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We open webisode 7 with an Ed voiceover explaining that the team "Shamanologist," Kenneth Spruce, is going to "channel his ancestral powers" to set Janet's ghost free. I didn't realize 1/16 Cherokee came with ancestral powers, but I like where this is heading.  I also like that they're not trying to kill her spirit per se, just set her free.

Spruce starts chanting, and it's the most amazing mix of Cherokee-sounding singing and Jewish phrases!  I'm pretty sure I heard an Ishmael and a Yahweh in there.  Notice, too, that he's put on some face paint in blue and white, which are traditional Jewish colors.

The camera pans over to Ambyr, who looks pretty confused by the whole thing.  Spruce continues his chant for a while, drumming on this little handheld drum the whole time.  He ends the proceedings with a little yelp, and the Facers take a deep breath and are ready to proceed.

As Spruce starts salting the film reel he was burning during his chanting, Ed comes over and tells Spruce he did a good job.  He then asks if the chant was Cherokee or Hebrew, and Spruce replies that it was both.  Ed is pretty impressed by that.  He then tells the team to "pack it up and move out."  He thinks they've done a good job, and that the whole thing is over.  Considering this is only webisode 7, I'm guessing it's not.  But Ed doesn't know that, of course.

An Ed voiceover informs the viewer that since the only known remains of Janet Myers have been burned to ashes, not to mention salted, the Facers are packing up after a job well done.  Ed continues to say that "after we lost -- well, I lost -- our last intern to an evil apparition, it is redeeming to finally lay a spirit to rest."  I really like how Corbett and his death has been used so far in these webisodes.  It's not schmaltzy or overly emotional but feels true to how the characters would be feeling about it.  Ed feels responsible for his death, so of course it makes sense for him to bring it up now.  Even if it is in a self-serving voiceover!


# Jasminka 2010-08-26 06:48
Ghost...Ghostfa cers!!!! Awsome, Flamey, as usual! Thank you so much for doing this, again, and bringing the story to our site (so we, the outcasts of Europe can get the story, too).
You rock, love Jas
Patrick J. Doody
# Patrick J. Doody 2010-08-27 17:37
Great recap! Thanks for noticing the effort put into the Corbett story line. Credit for that has to go to AJ and Travis who did a great job writing those moments about Corbett.

I think I was drinking during that writing session.
# Ardeospina 2010-08-27 22:40
Jas, no problem! I'm sure you're super excited to have them be part of the DVDs! I'm excited about it as I can't wait to finally see them on my TV instead of the smaller computer screen.

Patrick, thanks very much for commenting! Travis and AJ did do a great job integrating Corbett, so big props to them. It makes the funny stuff funnier when you can mix in moments of poignancy, I think. Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to recapping!

Drinking during a writing session is how I come up with most of my ideas. Not the good ones, though...