Writers of Supernatural:
Series articles seem to be my thing this Hellatus, The Road So Far Series, compilations of each season and their accompanying music, there will be Hellatus checks throughout – if nothing else than my sanity needs a check, I’m working on the journeys of the boys along the lines of Is Sam Too Stupid to Live and How Dumb is Dean [clunky title no doubt but the title does tell you what the article(s) intend to explore] and now…because Hellatus is long…I’m gonna do some quickie articles on the writers of our beloved show.
These are not likely to be deeply complex, mind-blowing journeys of literary brilliance…I’m not Bardicvoice after all – she so rocks! But they are simply meant to take a look at the writers who have shaped the series and prick your minds and memories of the series thus far. So, this is the first in however many I manage to put together and they are completely meant to spark some discussion and sharing of thoughts and opinions, so I hope you have some fun with them.
As would seem natural, this first article will take a look at all the episodes written by Mr. Supernatural himself, Eric Kripke. For a refresher (and courtesy of Supernaturalwiki with one correction) Eric wrote the following:
The Pilot
Devil’s Trap
In My Time Of Dying
All Hell Breaks Loose II
Magnificent Seven
No Rest for the Wicked
Lazarus Rising
Heaven and Hell, Teleplay by Eric, story by Trevor Sands
Lucifer Rising
So, 12 episodes penned [mostly] by the genius behind this show of which we are obsessed; can you say you have a favorite?
Is The Pilot your favorite? Sure, that’s a great place to start, we get John and Mary Winchester as a loving family, young Dean hugged happily by his adoring father, the ‘angelic’ Mary kissing baby Sam on the forehead saying “Goodnight, love.” Jump ahead 22 years and in a minute (give or take) of dialogue (that Kripke himself says he wishes he had even more time to whittle down or fine tune depending on your point of view) we get the raising and training of those two children into the hunters we know today. 
There’s the Impala, all the music for the series laid out in one expository scene, along with credit card scams and fake IDs, there’s Dean in mud, Dean in jail, Sam in denial and Sam in tears…We’ve got work to do. It’s all laid out, and we have absolutely no idea where it’s going to lead but it’s a great beginning.
Is Wendigo your favorite…comfort episode? It’s one of mine. It’s simple. There’s the hunt, there’s the pretty girl, the ‘come along for balance younger brother’, the arrogant hunter (no, not that kind of hunter) Dean doesn’t do shorts, provisions include a duffle bag and peanut M&M’s, Dean beat up [a favorite of mine] Sam beginning to show his obsessive ways, and the tag line we’ve all come to know and love… “Saving people, hunting things; the family business.”
How about Home, does Home shoot over Pilot as your favorite? Enter Missouri – who we can figure is still alive and well as we’ve never heard from her again, but then again we’ve never heard from Layla again and I’m laying odds she did die from her cancer. We see John again for the first time and oh, man does JDM kill me with that final scene…I didn’t have angst enough for the boys what with Sam telling Dean about his dreams and Dean admitting he never wanted to go back to Lawrence and then that phone call and – oh… *sob* and let us not forget that deliciously dangling apology from Mary… “Sam, I’m sorry.” What? For what?! For dying? For not being there as he grew up? For Jessica? What!!!!
Enter  Shadow, Meg returns and this time the demons are the ones doing the hunting and we learn it’s not the first time they’ve tried to kill the Winchesters…at least John. More mysteries abound as John admits he’s closing in and he’s working on a way to kill the SOB. There’s manly hugs and bloody, beaten heroes, there’s forgiveness for past anger and just when I think there might be three men to journey with each and every episode reality strikes…it’s too dangerous for them to all be together and poof, John is off again. Damn you, Kripke.
Devil’s Trap…so what’s the best part of this episode? Meg getting exorcised? Azazel/John torturing Dean and taunting Sam? The Impala smashed by a semi *ducks* or the arrival of Bobby Singer and all his brilliance? Tough call.
Onward to Season two:
In My Time of Dying, Tessa the reaper, Bobby reappears, the Impala is linked to Dean, the YED deals with John, Sam talks about hoodoo priests and laying on of some mojo…and does sense Dean’s presence, the brothers have awesome bro moments even if on different spiritual planes, Jensen in a t-shirt and scrubs the entire episode (yes, I am just that shallow) and John dies…wow, talk about opening up the season.
We have to wait all the way to the end of the season for Eric’s next installment, All Hell Breaks Loose II, it’s not the full on masterpieces we’ve come to know and expect from him but it’s still pretty awesome, especially knowing that he was kinda figuring the show endeth here…but it didn’t thankfully.
