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This episode, titled “Family Feud”, was written by Ross-Leming and Buckner. The episode preview reviews the British Men of Letters storyline so far, as well as the previous Crowley son storyline, Gavin. The episode begins with a woman getting ready for bed.

She’s in the bathroom and a dark figure walks by. The camera presumes she is being stalked. When she gets into bed and turns off the light, she is getting ready to sleep when hands reach up through the mattress and grab her. Blood splatters against her family picture.

Back at the bunker, Dean and Sam don’t have leads on Kelly, Satan’s baby momma. They find a case instead and plan to contact Mary to help. We see Mary fighting a monster with some kind of British Men of Letters’ gadget and we see she is in some kind of training location. She gets a call from Dean, who is asking her if she wants to work the case with them. She lies and says she’s still resting up.

In hell’s throne room or corporate headquarters, Crowley is taunting Lucifer about his capture. He made the chains to specifically hold Lucifer. Through a flashback we see that Crowley saved the Pellegrino vessel to house Lucifer and subverted Rowena’s spell when Lucifer was President Evil.

In the Impala, the brothers are discussing Mary. Dean is suspicious while Sam says she just needs time to adjust.

In a random bathroom, a guy is doing his business and after, when he washes his hands, the room lights start to flicker, the water turns to ice, and the mirror does some funky stuff.

Sam and Dean meet up with the director of the museum where poor bathroom dude got iced. Apparently the thing has a thing for teachers and scout leaders. Dean and Sam think it’s probably a ghost.

In a diner, somewhere, we see Lucifer’s Pregnant Girlfriend getting food.

Sam discovers the museum has parts of the wreckage from the ship that was carrying Gavin MacLeod, Crowley’s son. The one that’s still alive – the one that got shipped into the show’s present. Dean calls Crowley, who is still pissed that they let Kelly go. He refuses to get Gavin for them. Lucifer taunts Crowley about them both being single dads.

Sam and Dean call Rowena to help them find Gavin.

Kelly is being stalked in an alley by two angels. She is trapped when another person shows up. She’s a demon who kills them and helps Kelly.

Dagon, who reminds me of Meg like a lot, explains how the good guys want Kelly dead because DEVIL’S CHILD, but Dagon says she can protect Kelly and the baby.

Dean and Sam meet up with Gavin, who is hesitant. They lied to him and said his father was sick. They introduce him to Rowena and we jump to the museum, where they hear about Gavin’s long lost love, Fiona, who it seems smuggled herself onto the doomed ship. They go to get her locket but Dean sees that it is gone.

Mr. Ketch and Mary are working together. Ketch says Mary is the best hunter but she’s just playing at being mommy. He thinks that scares the hell out of her.

Sam and Dean tell the director that the locket is gone and ask what was the last school group to come through the museum. It’s a girls’ school. We jump to the school where teachers are getting ready for bed. A ghost appears and attacks two teachers. Sam and Dean show up and shoot it as Rowena and Gavin follow.

Sam and Dean set Gavin as bait, who tries to summon Fiona, who tells the story of being assaulted and raped on the ship. Sam and Dean suggest that he go back in time and accompany her on that ship. Crowley shows up, since Gavin wanted to say goodbye. Rowena stops him from sending Gavin away. The four of them leave. Back at the bunker, Sam and Dean do the spell that sends Gavin to his love, Fiona. She appears and they disappear in a golden light.

In the final act, Sam and Dean find out that the murders never happened because Gavin undid the timeline. Mary shows up with burgers and beer. She admits to working with the British Men of Letters. Neither Dean nor Sam are happy about it and they clearly don’t trust the Brits, but Mary asks them to hear her out. At a bus station, Rowena is sipping tea from a thermos when Crowley shows up. He asks her why she did it and she admits it was revenge for him making her kill Oskar. As his mother, she says, she would be the one to break his shriveled heart. The episode ends on a Lucifer/Dagon/Kelly montage.

Thoughts, Specs, etc.

1. Do you think Dagon is on Lucifer’s side?

2. What did you think of Gavin’s return and demise? The closure to his story?

3. What do you think about Mary’s decision to tell Sam and Dean? Where will this part of the story go?

4. Add other thoughts, opinions, reactions below.