So, as Sam is giving his heartfelt speech to Dean, I'm getting squiggly lines, dialogue dropping out and periodic blank screen! I got about 4 lines out of that pivotal scene!!! I don't think I ever wanted to punch a TV screen so much in my life! AAAGGHH!!

On a more positive note, I've been so happy the last couple of episodes to see the music back! Maybe with the better ratings and critical acclaim, the network decided to float them a little more money. Let's hope it keeps up!
# Lindlee 2009-09-17 23:13
Ten minutes in and I was already hyperventilatin g. This episode was so awesome! And the music was even better!! I would go on and on about every detail but I need to get to bed. So I'm just going to say that I liked the ending. It felt natural. Sam and Dean are actually dealing with their problems and in a mature manner. And I especially love that Sam is not hiding his struggle with his demon blood addiction. Is there a 12 step program for that? Guess not. Anyway, as long as the seperation doesn't last more than one episode, two tops, I think some time apart will be good for the boys. Clear their heads.

"No, He's not on any flatbread."

"Don't lose [the amulet]." (After handing over the amulet)"Oh great. Now I feel naked."
# MyMADWorld 2009-09-17 23:21
Dean & the ring - take a trip to Mt Doom? Hilarious!
Smart Dean figured it out - priceless. Sam finally realizing he has a problem - finally. Great, great episode. War, one of the 'horsemen', drives a mustang. Are there three more equine muscle cars? Pestilence in a Pinto? Famine in a Ferrari?
# Marleen 2009-09-17 23:46
Okay, well here I am again. Just can’t stay away from this site, now with the new season afoot.

Cannot say I'm surprised at the ending scene tonight. No matter how many times this summer, I tried to guess how Kripke would go in season five...it always came down to the boy’s splitting. Kripke developed them into such good warriors, that he had to show them as realizing they would jeopardize each others lives continuing to hunt in their current frame of mind. This is, of course, exactly what the bad guys wanted….wheth er those bad guys are the rebel angels, or the Lucifer demons. Take your pick.

Hopefully, Kripke will only take a few episodes before he has the boys realize they are, once again, being manipulated. I could very easily equate this to a chess came. I think Dean’s idea of “take them all on” is the correct one. He said it, now he has to believe it.

Wasn’t surprised at Sam…we knew from the season finale last year that Sam’s powers were not from any addiction. Ruby told him that. I hoped Kripke would have Sam tell Dean what Ruby said, but, once again, he has Sam hiding things. Sam has those special abilities whether he wants them or not. BUT he needs Dean to help him control them. Both of them have to accept this, and deal with it! Currently, Dean’s concept of not trusting Sam is very accurate. Sam has to learn how to deal with, what did he called it, ‘lust?’, and Dean has to learn how to deal with this kind of betrayal. Love this part!!!

They do get back together of course, and not because it’s a series about brothers. Dean’s comment about feeling naked without his amulet, and his offering to give Sam the impala, shows the bond between them is still strong. I thought I saw Sam look very sadly at the impala as he walked by it… I always felt he had a fondness for the car…more than he let on. One scenario I had this summer was, after the boys splitting, Sam got his own impala. Of course, I got them back together, even with the two impalas… But I’m rambling here.

As for Bobby…even if, he never walks again…he will still be Bobby. His depression left him quickly after Rufus called. As for Rufus…he was a bit of a let down. I was expecting more from him for some reason.

The rib carving?…a very elaborate design…but every rib? Nope, maybe I’m letting reality creep in here, but that was a bit much. For me, this was even less believable then Bobby allowing himself to be possessed.

And the amulet… come on…a GOD FINDER! The amulet has special value to the boy’s only… trying to make it into some relic is a bit out there. And Cas using a cell? Nope…

Maybe I’m missing something here, but I was slightly disappointed with parts of this episode.

On a plus side, I loved Ellen and Jo hunting together. Always liked their characters. Hope we see more of that duo.