Once again the awesomeness of Bobby is fully on display, Ellen returns for her last (?) appearance, she’s likely hanging with Missouri which is to say safe and sound. Sam is dead (darn you, Sera Gamble, and your murderous ways – you’re like my cat who is on chipmunk number two this season and prowling for more) Dean sucks at deals – as in REALLY sucks, but boy does he get my eyes watering and nose snuffling when he pours out his heart and grief over Sam’s death…too much unevenness in this one to make it a great with a capital “G” but it is still pretty cool.
Then there’s the stinker…everybody has to have one. The Magnificent Seven, cough, cough. So what’s good here? Well, Kim Manners directed it, Bobby is in it, I really like the Hell’s Bells opening sequence and that final scene does set the theme for the rest of the season, Dean is not going to fight his sentence and Sam is not going to give up…oh, bring on the angst. Oh, yeah, enter Ruby…whose storyline is pretty darn cool, especially now that, you know – she’s DEAD!!!! (okay, okay, now that we know a lot, if not all, of her plan. Yeah, that’s what I meant.)
Season three is another season where all we get is the season opener and the season closer but wow, talk about a way to close the season….
No Rest For The Wicked…apparently this is kinda the tag line that Eric all along has envisioned for the series – yeah, I prefer, Saving people, hunting things; the family business, but that’s just me *grin*. Lilith is creepy, too much birthday cake IS bad for you, Ruby’s true colors start to show, “Family don’t end with blood, boy!” Bobby, you’re so awesome, and I don’t even know about the panic room yet. Sam and Dean sing – and they’re horrendous but that’s not why I cry. Dean’s dead, Sam’s immune and if that’s not enough we’re left hanging (sorry for the pun) for 17 weeks with images of Dean chained and meat hooked in hell screaming “SAM!”
Lazarus Rising…wow, how can this not be a favorite…even ‘the’ favorite, I mean, really, Dean comes back to life – yeah, we knew that was going to happen – but an angel? Sam’s been shacking up with Ruby (that stinks about as much as The Magnificent Seven.) Bobby’s gone all drunken grief over Dean and Sam. *sniff* I love that man! There’s pie, there’s demons, there’s angels and psychics, eyes get burned out, glass gets blown out and the Impala gets an iPod jack? Really?
Heaven and Hell…so grace can be held in a bottle, it is an angelic bottle after all. Grace coming into contact with the earth is pure creation…Dean’s gravesite looked like “a nuke went off”, I guess one was a battle, the other not so much. Angels and demons, heaven and hell, Godzilla and Mothra – whoever that is. Anna was whiney here and I didn’t much like her reasoning, she’s improved much since returning to heaven. Dean reveals his time in hell, most of it, and the Impala and Sam are solidly at his back. Bobby is in hedonism (I think it would have been a bit funnier if Dean had said he was on some island or another, as opposed to Dominican but hey--) Ruby almost got gutted (I was so hoping but I got what I wanted in the end so I’m happy) 
Lucifer Rising…so Dean broke the first seal and was raised from hell to stop Lucifer, Sam breaks the last seal (probably, at least it’s in process) to raise Lucifer. What a season we’ve had. Castiel goes all rogue with Dean, Chuck the prophet returns, there’s harps and burgers and beer, more blood sucking of demons (and their poor human hosts) Bobby reigns supreme as the awesome father figure/voice of reason in the Winchesters’ lives – how does he do it? Zachariah is proven to be the sinister force behind much of the demons success in breaking seals…and to think he blames it on Dean – you, know there Zach, one could figure you orchestrated the whole, get Dean sent to hell so he would break so the first seal could be broken…but that makes my head spin so I won’t go there. The brothers are far apart all episode (and likely allowed Jared and Jensen some downtime whilst filming) but in the end, Eric brought them back together…only fitting since he’s the one that orchestrated the tearing apart.
And now we wait and wait and wait…Misha Collins said (in an interview I read in early May so he either gave it in early May or late April, I have no idea) that the writers were back in the writers’ room writing. Filming begins in a little under a month and there’s only – yeah, I’m not going to start counting weeks and days and hours yet, that’s just depressing.
Anyway, there’s a look at the episodes by Eric Kripke, your favorite of all? By season? Favorite season premier? Favorite season finale? Favorite with Mary in it? Favorite with John in it? Favorite with Bobby in it? Do you hope he’ll write and direct the season five premier? Are you just plain going stir crazy?
And just to dare myself I thought I’d try to rank my least favorite to my favorite…here goes nothing.
(I’m not counting Heaven and Hell ‘cause Eric did the teleplay but someone else did the story, and I have absolutely no idea how that works, so to make it easy I just kicked it to the side for this exercise.)
So, least favorite to most favorite:
11:       The Magnificent Seven…just doesn’t do much for me, barely furthers the mytharc, Sam seems all wrong when trying to find out how and why Isaac and Tamara started hunting…left me fairly cool.
