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I’ve picked my four favorite sets, one for each season, and present them below. There’s not much more to this article than that, other than for you to give a quick perusal and then offer your suggestions. 
Season 1:
The hotel room in Provenance, my favorite part was not that this was so over-the-top disco but the Sam and Dean actually reacted to it…that was a bit of fun for me to kind of be ‘let in’ to their world for a moment.



# Faellie 2009-07-06 07:44
Alice, I had pretty much the same response to the Mystery Spot spiral - how the Hell did they do that?

My favourite Season 3 set is actually rather similar, in that it's the House of Mirrors in Everybody Loves a Clown. The colours of the doorways against all the black are absolutely gorgeous, and there's a shot with Sam in front of multiple coloured doorways that, while not as spectacular as the Mystery Spot spiral, still has a "how on earth" quality to it.
# elle2 2009-07-06 11:51
Hi, Faellie,

I just watched ELAC the other night (it's one of my comfort eps and I was in the mood for comfort) and that set you described just jumped out at's an awesome set piece. The brilliance of the colors are awesome.

Thanks for the comments on my piece.


# Mae 2009-07-06 14:45
Ooh. Nice list. I had been meaning to go back and rewatch Provenance just to see the motel room, but now I don't have too... who am I kidding? I'll still rewatch it.
The Heavenly Waiting room or "Green Room" was definitely one of my favorite settings from season 4, but mostly because of the drastic change from the room being bright and vibrant to being dark and prison-like after Zachariah reveals his plan. Any chance that we could see side by side pictures of the heavenly waiting room both before and after the change in coloration? :D
There are a two other settings that really stand out in my mind (and both are oddly from Season 4... I guess the recency effect of memory recall is coming into play here... just another reason I should rewatch the other seasons.
Anyways, I thought an "awesome" setting was that of the room in which Dean tortures Alastair. The giant iron devil's trap to which Alastair was tied pretty much made the scene. The whole concept that "teacher" and "student" were going head to head wouldn't have been the same had Alastair not been standing up. Plus, don't ask me why, but Alastair is just that much freakin' scarier when he's standing up. Maybe it's just the idea that he looks like he could climb down from that devil's trap thingy at any time.

The third setting that really got my attention was that of Bobby's safe room in When the Levee Breaks. It basically consisted of a bed (which was waaayy too short for Padalacki's tall-drink-of-w ater height)and a table with a water pitcher and glass on it. That's it! And yet from that simple set, we get a ton of drama (courtesy of Sam's demon-blood withdrawal hallucinations).

BTW, if we're talking "settings" rather than "set pieces," should the mettalicar be included in this list? Or is she considered more a character than a setting/set piece?
# elle2 2009-07-06 18:03
Hi, Mae,

I almost included Bobby's panic room since we got two views of it this season, although it was far more intricate in Are You There God...but in the end the complexity and the changing of the landscape of the "Green Room" won the day.

As for the metallicar, I have another little thingy coming out regarding that (it's really little though so don't get your hopes up too high. And I consider it a character like you say.

# Faellie 2009-07-07 12:53
Elle2, so sorry - I put Alice's name on my post instead of yours.

*Searching for a suitably blushing and humble apology*

:oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
# elle2 2009-07-07 16:38
Faellie, no blushing required 'tis easy to confuse us...we're both obsessed with SPN and pretty much everything to go with it. BTW, are you going to be offering up any other yummy hellatus killers to Alice? I hope so.

# Narcissus 2009-07-08 03:26
I confuse the two of you too, since you both write such awesome articles :mrgreen: My faves in no particular order:

1. I loooove Bobby's panic room, my jaw was on the floor when I first saw it.
2. The Divine-Green-Ro om, it was so bright in the middle of all the usually dark, gloomy settings of SN, yet it was a prison. It was so deliciously ironic, and the shot of Dean through the harp/prison bars was the cherry on top.
3. Mary's house in WIAWSNV. All the framed pictures of happiness, the wallpaper...eve rything. It was hard to imagine the boys growing up in that kind of environment..bu t wasn't? *shrugs*
4. Wherever it was that Dean had torture Alistair. The devil's trap setups were sweeeet!

There are more..but I can't remember them right now. Perhaps it's time for another marathon hehe...
# elle2 2009-07-08 05:21
Hi, Narcissus,

Great list of your least the ones you remember without another marathon viewing. However, you are now tasked ('cause it's still Hellatus) with listing others you enjoy whenever you find them.

Others I could add...John's storage room in Bad Day At Black Rock, that was cool. I really think we miss half (if not more) of the great stuff they put in there, truth be told it's likely funny for them and amusing and we miss it but that's all right as long as they keep filming.

# Narcissus 2009-07-08 07:18
How cool would it be if the special features on the DVDs included a tour of virtual editions of some of the sets, i.e. John's storage room, so we could explore it ourselves! Ok that was a completely random thought...
# Tigershire 2009-07-08 15:09
Narcissus - what a cool idea! I'd love it if they did that.

Actually, I would love them to revisit the storage locker - that feels like unfinished business to me for some reason.
# elle2 2009-07-08 16:01
Hi, Narcissus and Tigershire,

Wonderful idea...virtual tour of the storage room, awesome. Tigershire, I agree, I think there's more there that could be told...hope, hope, hope.
# Dianeuk 2009-07-10 10:57
I had to go back and watch (in the interests of research you understand!)Hom e again ,JUST to remind my self that I LOVE Misourie's house. I would love to have seen more of that dark furniture (that Dean was NOT allowed to put his feet up on) and the hanging crystals, and I would happily polish the banister.....No w I Know I am cracking up... I am talking about HOUSEWORK!!!!!
We (ok I ) already have part one of season 4 here in the UK and am waiting for part two to come out, may just have to watch it AGAIN to check out the other sets.
OH! The trauma of haveing to look past the Boys to look at the sets!
Have a good day
# Mae 2009-07-10 11:55
Ah, what we have to go through in the "interest of research" as you say, Diane. :D
# elle2 2009-07-10 12:08

It's people like you that make me proud! :geek:

You will go through the effort of the research just to help the rest of us (and you) through this hellatus.

There are so many places that are fun to look at and pick up little tidbits, Bobby's place, Missouri's place, Pamela's place, The Panic Room, The Roadhouse. I'm having fun looking in the background of more and more of the diners and really checking out the streets that get shown and reading the names off the signs et al.

It's so much fun to look for the fun that gets put into the sets and to realize that some of what goes in there is for the enjoyment of the fans but we're also watching the efforts of the people who make the show and the fun they have making it fun for o much goodness.

On the DVD part 1 of Season 4 that you have does it have extras on it like deleted scenes and gag reels and commentaries and the like? It's interesting that in Europe it comes out in parts. Curious.

Thankfully I have them all recorded and I watch those as well as snuggle up Thursday evenings and watch what they're showing. It's amazing that last night was Wishing Well. I remember watching the preview pics that came out and clips and it just does not seem all that long ago that we (at least me) were/was drooling over the little bits we were getting and waiting for the episode to air. Time really does fly by.

Thanks for going the extra effort for all of us.
# Dianeuk 2009-07-11 03:47
The first part of season 4 dvd has the following "extras"
Episode 1;extended scene
Episode3;extended scenes,and, commentary by Eric Kripke and Jeremy Carver
Episode 5;unaired scenes
Episode 6;extended scene
Episode 7;extended scene
Episode 10;Extended/una ired scenes
Well worth the wait!
Waiting for next part....impatiently!
# elle2 2009-07-11 13:38
Ooooh, Diane,

the extras sound so 'juicy' I can't wait!!!!

Thanks for giving us the heads up.

COunting the days.....