Look forward to all of your comments. AND Alice’s recap!
# elle 2009-09-18 00:24
First of all - I had to tape (yes, I am back in the stone age) this episode due to my Thursday night class and *apparently* the station (SunTV - Canada) cut out just as Rufus and Jo were planting pipe bombs. My heart stopped and then I had to wait for the episode to load online. Not. Cool.

Moving on the episode, I have to echo "Whoa." I loved this episode. I think it will probably be on my top re-watch list. The beginning with Bobby and Cas was too funny. Castiel's face was so serious when Dean mentioned the pita! :lol:

Personally, I liked that we got to see the details involved in the sigal that Cas put on the boys ribs - I can just figure their line of thought was, "Hey, while we're at the hospital anyways, might as well sneak down to radiology." Glad to see that Bobby is in fine sarcastic spirits - great line!

Dean's amulet. I also like this bit of mythology. It really seems to fit this whole destiny thing that's going on - Dean received that amulet when he was a kid, from his baby brother (though intended for John) who got it from Bobby. Where did he acquire it, I wonder. Anyways, Dean, as it turns out, is the "Michael Sword" (somehow I suspect that he's more than *just* a vessel) and he's in possession of this amulet, at a very crucial time when God has left the building. Cas pulled Dean out of Heaven (at which point the amulet was then returned to Dean), ended up going rogue *for* Dean (loved that exchange, btw) and now he is fighting the good fight along side this amulet possessor who trusts him enough to hand over the charm to help find God to stop Lucifer (whew!) - meant to be? I fancy yes, but maybe not. I'm probably overanalyzing to death - but that's the fun of it!

The ending had my heart in the throat. So, so poignant and sad. In hindsight, the fact that they did end up separated during the War bachnalia, and when Dean didn't go after Sam - though that was still his first instinct - should have been the warning. But I still didn't see it coming. Sam was killing me as he sat at the table. And then, when Dean offered to let him take the Impala - too much!

Another very touching episode. Despite the vast amount of physical action in episode 1 and 2, there is a certain sombre sobriety to this season so far - and I like it.

Looking forward to the reviews!
# Alice 2009-09-18 00:44
Wow, so much more from the re-watch. I liked it so much better the second time around when I could focus on the nitty-gritty.

Dean gives up the amulet to Castiel and then offers the Impala to Sam? Plus he's letting Sam go without a fight? Does this mean anything other than maybe the last acts of a dying man? Gotta ponder that a bit more and address it in the review.

They actually have cardboard canisters in the store labeled "rock salt"? Remember the earlier seasons when it was in tin canisters?

Oh Sammy. The power is still there, as is the intense lust for it. How does he plan on overcoming the desire to use it? He's in a quite a fix. Sure, the last scene tore me apart, but so did the one with War talking to Sam. He had his number, and it killed Sam to hear it, even though War was dead on right.

The shot of the Impala, Dean and Sam on the edge of the damaged bridge? Awesome! I want that for background on my laptop.

I kind of like Rufus playing father figure for Jo. That's healthier than her being all starry eyed for Dean.

Whoa, Castiel has some major issu es too. He's REALLY bitter about what happened. He won't debate with Dean anymore since he cost him everything. "So keep your opinions to yourself." They need to give him though more than one scene an episode. I'm sure they will, but man, Cas isn't coping either!  Now I just want to give him a big "there there" hug.  

That's all for now. Must...get...sl eep. More thoughts tomorrow I'm sure!
# Tigershire 2009-09-18 01:15
You know, I didn't want Dean to give Cas is amulet. Weird.