10:       Wendigo…while it’s one of my comfort episodes, it’s not a strong episode. It has great brotherly moments and there’s hardly any baggage for either brother so it is fun and fluffy and I find myself going to it frequently for that reason but for a ranking that is supposed to have something (at least in my mind) to do with greatness, this hits spot number 10.
9:         All Hell Breaks Loose, II…I might have to duck some punches from folks but there is just too much that is not that awesome about this episode. Sure, the first half really kicks it big time, and it sets up season 3 beautifully, but as far as me going back to watch it again and again and again…and then one more time; it misses the mark.
8:         Shadow…this starts to get really hard because from here on out these episodes all do a lot to further deepen the characters, the mytharc and show just how dark this show will go, so it’s a tough placement on each of these and you could ask me again to list them without looking at what I did and they very likely will move around. Shadow heads up at Number 8, the middle to the end is the part that I love the most, when the boys are talking before the big confrontation with Meg, Dean reveals he’s longing for family, Sam reveals he’s done when this is done, the boys get caught by Meg and she reveals she’s laying the trap for John, then John comes, there’s hugs and apologies and the Daevas return…ah, the angst. This is a great episode but from top to bottom it does not compare with those to come.
7:         No Rest For The Wicked…told you this would be hard, there is so very much to love about this episode, there’s Bobby… “Family don’t end with blood, boy.” There’s so many bro moments, Bon Jovi rocking, Dean hallucinating, Sam immune to Lilith, Dean fighting with Ruby [shoulda hit her a little harder] and the ending…*sobs briefly, reminds self he’s back* but there is a lot of time spent with Lilith the child and cake and candy and Freckles the [dog? Cat?] that keeps this lower on the list…but it was the worst (and I mean that in the best possible way) cliffhanger ever!
6:         Home…wow, this was a tough one and I switched it so many times, and likely always will. This one is so hard to place, like Nightshifter and Faith it’s iconic and thus doesn’t belong in any list, but here I am anyway (why did I do this to myself?)   I know some of you are thinking how does The Pilot rate higher than home? Home has the emotions and raises so very many questions that The Pilot only hints at, I mean, Home is where we got the whole: â€œSam, I’m sorry.” from Mary, The Pilot didn’t have that? I know, I know, I can’t explain it but Home hits Number 6 because it doesn’t have what the Pilot did have, the job of laying the foundation for what is to come and setting the tone, The Pilot had that responsibility and it did it flawlessly (in my humble opinion),
5:         The Pilot…for all the reasons stated above and because the following four set wheels in motion that we never would have envisioned and showed just how daring this show was to become.
4.         Devil’s Trap…Devil’s Trap ranks higher than Home because it introduces us to Bobby, it shows how far Dean will go to save those he loves – and how much that scares him, [it should Dean for a year from here you went even further.] Devil’s Trap dangles more questions while giving cryptic answers to others, the demon killed Mom and Jess because they got in the way and he has plans for you. Devil’s Trap gave us the first flavor of who and what the YED was to become, JDM brought him to life first and Frederick Lane (Lehne) colored in the lines, but Eric set the stage here. And he wasn’t content to just bloody up our heroic trio, he had the demon attempt to finish them off; the strength of the Impala proved stronger.
3:         Lazarus Rising…Dean is raised from hell and I know I breathed a huge sigh of relief (and amazement) as I watched that footage from Comic Con 2008 when those fabulous fans recorded and posted the images on You Tube [thank you all you fabulous fans who go to these things and then share as much as you can with the rest of us!] This one doesn’t rank higher simply because of the brotherly moments, hard to rationalize when you’re all thinking of the two episodes that remain and saying things like…who is she kidding? I know, the boys hug, genuine, mutual give and take full on brother hug, as awesome as Sam’s hugging of Dean in Mystery Spot and Dean’s hugging of Sam in All Hell Breaks Loose, II this is the first time the brothers have mutually hugged and it was (and is) awesome. But distrust is rapid and growing between the two. 
Bobby and Dean moments are played by me over and over and over and just plain over again as Bobby and Dean are wonderful together. Castiel’s entrance ranks up there with one of the best entrances by a character ever and his lines, his delivery everything are spot on superb. Since I have to nitpick, now that we’re at the top, I find the whole Ruby/Kristie scene at the hotel annoying and the tracking of Dean of Sam’s cell phone too simplistic and the stakes are just that high here, so Lazarus Rising gets the number 3 spot.
