Oh, Ghostfacers, I have been bad about getting these recaps done, haven't I?  Yeah, I'm sorry about that.  Season 6 started, and I got distracted!  It's all Sam and Dean's fault!  Blame them!  Because it's obviously not my fault that I can't manage my time better.  Nope.  

*Whistles innocently*
Anyway, webisode 9 clocks in at 2:58, and when we left off last time, Janet Meyers had injured Amybr very severely and cut her throat.  The team managed to kill Janet's spirit by smashing all the mirrors in the theater, but not in time to save Ambyr.
We start off with a "then" sequence, and it's an interview Spruce conducted with Ambyr before they started investigating the case.  Ambyr is all bubbly and silly, preening for the camera and not exactly taking the whole thing seriously.  It's all very Ambyr and is very endearing.
Spruce asks her why she wanted to become a Ghostfacer, and she gives him a very serious answer.  Ever since her Gamme (Grandma) passed away, she felt like she could feel her presence, and she thought that she could do her part by helping other people communicate and make them feel safe.  She just wanted to help people!  Oh, Ambyr.  That's lovely.  Also, the sad music from "Supernatural" is playing in the background, and that makes it so much worse!  You know the music I mean, with the slow piano and the crushing sadness.
We then cut to Ambyr getting cut by Janet, the team shouting and racing to find her, and Ed yelling for someone to all 911 as he holds Ambyr's limp body in his arms.
There's a "NOW" title card, and we hear paramedics assessing Ambyr's condition over police radio, and we see choppy and blurry pictures of her pop across the screen.  It's pretty clear that things aren't looking good.  Ed is with her in the ambulance, telling her to hold on.
It's at this point I realize that I will be super pissed if Ambyr dies, too.  No killing off all the interns that I like!  And by "all" I mean the two that they've had.  Corbett dying was bad enough!

Cut to Harry and Maggie, and Harry is calling Ed and leaving a voicemail for him, and it's really quote touching.  You can tell he's trying really hard not to freak out as he's telling Ed that the team is all packed up, that he's worried about Ed, that he hopes Ambyr is okay, and that he's sorry.
That's all he can manage, so he hangs up and breaks down and rests his head on Maggie's shoulder, and she comforts him.  It's another touching moment, and of course Spruce has to go and ruin it by filming the whole thing!  Social awkardness!  But it seems like even he gets it and leaves them alone after a minute.
A graphic on the screen tells us that Ed comes back to the theater at 5:46 A.M.  The rest of the team is instantly on alert and ask after Ambyr.  Ed tells them, voice breaking, that she's going to make it (phew!) but her face...He can't elaborate further because he's too choked up. "I'm so sorry, guys.  It's all my fault," he says.  And as the team leader, of course he would take the blame upon himself.  The rest of the Facers try to convince him that it isn't his fault at all.  Harry says, "we knew what we were getting into when we signed on to this thing."  "But Ambyr didn't," Ed counters.  "She wasn't ready, and I just -- I just sent her in there."  Poor Ed sounds like he's about two seconds from losing it.
Harry tells Ed that he saved Ambyr's life.  Ed's still staring at his shoes.  Harry tells Ed to look at him, and says, "this is hard for all of us.  But what we did in there --"  Ed cuts him off, saying, "what did we do in there, Harry?  Please tell me, okay?  "˜Cause I-I have no idea."  Oh, jeez, Ed is having a crisis of Ghostfacer faith!  He goes on to say something I never thought I'd hear coming from his mouth, "Harry, the Winchesters were right.  You try and show the world the truth, and you get punched in the face."  I'd say that pretty much sums up the Winchesters' experience.  He's upset that Ambyr could have died like Corbett did, and "refuses to be the "˜Spinal Tap' of dead interns."  Hee, I love that movie!
Harry tries to talk him down, but Ed is having none of that.  He doesn't want any words, no videos, and no more ghosts.  And then he quits!  Nooooo, Ed, you can't quit the band!  Oh, my gosh!!!  To be fair, this is probably a pretty reasonable reaction.  I mean, if you were involved in an activity that got one friend killed and another almost killed, you would probably react in the same way.  We're just so used to seeing Winchesters soldier on that it's easy to forget that most rational people couldn't do that.
Spruce and Harry try to convince him to come back, but Ed is having none of that.  He's walking away and everything.  Oh, and it hurts!  It does!  Ed, it's okay.  It's not your fault, not really.  You didn't want anyone to get hurt.  Come back!  But he's not turning around!  ACK!  The webisode even ends with the image of Ed walking away and everything.  Oh, tragic!  First Ambyr is horrifically injured and now this?
That was pretty sad.  I'm sure they will resolve this in the next webisode, but Ed is really hurting right now, and he's really serious about leaving.  I hope he comes back, but wow, right now it sure doesn't seem like he will.  Well, on that uplifting note, only one more webisode to go!  The end is nigh, unfortunately.