Dedicated to Sam, who #AlwaysKeepFighting

After "Dark Dynasty" I needed to take a breather. I was literally bummed out and afraid where the last two episodes would take us. Then we arrived at another Wednesday and we got Charlie's burial and an intense episode to lead us to the season finale and I was left gasping again.

I wasn't sure what direction I would take with the weekly video. I had even chosen a different one at first until we got to this weekend and what happened outside the show. Jared put out tweets that he needed to pass JibCon and head home. Before that he asked people to write what good had happened to them because of Supernatural. He is now safely home and hopefully resting.

The people who make us the show are real people. They have deep feelings too and sometimes even they show their vulnerability and exhaustion for the work they do. It is not easy to make the show we love for us so Fandom has united this weekend to wish Jared well. His co-workers are also standing with him in thoughts and prayers. 

And from that I will jump to my chosen video, the story of Sam Winchester and how he always keeps fighting.

This video shows how Padalecki can transform himself to many different variations of Sam. Be it Lucifer!Sam, Soulless!Sam, Cage!Sam, Gadreel!Sam, and Demon!Sam among others. Although when Jared was asked which is his favorite Sam, he said it is Brother!Sam. As you can guess with those many variations he found it hard to play again just Sam.

In season ten, Sam has been his brother's keeper. He has been there for Dean, being very supportive. He has fought for Dean, being strategic with his responses, and he hasn't given up. Both brothers makes choices. Some bad and some good but they have always followed their heart with those decisions. Mistakes have been made but there has always been a win in the end.

Sam seeing Dean die at the end of last season hurt him a lot. No matter how many times the brothers have died, they never get used to the loss. If they have not been in good terms it hurts even more. Add to the list that your brother had turned into a demon? Sam really was having none of it.

This season has taken quite a toll on Sam. Being the one to stand beside the person that is hurting draws huge amount of energy and in some ways Sam is teetering on the edge and the finale might be the place where he breaks down, to give his last effort to get through to Dean.

So here it is. For Sam Winchester who has had many important people in his life and who cares and has empathy for everyone he meets.

(Supernatural) Sam Winchester || A Stranger Beneath made by xHeather360x

"The Lament of Eustace Scrubb" by The Oh Hello's 

Brother, forgive me
We both know I'm the one to blame
When I saw my demons
I knew them well and welcomed them

But I'll come around

Father, have mercy
I know that I have gone astray
When I saw my reflection
It was a stranger beneath my face

But I'll come around

When I touch the water
They tell me I could be set free

So I'll come around

"The Oh Hellos are an eclectic folk rock duo from San Marcos, Texas consisting of the siblings Tyler Heath and Maggie Heath. They are currently an independent band, and have released two albums, The Oh Hello's and Through the Deep, Dark Valley, as well as a Christmas EP, The Oh Hellos' Family Christmas Album."

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So, what good things about Sam come to mind from you? What good quotes from Sam? Any specific nice details about the character? Nice Sam images or videos? Post them in the comments!