So, two episodes left for me to rank and frankly I’m not sure I can do either of them justice and I’m fairly certain you will all eat me alive, so I quake at that thought, but then again this is Hellatus and there is much more time to go.  Since we all need things to obsess over I’ll just jump in and then let you all discuss. There’s no right, there’s no wrong and likely (as I’ve stated before in an effort to protect myself) I’d rerank these at any given moment and never put them the same way twice…but, what I’m looking for in my two favorites and why one gets the top spot and the other does not…here we go.
Brother moments, I have to know these two love and care for each other, that they’re putting the needs of the other before their own so with that in mind which one gets the top spot if that was the only criteria? Lucifer Rising. Sam [wrongly] believes that Dean is better off without him and he’s willing to sacrifice himself to save humanity and Dean along with. Dean puts his humiliation, his fear of rejection, his pride [finally] behind him and reaches out to Sam and then fights heaven [pretty literally] to get to his brother’s side. While In My Time of Dying had Sam at Dean’s bedside several times, sensing his brother’s spirit, talking to him via the Mystical Talking Board and Dean trying to reassure Sam and thanking Sam for not giving up on him, the idea of sacrificing for the other wasn’t there [true that’s very evident elsewhere with deals etc.] but between the two episodes, Lucifer Rising gets the point.
Answers questions, I need to know some things about what and where this journey is all about, so which episode gives us a better understanding of Sam’s abilities and why he was chosen, In My Time of Dying or Lucifer Rising? Neither, it’s a draw. Sure, Ruby reveals that Sam had the power within him all the time but she doesn’t say how or why. In In My Time of Dying Azazel challenges John that he knows all about Sam and the other kids like him and John affirms that but gives no further information; no winner there.
Along the idea of answering questions though there is a clear winner, Lucifer Rising gives us the answer that what Dean is supposed to stop is not Sam, not the apocalypse, not the breaking of the seals (yeah, those are kinda one and the same but three is more fun than two) but that he is to stop Lucifer, so not only does it provide some (not all) clarity to that question since Lazarus Rising but it lays groundwork for Season 5. In My Time Of Dying gave us Azazel agreeing to bring Dean back from the brink of death because he really wasn’t all that much of a threat anyway. In My Time of Dying did have John whispering a secret into Dean’s ear that kept us in suspense for the next eight episodes but even that reveal still left us with more questions, questions that are still not fully answered but much has been revealed. 
And last but not least on answering questions, we see Azazel’s beginning effort, 1972, which threads through In The Beginning, The Pilot and all the way to the present…yeah, Lucifer Rising wins this point.
Emotional punch in the gut…wow, here’s a tough one. We have In My Time of Dying the moments of Sam comparing the Impala to Dean, and Bobby’s gruff acceptance.  There’s Sam realizing he doesn’t know how to save Dean but he’s going to keep trying; hold on, don’t leave me with dad. *sob* We have John seated at Dean’s bedside stoic and silent while spirit Dean rails at his father for not doing anything to save him, in the end John dies to save Dean so what a knock in the teeth is that, however, the downside is that Dean does not retain the memories and by the time he does get those memories returned (Death Takes a Holiday) it likely doesn’t hold the same impact as he’s traveled so much grief since then [yeah, and 40 years in hell] however for me it packs an emotional punch and that’s the whole point. Then, of course, there’s the ending, JOHN DIES! That hurts.
Now, let’s take a look at Lucifer Rising for the emotional punch, there’s the full-on awesomeness of Bobby telling Dean he’s a better man than his father and not to be John. Wow, can’t wait to see you again, Bobby Singer. There’s Dean convincing Cas that humanity is worth fighting for, and Cas’ struggle to understand how and why. There’s Dean leaving the emotional message to Sam and Sam listening to the altered one (still angry about that, Zach!) Then there’s Sam hearing Dean’s voice above all the noise and turning around in hope only to be distracted by Ruby’s shouts and Lilith’s taunts. Sam’s apology at the end…wow. So which one takes the point? It’s gotta go to Lucifer Rising simply because of the buildup all season to this moment and the tearing down of the brothers to the point where it appeared they’d never find each other again and in the end Eric gave us both brothers clutching each other as if never to let the other go again…yeah, Lucifer Rising scores this point.
Finally, which episode do I think I’ll view again and again to see threads from the past and pointers for the future? Lucifer Rising. That may be an unfair advantage in this category as one episode was written so very much earlier than the other and thus has fewer threads woven in it simply because of quantity but hey, life isn’t fair and neither is arbitrarily ranking episodes. So, the final rankings are:
2:         In My Time of Dying
1:         Lucifer Rising
Damn you, Kripke!
Thanks for reading…*runs and hides*