Other than that - I'll have to re-watch too. It's just too much packed into an episode to have coherent thoughts after one viewing.
# staceycp 2009-09-18 01:27
nice observation marleen. yeah i picked that up too. (dean offering sam the impala and deans hesitation for giving castiel the necklace)

this was a excellent sera gamble episode. perfect balance between brother moments and the arc of the episode. and boy were those brother momments great! sera gamble once mentioned in interviews how she loves writing brother moments and how natural it comes to her. ok my thoughts on those parts:

from watching it i really got the feeling that she knows when to make the brothers feelings known to eachother and when to pull back and let the audiance see whats underthe surface. prime example is the neclace and deans reaction to giving it to castiel. as we learnt in (a verry supernatural christmas) sam gave dean it. and it is the prime symbol of the bond between the brothers. and right now when we are in the middle of the threat of breaking their bond. its the only thing tangible dean can hold on to and remember what his little brother was instead of thinking (sam=demon blood=betrayer) now castiel wants it. its a signal of breaking bonds. you can also call it a small forshadowing to where this is gonna head and leading to them splitting up for a short period in time.

and dean sugesting that sam take the impala i.e he loves that car! if their was one person he would give his car to it would be sammy. again this season is continuing alot of what made s4 so good: the more these guys bicker the more you see new sides to them and the more it shows how close these brothers are.

also with war what I loved about the character is how he turns everyone against eachother. it also put forth the metaphor of internal demons that what each of us see what we fear the most and what we fear is sometimes ilusion and not tangible but apart of our psyche's playing tricks on us. it also showed deans change in role. this season dean is finally starting to break from his role which is : follow what dad taught me and protect sam at all costs. if this was season 2 or 3 he would be like 'lets get sam.' and shoot first and ask questions later. normally its sam coming up with some sort of plan. but now hes stepping back and saying 'hold on we have to get a plan first then get sam out' and war kinda taught sam and dean a lesson. dean cant go in blindly anymore he has to think for himself. and this is a situation he hasnt been in before as he told ellen 'my first thought is to talk to sam or call bobby' now he really has to be a full man. if their is any theme for dean this season its manhood.
# trina 2009-09-18 01:32
There was so much about this episode to love, but Castiel needs to own up to his own part in all of this. Dean and Sam have both done so, now Castiel better jump on the bandwagon. Also, in my opinion they need to get Sam and Castiel interacting in some scenes because it just feels odd to have Sam standing around with almost no lines.

So, what did I love? Everything else. War was great, as was seeing the past hunters (esp. Ellen). I am so very happy that the blood addiction didn't just go away, and that Sam sees how messed up he has become. Not just that he made some mistakes, but that there is something wrong inside him. I also loved that the brothers separated for a little while (although attempting to deal with problems like this alone is not a good idea). Of course it also broke my heart.
vana naine
# vana naine 2009-09-18 03:00
I liked the episode, because I liked most of the interaction between brothers, but all the rest felt kind of... limp.
There were lot's of weird things - how could Sam not notice that killed "demons" didn't sparkle when they died? How could he still be stupid and arrogant enough to throw Dean? Guilt still not fully kicked in?
What was the point bringing Jo, Ellen AND Rufus in, if they had so little point in the episode (they all weren't needed for the plot, one could have been enough. I love them´, but if they are in the show, let us have some deeper look, let them be somehow important for the story. Now they just... happened to be there and had some dialogue).
And all the ribs carved? That must have been awfully painful, but Sam and Dean looked more like "Oh, ouchy!" when it was done.

I know I have seen the War-guy before somewhere and I liked him then and I liked him now. Nice attitude-nice acting. The ring-thing was too transparent, tho. What was his point showing it off like that? Hey, guys, watch this - my power comes from my ring, isn't it cool!?

It was nice to watch overall, music was really cool, conversation in the end was logical, but I wouldn't give the episode more than C, maybe even C-, if someone would ask.
# Supernarttu 2009-09-18 03:21
I LOVED it :-)
I've watched it twice now and I 'really' like it.
It was more tighter and balanced than the premiere, for me anyway.
I loved the amulet -thing and Deans reaction about borrowinf it and all the brother -stuff... I could clearly see that they still care about each other so much
# Supernarttu 2009-09-18 03:27
Huh, somehow the rest of my comment disappeared... Oh well, the ending killed me. And I thought last weeks ending was heartwrenching ;(

I like how Castiel seems to have some fire in him. I liked the whole "I did it (all) for you...Keep your opinions to yourself" bit. My head is still swimming from the awesomeness so coherent thoughts escape me :-) And I gotta get to work.

