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"Don't call the world dirty because you forgot to clean your glasses.” — Joseph Addison


After "The Raid", I was wondering what theme to use in the next article. I felt that it should have a light mood and a funny inside joke. So this article is an appreciation post to all the times Sam and Dean have worn glasses! This is a rarity because they have only used glasses in 8.14 Trial and Error and 12.15 Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell. The fan video will focus on the Hellhounds seen with the glasses because they appear in this episode, have taken a few beloved characters from us and they are probably the only monsters the boys still run away from!





A demonic dog of hell, usually referring to Cerberus, the dog of Hades from Greek Mythology. The ghostly hounds are said to haunt parts of the United Kingdom and many names are given to the apparitions: Black Shuck of East Anglia, Moddey Dhoo of the Isle of Man, Gwyllgi of Wales. Hellhounds are a common creature in fantasy fiction, such as in Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Hound of the Baskervilles" and Frank Belknap Long's "The Hounds of Tinadalos". They are also a common enemy in role-playing and video games, including "Dungeons & Dragons", "Shadowrun", "RuneScape", "Adventure Quest" and the "Zork" series. – 2.08 Crossroad Blues


Hellhounds have appeared/been mentioned in 2.08 "Crossroad Blues", 3.15 "Time Is on My Side", 3.16 "No Rest for the Wicked", 5.10 "Abandon All Hope...", 5.20 "The Devil You Know", 6.04 "Weekend at Bobby's", 6.10 "Caged Heat", 8.14 "Trial and Error", 9.21 "King of the Damned", 11.15 "Beyond the Mat" and 12.15 "Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell".


The first video has instrumental music only so I searched and found a pretty good song to listen to while you read the article. It is called "Hellhound" by Shawn James.


Supernatural Hellhounds Trailer by: Holly N Fuller
Music: Hellbringer by X-Ray Dogs


Hellhound by Shawn James


Howlin at the moon, my blood runs hot and outta tune
Been at it all night long, my prey the buzz now long gone
On and on, on and on
On and on, on and on


Hellhounds at my heels sharpen my wit, a raw deal
Don't matter anyhow, my pace just wears them down
On and on, on and on
On and on, on and on


Don't you get me wrong, I know I don't belong
I'm just howlin at the moon, my curse will carry through
On and on, on and on
On and on, on and on


Shawn James was born in Chicago in 1986, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Shawn James discovered the power of soul in music he experienced while growing up on the south side. His blend of blues, folk & soul music is full of contrasts -- dark and light, anger and joy, earthy and airborne – while remaining gritty and real.


Since releasing his first album in the fall of 2012, his music has reached millions of people. His songs have been featured on CBS, HBO and most recently in Sony Playstation’s trailer for their upcoming blockbuster game “The Last of Us 2”.


Shawn James brings extreme passion to his music. You feel it in the imaginative, highly nuanced songwriting and see it in the powerful live shows where there’s never the slightest hesitation and nothing is held back. And, most importantly, you can hear it resonate in Shawn’s most powerful instrument: the unique, soulful voice that sounds like it is literally being torn out of his heart…and it is something you won’t soon forget.




Dean: Tell her what? No, seriously, Sam, what are you gonna say? 'Hi, my name is Sam Winchester. This is my much handsomer brother Dean. We hunt monsters. Oh, and that guy you were banging? We're pretty sure he made a deal with a demon, so a hellhound came and dragged his soul to Hell. But you? You're cool. And since there's nothing around for us to kill, peace out.'


Crowley: Right after God said, 'Let there be light,' He -- He made a whole bunch of things -- posies, koalas, hellhounds. He wanted the Creator's best friend, but the hounds were too vicious. So He planned on having them put down, until along came our favorite fallen angel. He rescued one of the hounds -- a pregnant bitch named Ramsey.


Dean: Take care of her.
Sam: Of course. Dean, look, even if Ramsey circles back, as long as we keep moving, Gwen's gonna be just... You're talking about the car.
Dean: You tend to ride the brakes.
Sam: Dean, I know how to drive.
Dean: I'm just saying. Okay, just imagine she's a... a beautiful woman.
Sam: Oh, come on. Get out of here.
Dean: A beautiful, beautiful woman.
Sam: I'm done.
Dean: Sam...




"Ballad of a Truck Driver's Wife" by Lorene Mercer


References and Minutiae


"Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell" is a reference to the album of the same name by American Punk band Social Distortion.


Dean: Man! Dad loved this thing.
Dean says this while holding a barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat that resembles Lucille from The Walking Dead. Lucille is the signature weapon of Negan. Both Negan and John Winchester are played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Jensen, Jeffrey, and fellow Walking Dead actor Michael Cudlitz had joked about a Walking Dead / Supernatural crossover on Twitter. The bat seen on the Impala is the one used in this episode. Also, similar to the state the characters from the Walking Dead find themselves in, Dean is also covered in gore from a ghoul, a wraith, and a siren.


Ramsey's name may be a reference to Ramsay Bolton from the Game of Thrones series. In the TV show, Ramsay is noted (among other things) for his sadistic use of hunting hounds to hunt down his captives for sport. He ultimately meets his demise by being fed alive to these very hounds.




Cover art by: FIGHT THE FAIRIES! @Alice_Mars_Mann Her Instagram 


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