# Alice 2009-06-07 18:51
Warner Brothers too confirmed to me that the writers were back at work. I guess it makes sense considering shooting starts somewhere around mid July. I'm dying to know what's being cooked up in that writer's room right now. My guess is we'll find out no later than Comic Con.
# Mae 2009-06-07 19:43
Nice list, elle2! I like that you broke down how you actually ranked the episodes (with points and everything!) I guess I mostly decide which episodes I like best by how many times I rewatch them and if I rewatch the whole episode or just skip through for certain parts (come on, ya'll know you do it, too!)

So, with that method of ranking in mind, I'd have to move No Rest For the Wicked as my #2, but I'd completely agree with you on the Lucifer Rising (though I've only watched it the once since I'm diligently trying to rewatch all of season 4 in chronological.. one episode a week... just to get through Hellatus). I know. I'm apparently a glutton for punishment. Then again, I love a show where the main characters are generally tortured or killed-off once a season...

Hey! Neither of the boys died this season!... wait a sec, I guess Sam got struck/killed by lightning in Wishful Thinking... and Dean's heart stopped in Yellow Fever. Geez-O-Flip but we are a sadistic bunch for lovin' this show... but I'll still be watchin!
# elle2 2009-06-07 19:54
Hi, Alice and Mae,

Great that Warner Bros. confirmed the writers are back...I'm kinda figuring (based on last year) that filming restarts 7/2...thought I heard/read that somewhere too...oh, well, not to worry.

Mae, glad you liked the list and yes, there are times I put in an episode and flip to certain parts (although for doing the Road So Far series I'm diligently rewatching each and every one and that's pretty cool too.)

There are so many ways to rank episodes and I do agree, if I went by special moments or favorite moments, NRFTW would go higher. What's so much fun (as well as signs of obsessive tendencies) is that we can pretty much rank in any way we want to...I might just do an article on that...how many ways can you rank the episodes, seasons, scenes...... *scurries off to type*

I'm back though, I made another "duh!" in here...when I'm talking about Lucifer Rising and how Azazel's plan goes back to 1973...I so meant that to be 1972...DUH!
# Dany 2009-06-08 08:05
Hi Elle2!

Loved this listing of yours and the way you explain it, so I decided to do my own rank, wich proved a little dificult becouse I tend to rank thigs on the way they make me feel (how much I cried, how much I screm no, how many boxes of tissues I've used... you get the picture don't you?), so here it goes, from least to most favourite:

11.Magnificent Seven
08.Devil’s Trap
07.The Pilot
05.All Hell Breaks Loose II
04.In My Time Of Dying
03.Lazarus Rising
02.No Rest for the Wicked
01.Lucifer Rising

There! Does it make any sense? Maybe not for you but for me it does :-)
# Scullspeare 2009-06-08 09:24
De-lurking to say great site! Had a wonderful time this morning reading through the Hellatus articles. Keep them coming.

