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Supernatural Guests Bonus Round #3 - The Children
One of Supernatural's trademarks has been the use of children to up the creep-factor of the show. Many on this list have served that purpose, while others have been hapless victims (in some cases, of the creepy children). This certainly isn 't all the children of Supernatural, but that ones that haven 't been included on any previous list of this nature. I tried to get them all (though in some cases - like Asher, brother of Michael in Something Wicked - they are an uncredited actor), so please let me know if I 've neglected someone.
Missy Bender

Played By Alexia Fast
First and only appearance to date: The Benders
Last seen: being creepy
Lily Schoemaker

Played by Genevieve Buechner
First and only appearance: Bloody Mary
Last seen: revealing her role in her father 's death

Played by Ava Rebecca Hughes
First and only appearance: Bedtime Stories
Last seen: saying goodbye to her father and moving into the afterlife
Barry Cook

Played by Cainan Wiebe
First and only appearance: After School Special
Last seen: as a little bullied boy who didn 't become a vengeful ghost
Melanie Merchant

Played by Jodelle Micha Ferland
First and only appearance: Provenance
Last seen: trying to kill Sam and Sarah
Kate Carter

Played by Alexa Nikolas
First and only appearance: Family Remains
Last seen: being saved from an attack by the Girl in the Wall



# Jasminka 2010-08-22 14:17
Elle, thanks for this lovely tribute to the amazing kids of the show!!

My favourites are the creepiest (like the Bender girl) and the little snow white Callie, what a beautiful child...

I think there will be more gifted child actors around in the next season. Great idea, Elle!
Love Jas