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Best (or Maybe Worst) Product Placement


spn1106 0559

The shoutout makes sense since “Supernatural” found a whole new generation of viewers thanks to the online service.  I’ll have to leave it up to the masses though to decide if the multiple episodes spent on Castiel, an angel that doesn’t sleep, embracing the concept of binge watching was useless filler for his character or not.  Seems to me they could have found a better use of his time, but isn’t that the dangers of binge viewing?  Then were they essentially shunning those that found this show from this very same habit?  Yeah, maybe it’s best not to think about it too much.  I’ve got a lot of "House of Cards" and "Orange is the New Black" to catch up on. 

Biggest “Ouch My Heart Moment” 

“Alpha and Omega”

Alpha and omega 422
Alpha and omega 423

Sure, this whole scene is pretty emotional, but I'll explain why this particular gesture alone makes my heart go a flutter.  Because of what happens after this.  Think of it, this sweet, sentimental gesture of a son honoring a mother he never knew, and the world proceeds after this to kick Sam in the nuts.  He thinks his brother, the one person in this whole world that means everything to him, has sacrified himself to save the world.  He's captured by a foreign branch of the entity he cherishes to be a legacy member, and if you saw what I saw at Comic Con, things are about to get horrific for Sam.  They think he's a bad guy!  He was the devout one too.  He was the one that cared for God and fetched water for him.  It just kills me when he's constantly thrown in distress for no good reason. 

Best (or Perhaps Worst) Use of Misplaced Optimism that Fell Apart an Episode Later

“Don’t Call Me Shurley” – The amulet returns!

11.20 566 Glowing Amulet

“All in the Family,” “We Happy Few,” “Alpha and Omega”- Amulet?  What amulet?

spn1122 0168

(Nope, I'm never letting this go!!)

Most Completely Over the Top and Completely Memorable Motel Room  

“Thin Lizzie” 

spn1105 0488

Not only did it look like that several generations of grandmothers threw up in there, but only one bed!  You think Sam and Dean would have shared if push came to shove?  I’m sure there is droves of fan fiction that went and answered that question. 

spn1105 0486

Best Beacon of Hope in an Otherwise Cruel, Cruel World  

“Hell’s Angel”
sup1118 1553

The AKF building.  Especially right now in these crazy, dangerous times, a beacon of hope is exactly what we all need. 
That’s a wrap on Season 11!  Any special awards you’d like to give out?  Please share!  I’m certain I missed hundreds. 

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