Season Three

Lisa Braeden and Ben Braeden from The Kids Are Alright, what are they up to now? Does Lisa ever wonder about Dean, does Ben wonder if that ‘cool guy, who taught him to stand up for himself, is ever going to visit again? How do neighborhood sleepovers and block parties and cookouts get handled?  Do the parents wonder if their kids are really all right? Do the kids have nightmares?  Do the moms get flashbacks every time a mosquito bites them on the neck and they scratch it? I know, I probably put too much time into these things but I wonder if Lisa and Ben, especially, have any lasting thoughts on Dean…we know Dean does.
What ever happened to Hasselback of Mystery Spot fame? Is he still spinning about in a wormhole or was it really just a product of Sam’s mind in a dream state? Does Judge Myers still wear a bunny suit at night and did Doris ever get any better at archery, not to mention balancing things on her tray? There were so many characters there that had small parts in the whole but each left an impression and I wonder, are they really real or were they merely figments of Sam’s imagination?
I’m greatly intrigued with the whereabouts of Rufus Turner from Time is on My Side. We got teased at the end of Season 4 and with hell likely erupting on earth in Season 5 I’m wondering, and hoping, we’re going to see some of him. What’s up Rufus?
How much therapy is Zoey Fremont, a/k/a Lilith’s youthful meatsuit from No Rest for the Wicked continuing to undergo; not to mention her parents? How did they explain the bloody carnage in their living room or did they just pack up and disappear, or perhaps light the place on fire. I’m thinking Sam and Bobby had a bit much on their minds to really help out with that whole clean up and since Ruby was – well, dispatched to places far, far away, she was no assistance whatsoever. What is it about demons possessing or messing with little kids, it’s disturbing and frankly speaks of a lack of demonic confidence. If demons really believed they had the upper hand, methinks they would pick on someone a bit more capable of fighting back…Lilith and Azazel are bullies when it comes to kids. I’ll admit that I’m glad Sam took out one of them and Dean the other…Lucifer Rising and all.  Those demons were just mean.
The shortness of Season 3 didn’t give me as many to ponder but these are the ones I wonder about. 

Season Four

Here we are; the last list of characters I wonder about until the start of Season 5 (and then I can compile another list). We know what happened to Pamela and John and Mary so the first three episodes don’t leave me anyone to wonder about but I do wonder what happened to Jack’s wife from Metamorphosis. Was she really pregnant or was that a ploy to engender sympathy? If it was, that went wrong, really wrong. Is there a baby rugaru out there growing up, does mom know and wonder about her baby? Sheesh, talk about a curse.
Monster Movie gave us the lovely Jaime and I truly like her. Similar to Sarah of Provenance with Sam, Jaime brought a warmth and vulnerability to Dean that we do not always get to see when he’s around women. She was willing to be a one-night stand but she was also brave and intelligent and capable of handling herself in a dangerous situation. She’s one of the few that made a point of saying thank you to Sam and Dean for saving her life. I for one believe Jaime is happily living her life just as we first met her, likely holding onto that really good story she’s got and every once in a while she probably thinks back over those days, smiles, pinches herself to remind herself it was real and then tucks it back away as she goes on with her life. Jaime was pretty cool.
What about Wes from Wishful Thinking? He wasn’t a bad guy, just lonely, lost but thankfully full of enough integrity to put doing the right thing before his own desires. I wonder if anyone in that little town ever figures out what happened to start all their ‘luck’? I hope Wes doesn’t become some outcast…he wasn’t a bad guy at heart, just sad.
Susan and Brian Carter I find myself wondering about. Sure Family Remains was a bit of a clunker, surprising since Jeremy Carver wrote it, but they can’t all be Mystery Spots – sure can dream though [yeah, pun intended, after the fact]. Moving away from your sorrows doesn’t truly help, they just follow along but there is something to the family bonding as they save each other’s lives. I have a feeling if Sam and Dean ever needed a place to hole up, the Carter’s would let them stay…in the tool shed.
Clair and Amelia Novak are two I wonder about, The Rapture gave us Castiel’s host’s back story and I for one found it interesting, and sometimes distracting – there goes that timing sequence thingy again, always messes things up. Still, Clair and Amelia learned the truth about Jimmy’s disappearance, experienced firsthand what it means to be possessed by a demon (Amelia) and an angel (Claire) and watched their husband/father die and then walk away, forever. I wonder when Castiel inhabited Claire if Claire had any ability to tap into the experiences of her father. I wonder if she wanted to stay with Castiel and if she is saddened that she was not allowed. Did they go back home and try to rebuild? Are they somehow protected by angels or do the demons simply let them be since Jimmy, the human, is now dead – sort of, and thus there is no need to go after them.
Too many questions I know, still…I wonder.
As for Chuck and Ruby and Anna and Lilith and so many others that graced the Season 4 landscape, Pamela not to be skipped over, we’re either going to see them again or we’ve seen the last of them.  I’ll admit, I don’t like all the characters that come along but I do like how the stories get tied up for those that make multiple appearances, Uriel, Pamela, Gordon, Henricksen, Ruby…those have had some good story arcs. I’m hopeful for some more things to come for Bobby and Ellen and Meg and Anna as well as Castiel and perhaps Rufus and maybe even Jo and John and Mary – Hey, I can dream, can’t I.
Thanks for reading.