I can't wait for next weeks ep! Looking forward to the reviews :-)
# Suze 2009-09-18 07:26
Nice 'choons, but WAAAAARGH! SAM! WTF!
:cry:: :cry:: :cry::

( normal service will be resumed later ... )
# PetraO 2009-09-18 07:57
The end had me in tears. I don't think I ever cried because of a tv show before and Supernatural has done it twice so far. Awesome...

With the end to the last episode and this one in mind, I'm really curious whether the whole voice message issue from ‘Lucifer rising’ is ever going to be cleared up. Dean tried to reach out to Sam and probably feels even more betrayed when Sam seemed to ignore his message completely. To Sam it seemed like his brother was rejecting him and pushing him away. I hope they get to see someday how far the manipulation of Ruby and the angels actually went.

As for Cas, he really needs to consider what he did himself. He let Sam out of the panic room. He had a hand in the whole thing as well.

One last thought: Jared is awesome in these first episodes. Just saying.

Can't wait for next week!
# Randal 2009-09-18 09:15
Since everyone beat me to the punch again - that's what I get for waiting until the next day, but gotta pass the time at work somehow - much of this will no doubt be a repeat of previous comments.

Great to have Rufus back, and Ellen and Jo (us dudes need some eye candy too, dammit) and I was also glad that Jo wasn't simply doe-eyed at Dean, but both acknowledged that past (Jensen is the goddamn master at expressions that convey all kinds of emotion).

Love the Four Horsemen in muscle cars and turning inherent human weakness against its owners; fits in with the new intro, evil pumps through the veins of us all.

Not sure how I feel about a magic ring - these ARE *the* Four Horsemen, aren't they? Sure, they need to inhabit a human host - hell, the chief badass himself does - but trinkets of sorcery? I'm sure something is planned for them, story-wise. Even the diabolical have collectibles I guess, muah.

Speaking of collectibles, the necklace is also a magical trinket? Castiel told Dean in The Rapture that he has faith. That's how I read this. Sure, on the surface there's still bluster and agnosticism stemming from heaven being full of assholes, but being a true salt-of-the-ear th guy, show, don't tell. He's been shown, he has faith, which perhaps imbues this trinket (given to him via brotherly love and trust) with this ability.

Loved the usage of bits and pieces from Revelation (Wormwood, star, bitter waters), though since the writers (wisely!) are moving things out of written order - Wormwood came after the Four Horsemen, not along side - I wonder what else will see (still have trumpeting angels, no?), what else might be altered. There's the story about a beast surviving a fatal head wound, maybe they shifted that to Bobby (not that I'm suggesting he's evil, but hey, why not mix it up, who can trust human scribes anyway, maybe this John was a drunken loon like Luke or Chuck, heh)

I loved the ending because it showed a different facet of the brothers' relationship. After the heaping pile of pain and misery of season four, and what happened so far this year, to have Dean agree that a separation is for the best and to do so *without* tears, was perfect. Again, Jensen brought the requisite expression of loss without a map, of numbness, that point where you simply don't know what you'll do in going forward, but you know you have to, that disconnect, that abyss of knowing that Sam isn't merely infected, but is Sam. This is your brother, and you both better deal with it. Just not right now, because we can't, so much said in few words. Genius.
# Faellie 2009-09-18 09:48

I'm not the only one who thinks Dean looks really pretty with black eyes, am I? No deeper meaning intended, this is just the shallowest of all shallow comments.
# Suze 2009-09-18 10:54
S'okay Faellie, I like Sam tied up :oops: :oops: :oops:

Now that I've stopped hyperventillati ng and tearing my hair I think the splitting up is going to give us some really juicy stories ... They need time apart, just don't make it permenant ... Mr. K, please?

PS. Jo was far less pesky this time around, not a girly flounce in sight ...
# biggs 2009-09-18 11:40
Dean offered Sam the Impala?!! Damn my cable company!
vana naine
# vana naine 2009-09-18 11:48
There can be no such thing as reading too much Lord of the Rings. Watching it - well, that is different.