Great job with ranking the episodes. I (mostly) agree, although the order may change slightly depending on what day your ask me. *g* But Heaven and Hell (grace in a bottle? Puh-leeze) and Magnificent 7 will always be my least favourites. Before M7 aired I wondered how Kripke was going to pull it off. While it seemed like a cool concept, seven deadly sins, two new hunters, a helpful (?!?) demon, Bobby and the two brothers all in one 40-44 minute episode seemed too much to do any of them justice. Turned out it was!

As for the return to filming: I read a few months back (sorry, I don't remember where) that filming of SN would start in early July to give them a jump on any logistical complications that the upcoming Vancouver Olympics may add to the shooting schedule. Makes sense but haven't seen anything since to confirm it.
# Narcissus 2009-06-08 12:02
I have always felt that asking me to rank favourite episodes is like asking a mother to pick her favourite child - not possible. I love them all, even the *ehem* less than fantastic ones.

The disappearance of Ellen and Missouri hit the wrong note for me too...especiall y considering that they found so many reasons to bring a psychic into season 4, why not work Missouri in somehow? Not that I have a problem with Pamela, I think Pam's great, especially after I found out that her character is based on us . :mrgreen:

Another thing is all the pop culture references. As much as I love Kripke and his hilarious references, sometimes they're a little hard for me to understand since I'm not from the US.

But at the end of the day King Krip friggin.rocks.m y.socks. I love how he's not afraid take the chance of pissing us off (exhibit A: Ruby). He's given us all so much to laugh and cry about over the past four years (omg time flies!). All the bonds that have been made in the fandom, all the ways Supernatural has turned our lived upside down, made us crazy..all that's his fault :lol: DAMN YOU KRIPKE!! *love*
# SupernaturalSoul 2009-06-08 12:18
My numero uno Kriptkeeper episode is Lazerus Rising. From bringing Dean back in a matter of seconds to Castiel's entrance and "We've got work for you" announcement, I remember watching with abosolute awe and then rewatched it over and over. And over.

Every reveal was epic and it powered my obsession with the show hundrethfold.
# elle2 2009-06-08 15:48
Hi, Dany, Scullspeare, Narcissus and Supernatural Soul,

Way to get into the idea gang, your thoughts, opinions are wonderful!

Dany, I get what you're saying...someti mes I play around (in my head) with different ways to rank eppies...that's likely to be a playful article later on this hellatus...just something to have fun with. But you're right, sometimes I rank thing based on comfort, sometimes hilarity, sometimes b/c it's just plain different, sometimes it's the MoW and sometimes it is how many tissues I use up and how many heart/gut clenches I get...too much fun. I liked your ranking and how you explained yourself.

Scullspeare, You're right, Heaven and Hell has some parts that were just...well, frankly too 'out' there as for Mag 7, I did rewatch it awhile ago (and will again shortly) and I did like how much Bobby appeared so much more of the father figure to the boys. He'd been working that way but I remember a scene kinda striking me as "Hey, he's sorta taking charger here" I thought it was cool. Otherwise it's pretty much uncool, aw well, makes me appreciate the others so much more.

As for filming, I thought last year they started in early July so that they would match Smallville pretty much stride for stride. 'Course things are a little different this year now that they're teamed with Vamp Diaries and who knows if Dawn will be doing what she idd last year and starting her shows a few weeks early to jumpstart the netlet...one can hope. We'll find out some scuttlebutt in a few weeks and then some more after that there will be more...go figure.

Narcissus, I'm with you, why go for a different psychic when you already know Missouri, course there oculd be something to the fact that Kansas might be a bit far away for where they wanted to go in Lazarus Rising and then in the end Pamela died so that's good for Missouri that she wasn't picked. I liked Pamela fine but for me her story ending was fine especially as she rocked Sam's world a bit by telling him that she knew what he did.

SupernaturalSoul, Yeah, Lazarus Rising is and will remain pretty awesome, bringing Dean back immediatly wins major, major parts with me. Season four has been a powerhouse of a season and like you, I'm pretty impressed and fairly obsessed...I know, many of you couldn't tell.


Thanks for joining in and keeping the fun going...we've a ways to go but having chit chatted with Alice a bit and heard some of her plans and told her some of mine...we got a lot more to bring.

