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This week’s episode, “The British Invasion,” written by Ross-Leming and Buckner begins with a cold open set in London at the Kendricks Academy where two young boys are meeting with a schoolmaster. She requires them to fight to the death in order to get into the Men of Letters. We see the victor is Michael, whom we know as Mick, who wakes up from his memory in the bunker.

Sam and Dean are in touch with Eileen, the hunter from last season. They are tracking down Dagon and Kelly Kline, Lucifer Baby Momma. Back at the bunker, Sam and Dean tell Mick about the Lucifer/President/Nephilim encounter, and Mick is very upset that they did not tell them before now.

We turn to Dagon, who is telepathically communicating with Lucifer, who reminds her to protect his child.

Mick, meanwhile, is remembering his fight as a child with the boy. He is pulled from his memory by a call from Dr. Hess, the schoolmaster. She orders him to get Sam and Dean under control or she’ll send in Mr. Ketch.

Dagon is tending to a very pregnant and uncomfortable Kelly. Kelly wants to see a doctor but Dagon says no until Kelly refuses to leave until she sees a doctor. Dean and Sam are hungover when a peppy Mick comes into the bunker kitchen. He enters as Sam asks if Dean has heard from Mary and he interrupts to say Mary and Ketch are working together and make a good team.

Back with Lucifer and Crowley, Lucifer plays submissive and agrees to Crowley’s win while we turn to see Mary and Ketch together and he is seeming to seduce her? After their conversation, we move back to Kelly, Dagon, and the fact that she was at a doctor, but another demon comes by to clean up because the doctor can’t really live after seeing Lucifer’s Baby Momma.

Eileen is telling Sam about tracking the demon who is clean up and so they figure out a plan to draw Kelly out. Back with Mick, he’s in the headquarters and meets Renny, who we had seen earlier with Dr. Hess. The two of them leave and meet up with Sam and Eileen. Sam has fooled Kelly into going back to the doctor, but Dean intercepts her and gets her into the Impala. The group meets him at an abandoned warehouse lot.

While Lucifer is playing submissive, we see that he is actually getting the demons on his side. Meanwhile, Mary and Ketch apparently have had the sex.

The group meets up with Kelly, whom they try to convince to give up the child. She feels Dagon coming and the prince of hell appears and knocks everyone out. During the fight, Eileen shoots and instead of hitting a demon, she kills Renny. Mick is about to kill her, since the Men of Letters code requires she die in retribution. Sam and Dean stop him. He returns to headquarters and is met by Ketch, followed by Dr. Hess. They have a fight and Mick defends Sam and Dean against Hess’s orders. Ketch shoots Mick in the head.

Eileen is devastated by what she did and seeks comfort from the brothers. Lucifer gets out.

The episode ends with Dean picking up the Colt, which had been given to them by Mick.

Specs, Thoughts, Reactions

  1. What do you think Mary will do now that it seems Ketch is going after Sam and Dean?
  2. What are Dr. Hess’s motives, if any?
  3. What will happen with Kelly?
  4. Leave other thoughts, feelings, etc. below!