Stop watching! Go, fetch the book!

"...a cry went up into the shuddering air, and faded to a shrill wailing, passing with the wind, a voice bodiless and thin that died, and was swallowed up, and was never heard again in that age of this world."
# Marleen 2009-09-18 13:54
Good analysis, Staceycp. Dean does have to think for himself now… by not trusting Sam he has set himself up as an island. Ditto for Sam. However, as they are each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and each has what the other is lacking, neither of them can do this alone. Separating them, leaves both of them vulnerable. Normally Bobby would be available to stabilize the situation, but he has a lot on his plate right now too.

I wish, just once, Sam and Dean would be one step ahead of this destiny thing, instead of always being one step behind. This idea of each of them searching for inner truths right now, seems to play right into Lucifer’s hands.
# Stephanie 2009-09-18 19:03
Thank you SOOOO much for posting that scene! Seems none of us in my area could see it and there were a whole bunch of upset women at work this morning!

God, it was so painful and sad, but almost kinda hopeful with Dean offering Sam the Impala (and calling him Sammy). Although, I did find it a little upsetting that Dean couldn't really look at Sam the whole time they were speaking... not even when Sam was leaving. :-( So sad for our boys!
# Dany 2009-09-18 19:26
Hi Y'all!

Just finish seeing and ....I loved it! Poor "uncle" Bobby in a wheel chair and Cas lost his mojo, and can´t help (good, because if they had cured Bobby this way I would feel robed!). And Dean's amulet is a God EMF? (nice one Dean :D) how come Bobby didn't knew that?

Helen, Jo and Rufus good to see them all again!

And the ending? Did Dean really ofter the Impala to Sam when he was leaving? Wow! And yes it broke my heart (again) to hear that final conversation between the boys, and yes I still think they need a hug (I volunteer for that "hard" job ;-) ).

Kripke no more of this episode endings, pretty please! I don't think I can't take many more!
# Ellen 2009-09-18 22:20
Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting the video of the last scene of this week's episode! I was one of those who missed it b/c of my cable crapping out...it was an awesome, moving scene and I'm so glad I finally got to see it!!
# Karen 2009-09-19 08:02
Thank you so much Alice for posting the last scene. I nearly had a nervous breakdown when our channel lost its signal. God help me when this show does come to an end. If I’m anything like I was Thursday night, I’m definitely going to have to find and join “Supernatural Anonymous.”
# trina 2009-09-19 17:28
You know, I was worried that without the demon blood Sam would revert to the more "gentle" Sam of season 1. Then I rewatched this episode and saw the Sam stabbed the second guy THROUGH THE KNECK. I needn't have worried. I love brutal Sam.
# trina 2009-09-19 17:30
I have no idea why I put a K in the word neck.
# Narcissus0 2009-09-22 10:44
Oh my goodness!!! Yayyyyy!!! I LOVED this ep. It's definitely more steady than last week, except for having so many characters come back so suddenly..but I love all those people so who cares.

The first half of the episode is so full of squee...and the second half is so full of ouch.

Omg of course Bobby will wear that cap even in the hospital haha. And the second Cas said 'amulet' I KNEW it was THE necklace. And then Dean being naked without it. Castiel is really refining his badassery...soo oo awesome. And the boys looked so fine when they were walking to the town, but I would have preferred it if they had worn their sunglasses like in the pic that was leaked earlier...dayuu ummm those boys are pretty :-) Oh, the mustang. Dean knows his way around the Bible know. The boys saying 'war' at exactly the same time. Sam and all his Sam issues. Horsemen. I wonder if there's any significance to the ring? Ellen, Jo, Rufus. Mountain of doom. STUPID BOYS SAYING GOODYE.....aaaa rrrrrggghhh too much to handle. It's a miracle I'm not hyperventilatin g. Ok as you can see I am still not coherent. I'm going to breathe a bit and come back after rewatching. Squee squee squeeeeeeeeeeee ee!!!!