Thanks everyone!
# Bevie 2009-06-08 16:34
There's no way I could rank my favourites. There's something I love about all of them. All Hail Kripke!!

I never do watch parts of an episode. My system is to watch 2 or 3 episodes (all in order of sequence) before going to bed, with my daily drinkie.

Sometimes I'll watch an episode twice in a row if it GOT TO ME that much. The Kripke ones I've watched twice in a row are mostly the Pilot, Devil's Trap, No Rest for the Wicked and Lazarus Rising. I don't know how I'd survive without the DVDs.

My emotions rule, so there are definite parts that get to me every time.

The Pilot. Dean coming to collect Sam at Stanford and Dean in jail. (I love Dean's hair in the pilot, he looks so very badass).

Wendigo. The "No shorts" and M&M's, Saving People, Hunting Things, the Family Business and Dean beaten up.

Home. The phonecall to his dad (sob).The Dean and dad hug, Sam and dad hug, and Dean angst after Sam says he is done when they get the demon.(more sobs). Dean's beautiful bloody face when dad is leaving again.

Devil's Trap. Oh my! The cruel things YED says to Dean with Sam listening, Dean begging dad not to let it kill him (uncontrollable sobbing), and absolute SHOCK when the semi hits the beloved Impala. Gets me every damn time I watch it.

In My Time of Dying. Poor Dean on life support. And lucky me with the Tshirt and scrubs and bare feet.Had to watch some of that in slow motion. And dad making the deal and dying. (More sobbing)

All Hell Breaks Loose II Dean talking to Sam's dead body. (sobbing uncontrollably) Bobby ripping Dean a new one for having no self worth and going to hell for Sam's life. The look on Dean's face really hurt me. (sob, sob, sob)

Magnificent Seven. Dean's carefree attitude, bacon cheeseburgers for breakfast and willingness to sacrifice himself. My poor boy! sniff!

No Rest for the Wicked. Mama Mia! Thank God for boxes of tissues! Dean smacking Ruby and stealing her knife. Bobby's family don't end with blood, the duet in the car (rip my heart out), "Take care o' my wheels" (sobbing uncontrollably) , hellhound and meat hooks and screaming for Sam. I was an emotional wreck for days. How to survive until September.

Lazarus Rising. Yay! Dean back right at the start. So so happy. Did a little dance. Great hug with Bobby. Hug with Sam. (thought Sam should have been a little happier to see his brother back though) and Castiel's grand entrance.

Heaven and Hell. Dean and Anna in back seat of Impala!
'nuff said!.

Lucifer Rising. Ruby getting skewered by Dean and Sam holding her for him. Me hollering "Kill the Bitch" at the tv. Hah! The brotherly clutching at the end. So satisfying! More tears, but happy ones.

Kripke does very well at wringing out my emotions. So DAMN YOU KRIPKE! and keep it up and stick around for season six pretty please?
# Bevie 2009-06-08 16:41
Don't know what happened, but Home and Shadow got mixed up in my post. Sorry. Should have been like this:

Home. The phonecall to his dad (sob). Mary's "I'm sorry".

Shadow. The Dean and dad hug, Sam and dad hug, and Dean angst after Sam says he is leaving Dean when they get the demon.(more sobs). Dean's beautiful bloody face when dad is leaving again.
# elle2 2009-06-08 17:52
Hi, Bevie

Awesome way to run through the eps and pull out what ... pulls out of you! DOn't mind those 'demons' that lurk in there and mess up your posts, I'm sure everytime I find a typo in anything I post here it's purely 'cause of the 'demons' it couldn't be me :roll::

Much to love in each and every episode (even the not so awesome ones have good parts -- I mean there's always previews!

# trina 2009-06-08 22:16
The only Eric Kripke episode I have no desire to ever rewatch is Heaven and Hell, but since he wasn't alone in creating that one I quess he's off the hook. I would actually put Heaven and Hell as the worst episode ever. As for the rest they were pretty much wonderful, with my favorites being the episode one eps, and the season 4 premiere and finale. My personal opinion is that even though his episodes can get a little overstuffed, there is almost always gold to be foung in there.
# Alice 2009-06-10 01:04
Okay, you all started it! Here's my ranking:

Magnificent Seven
Heaven and Hell
All Hell Breaks Loose II
The Pilot
In My Time of Dying
Devil’s Trap
Lucifer Rising
Lazarus Rising
No Rest for the Wicked
# Suze 2009-06-10 06:04
I can't do this !

