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Catching Up With Current and Former Cast Members
MovieTvTechGeeks interviewed several of our guest stars this week
Death keeps knocking for ‘Supernatural’s’ Julian Richings interview
Death keeps knocking for 'Supernatural's' Julian Richings interview 2016 images
Bronaugh Waugh [Jen, BMOL minion] talks ‘Supernatural’ and fighting those Winchester brothers.
Billy Wickman talks ‘Supernatural’ Skittles and Elvis Katz.
Billy Wickman talks 'Supernatural' Skittles and Elvis Katz 2016 images
Shaine Jones talks Asa Fox and his second ‘Supernatural’ killing
Shaine Jones talks Asa Fox and his second 'Supernatural' killing 2016 images
Darren E. Scott talks ‘Supernatural’s’ beer brewing Randy Bull
darren e scott movie tv tech geeks interviewh
Shoshanna Stern  (Eileen Leahy, Into the Mystic) joins other Supernatural stars in giving back by starting her own charitable endeavor.
From her Foundation.
“Some of you may know that I seem to have been living under a rock, because I had no idea just how large and dedicated the Supernatural fan base was before doing the show. I’m so grateful that both Eileen and I were met with an incredible amount of love and support. As I’ve been generously introduced into the family, I’ve had the privilege of getting to know a great many of you who have reached out to me. I’ve learned that many of you fall into the same spectrum as I do. Some of you already identify as deaf, while some of you are questioning your identity as a deaf person, and have asked me for advice on how to deal with various aspects of the deaf experience. My response has always been to learn sign language and to seek out other deaf people, because the deaf community, much like the Supernatural community, is a family. As someone who is a proud graduate of Gallaudet University, I know there is no better place on earth to do this than Gallaudet. Moreover, as a proud deaf female, I am reminded almost every day just how fortunate I was to be able to get a college education in the many ways it has enriched my life. It is my greatest hope that through the proceeds of the #SPNSignLanguage shirt, we can pay it forward and help give another deserving woman this valuable experience.”
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 You can catch Julian Riching (Death) live at a Workshop Staged Reading of SPRING AWAKENING - A NEW ADAPTATION, November 20th
 Travis Aaron Wade (Cole) is helping the United Way this weekend
 We'll be able to catch Tyler Johnston (Samandriel/Alfie/MattPike) on December 7  in a new in Hulu's series Shut Eye.
 DJ Qualls (Garth) will be back on Netflix December 16 with season 2 of The Man In The High Castle
Sebastian Roche (Balthazar) also stars in the series
 Louden Swain continues to release singles from their new album
You can now pre-order the album.
In addition to his work with Louden Swain, Rob Benedict (Chuck/God) continues to promote Kings of Con. He filmed a segment with ENews
 Curtis Armstrong  (Metatron)has exciting news
 Katie Cassidy (Ruby 1) has been cast in the new Indie film Grace.
Katie was also featured in Hello Magazine Katie Cassidy opens up her closet to show off her top finds for cold weather.
Jim Beaver (Bobby Singer) is keeping busy.
 Jeffrey Dean Morgan (John Winchester) continues to get noticed for his work. The Walking Dead‘s Jeffrey Dean Morgan Nabs a Critics’ Choice Award Nomination.
<em>The Walking Dead</em>‘s Jeffrey Dean Morgan Nabs a Critics’ Choice Award Nomination
 Sterling K. Brown (Gordon) has also been nominated for his work in The People vs O.J. Simpson: An American Crime Story.
This Is Us
Blasting News decided to Catch up with 'Supernatural' favorite Osric Chau
 Actor Osric Chau. Photo courtesy of Photographer: Diana Ragland, Groomer: Nikki Deroest, and Wardrobe Stylist: Yesenia Cuevas. Used with permission
Misha Collins has an interesting interview coming up
 Jared Padalecki was included in 19 Actors Known for More Than One Iconic TV Role for his role as Dean in Gilmore Girls and Sam in Supernatural.
PopSugar gave us 26 Jensen Ackles Tweets That Will Instantly Brighten Your Day.
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Catching Up with Current and Former Behind the Scenes Personnel
Nerdy Girl Express had an An Interview With #Supernatural Writer @DavyPerez.
Robbie Thompson Comic information:
 AV Club reviewed this new comic in Doctor Strange musters his mystical allies in this Sorcerers Supreme #2 exclusive.
Robbie is adding a new series to his comics work Planet of the Apes/Green Lantern cover artwork and creative team revealed.
Interested in trying out Adam Glass' Rough Riders comic? You're in luck
 Show Tidbits
 Supernatural had set visits recently. Nerdist covered it in Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins Discuss SUPERNATURAL’s Potential End.
TV Addict posted their interview with Jared, Jensen and Misha
 Talk about being prepared! Supernatural - Haunting Blu-ray and DVD Pre-Orders for 'The Complete 12th Season'.
  No availability date yet, but Amazon is taking advance orders for DVDs and Blu-ray Discs
 Good news for viewers in the UK (Thanks all-spn livejournal)
 TV Guide tells us Here's What the New CW Schedule Means for Your Favorite Shows.
People still appreciate us.  ‘Supernatural’ Secures Spot in Fandom 250 Rankings!.
Supernatural characters who made it into the 33 Best Character Introductions on TV Ever. Full list starts here.
 Fangirlish told us 5 Times Supernatural’s “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox” Gave Us the Feels.
Buddy TV told us 4 Ways 'Supernatural' Got Back to Basics in 'Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox'.
 Cast Appearances and Conventions
If you're in Atlanta this weekend, you can see Amy Gumenick at the Heroes and Villains convention
With Rick Springfield having joined the cast, we have lots of chances to see Lucifer in person:
 Rick's touring schedule with his band can be found here.
 Rick Springfield Tour Dates
 Meet the women of Supernatual and a few of the men at Wayward Daughters of Australia
 German fans can meet Ty Olsen (Benny)
 Adam Rose shared his experience at Asylum 17
 All of our stars have videos inviting you to attend the 2017 Creation Conventions. Check out Jared and Jensen's video!