Supernatural on the "Net this week.

From Archangel to powerful meta-human, Demore Barnes has joined The Flash as as Henry Hewitt, better known as Tokamak as reported by Comic Book Resources and

Last weekend, Misha Collins was mugged before his appearance at MinnCon. This week, PopSugar and reported on the incident. In happier news for Misha, People Magazine took us Behind the Scenes of Supernatural Star Misha Collins' Amazing Scavenger Hunt GISHWHES.

Felicia Day Talks Depression and Anxiety In Her New Memoir: "They're Part Of Who I Am" in The Hollywood Reporter. Felicia has also started a Represent campaign.  for an anti-cyberbullying organization.

Comic Book Resources
tells us that Supernatural's [Robbie] Thompson Goes Errant In Marvel's 'Venom: Space Knight'.

Eric Kripke has another show in development. From Deadline Hollywood Shawn Ryan & Eric Kripke Time Travel Action Drama Lands Big NBC Commitment.

Fangasm reported on Jared, Jensen And Misha At An Emotional Minncon. The article has some mild spoilers near the end, which are warned of in advance.

The Geekiary has a report on Destielcon 2015. This was the second annual Destielcon. More than just a celebration of Destiel the convention was

filled with...exciting fan-run panels, games, art, kindness and a dance party. Destielcon had some brilliant special guests, including the fandom’s favorite fanwork artists and authors, Riptide Publishing, and The Cincinnati Ghost Hunters. Panel discussions ranged from AUs, multi-shipping, and how to’s, and had con-goers engaged. Destielcon 2015 was a blast full of love and fandom fun

For all of us who love Jensen's voice, PopSugar posted videos of 8 Songs That Have Been Graced With A Jensen Ackles Cover.

PopSugar also posted a 1998 video of Jensen on the talk show Leeza.

PopSugar posted  A Tribute To The Winchesters: The Most BadAss Brothers On TV, consisting of a series of 32 GIFs from the series. The site also listed 25 Signs You Are Obsessed With Supernatural. Popsugar certainly liked us this week!
listed 11 Questions Every Supernatural Fan Wants Answered.

Cultured Vulture ran an aritcle on Why I Love Being In The Supernatural Fandom.

TV Fanatic ranked Supernatural's Pilot as #11 in 11 Pilot Episodes That Helped Current Hit Shows Fly High.

Warped Factor had Baby as #1 in The Top Ten Cars In TV & Film.

How well do you know the Winchesters? Take The Winchester Family Tree Quiz at Buddy TV.

Supernatural made The Best and Worst TV Shows For Female, Minority Directors: DGA Study as reported in Variety. It ranked as one of the worst in the category.

Finally, Supernatural now has an official Instagram account. We can now see lots of wonderful pictures.