I get into different episodes depending on what sort of mood I'm in so actually ranking them is next to impossible.
That said, I did think Magnificent Seven was a bit flat. A good idea but too much crammed in to work well ... Also I hated Thingy and Whatsherface so their horrible deaths left me cold. Heartless trollop that I am ...

All the rest were great, I even liked Heaven and Hell! I didn't mind all the mythological twaddle about angel juice and magic trees as I read lots of fantasy novels so the logical part of my brain has gone off in a huff long ago and never writes home anymore. :lol:

Narcissus, what did you mean about dead Ramones fancier Pam being based on us ... I'm all curious now so please elaborate!
# Narcissus 2009-06-10 09:39
Well I read an interview with Tracie Dinwiddie somewhere...but I can't remember where..sorry..
Anyway, she said that Pam's character was based on the 'essence' of the fandom...she mentioned a few points of similarity, but I have really crappy memory, again, sorry :sad:
# Suze 2009-06-10 14:37
Wow! So that's essence-of-us, is it? I can stand that ... ( Preens smugly and wanders off to find ancient Rocket to Russia T-shirt ) :D
# elle2 2009-06-10 15:49
Hi, Trina, Alice, Suze Cassi and Narcissus

Trina, you are so right, there be gold in them thar episodes, somewhere...

Alice, way to give it a go! How long did it take you to make the list?

Suze, I'm like you when it comes to ranking them, depending on my mood or whatever (how much chocolate I ate) my rankings switch around. I didn't mind the Heaven and Hell thing that much, I even thought Ruby had some interesting moments and of course I loved Sam wanting to know how to kill angels and then there's Uriel confronting Dean, Dean's unwillingness to talk about hell, sure the sex scene was gratuitious but there it was also quite gentle and loving which was an element that I liked especially in contrast to the "Monster's Ball" styled sex in the prior episode (which for characterizatio n and emotional development/und erstanding of Sam's mindset was awesome!) and then there was the whole ending scene...not so bad an eppy.

Narcissus, never knew that about the Pamela character, interesting...t he 'essence' of the fandom *must ponder* :-) -- hope that doesn't mean Mr. Kripke wants our eyes burned out though.... :-?

Cassi...once again proof why I must at least stand at the newstand and read the magazine (*cough, browse)
# elle2 2009-06-10 19:41
Thanks Cassi,

Will add that to my 'to do' list of errands this upcoming weekend...I have super uper duper sunglasses (not really but I'll take them along anyway) :geek: :ugeek: 8-) :shock:

add mucho emoticons to save my eyesight for this weekend!
# Rose 2009-06-10 20:54
Geez, I go away for a week and when I return there's a ton of posts to go through. Love it! You guys are doing a great job, loving all the lists!

Saw that there was some discussion on when shooting starts up again. The BC Film Commission site - http://www.bcfilmcommission.com/about_us/film_list.htm?film_type=series - has the Supernatural schedule down for July 01/09 to March 29/10. Though I'm not sure if that includes preproduction. But I do remember reading somewhere about the upcoming winter Olympics affecting the shooting schedules, so that's probably why they're starting so early.
# elle2 2009-06-10 21:43

Welcome back! Alice and I have a goal of a post a day (well, maybe not Saturdays just 'cause) so we're aiming to keep it coming. Everyone is so great with checking and responding that it's keeping me fired up with ideas...I have enough for my end of the deal through the end of July with more ideas sure to come along.

Awesome link and info, thanks for adding to the 'knowledge base'


Wherever you were I hope it was fun!
# Tigershire 2009-06-10 22:42
The Winter Olympics take place in Vancouver February 2010 with the Paralympics to follow sometime in March (beginning I think) so it will make shooting around Vancouver a nightmare. However, if they get out into some of the outlying communities (aside from Whistler!) that should help. I think they should come over to Victoria and shoot over here! GRIN.

I'm actually not looking forward to what it's going to be like around here with the Olympics going on. I'm all for positive impact to our economy, etc but as a resident, it's gonna really impact my ability to get anywhere. Oh well. Vancouver's time to shine, right?