The SPN fans have spoken, and now it's our turn!  What deserving recognition does the WFB staff wish to give to Supernatural Season 11?  Alice, Nate Winchester, Lilah Kane and Elle have a few ideas. 

Alice's Awards

Best Appearance of Sam Winchester’s Hair

"Into The Mystic"

s11e11 k20

Yes, my annual obsession with Sam's hair continues!  Why "Into The Mystic?"  Go to our photo gallery and look at all the photos for the episode.  No matter what scene Sam's hair could do no wrong.  It's fluffy, it's in place, not a disaster to be seen anywhere.  I’m assuming Sam just got it cut because it’s perfect in every way, even when he’s sleeping!

spn1111 0193

Honorable Mention

The end of Baby.  Sam is all banged up, but the hair maintained it’s perfect integrity.  Will wonders never cease.

spn1104 2591

Worst Appearance of Sam Winchester’s Hair

"Our Little World"

spn1106 0374

In the episode overall the Sam hair was lacking it’s usual fluffiness.  It was really bad when he was playing G-man.  It was just slicked back too much, showing way too much forehead and not enough of that wild and untamed look we love.  I won’t even go into what a mess the back was.  Okay, I will.

spn1106 0508

Most Outrageous Dean Winchester Line

"Into The Mystic"

spn1111 0602
Sam: Turns out Harold was stealing the other resident's Viagra.
Dean: I know. A real dick move, huh?

Ha!  I heard that was adlibbed and I’m so happy they kept it.  

Or, there's always this...

"Love Hurts"

normal Love hurts 082

Sam: Is that a hickey?
Dean: And? It was Valentines's Day. I can't help it if I'm a hopeless romantic.
Sam: You got half of that right.
Dean: Just doing my civic duty, helping all the single ladies. You know the best thing about February 14th? You don't have to be 'Mr. Right,' just 'Mr. Right Now."

Or this from the same episode...

Dean: Silver lining about being cursed. I'll finally get some face time with Daisy Duke. My deepest, darkest desire.
Sam: Seriously?
Dean: Ever since I was seven.
Sam: So, Bach, not Simpson?
Dean: Pfft... Eh, I guess I wouldn't say 'no' to either.

Yeah, we'll call them all a tie. 

Best Winchester Hug

“Safe House”
1116 Hug2

Fine, it's not a full fledged hug, just a grateful grab and head rub from a ginormo brother that was very happy that his older bro didn’t get stuck in the great beyond.  It still counts! 

Best Shoutout to Foodies

"Don't You Forget About Me"

normal Don t you forget about me 066

Behold, The Elvis!
Sam:  What the hell is that?
Dean: That? That's the Elvis.
Sam:  Elvis?
Dean:  Mmm-hmm.
Sam: Is that a - ?
Dean:  That's a glazed donut.
Sam: Yeah.
Dean:  Two, actually. One topside, one on the bottom. Now, your inferior versions, they'll just take one donut, split it right down the middle. Mmm mm. Boom!
Sam:  Alright, well uh, I hope you enjoy it. (Sam slides it away from him.)  Wow.
Dean:  You know there are starving children out there.
Sam:  Dude, I'm not gonna survive hundreds of monster attacks to get flatlined by some double donut monstrosity.
Dean: The Elvis!

Then there's Sam and Dean getting the home cooked meal...

s11e12 105
s11e12 107

Kind of pornographic, isn't it?  Then let's not forget, home cooking isn't home cooking unless it goes home in Tupperware.  For these two guys, this required a lot of tupperware.  Luckily, there's a moose sized man who carry it all in one stack!

s11e12 585 closing

(This also could qualify as a best hair appearance)

Best Fortune Cookie Wisdom/Advice

"Beyond the Mat"

sp1115 1513

"I've been beat up, spit on, stabbed, roughed up. But I will be damned if I didn't always get back up. One thing I learned, you gotta keep on grinding no matter what's thrown your way."

Judging by his size, Gunner has eaten a lot of fortune cookies in his day. 

Best Shoutout to a Totally Epic Episode in a Prior Season from a Vastly Mediocre One

“The Devil in the Details”

spn1110 2162

Castiel: Hey, assbutt!
Lucifer: 'Assbutt,' I-I-I still don't get that.

(Coming on Page 2 - Nate Winchester's Awards)

Nate Winchester's Awards

Best Acting By An Inanimate Object/Being

Baby in "Baby"


(with co-star credit to the Coleman Green Cooler)

spn1104 1725

I mean... isn't this unanimous?

From Alice - Ha, it isn't!  You've forgotten the surprise appearance by an old friend that has apparently been in Sam's pocket this whole time...maybe.  It was gone as fast as it appeared, but you can't discount that it was there and glowing!
I also give this award to...the Samulet!

11.20 566 Glowing Amulet

Most Ludicrous Plot Straight Out of Fan Fiction

The DarknessTM!

normal O brother where art thou 594

Yes the entire arc!  The following is what I assume was a real event in the writer's room:

"Let's do God's sibling!"
"But I thought we established some things about the SPN universe that-"
"We already have the Devil, so what's the opposite of God? . . . First words in Bible are about Light!  So we'll make it Darkness!"
"Demons... Leviathan... we kind of have an overabundance of 'dark' motifs-"
"It'll be God's SISTER!"
"I really think such beings would be beyond things like sex and gender; and there's the questionable implications of making a being of dark & destruction female; plus we already have a motif about brothers-"
"And she'll be this totally sexy woman in this slinky black dress who Dean can't help but feel drawn too because Dean is so cute and nobody understands him like I-- she does!" 

normal O brother where art thou 533

"I picked the wrong day to quit sniffing glue."

9653432 large

Most Miraculous Act of Winchester Healing Not Involving an Angel

"Red Meat"

spn1117 0036

Just all of it.

spn1117 0721
spn1117 0865
spn1117 1666

Shock and blood loss do not work that way!

spn1117 1906

A transfusion and some Grade A sutures and he's ready to go?  Is this the best urgent care in the history of the world or what?

spn1117 3054

It doesn't steal the "you've got to be f___ kidding me" survival award from Oliver Queen but it is in 2nd place.

(You mean this? It's only a flesh wound!)

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Lilah Kane's Awards

Best Location For An Episode

The submarine in "The Vessel."  It was one of the many MOTW/mytharc episodes that were a masterpiece in season 11. It was like a mini movie to enjoy with a huge bowl of popcorn.  The submarine was well made and the crew and the mysterious woman of letters made us care about them.

s11e14 k248

Alice's Additional Note - While on vacation in Hawaii last month, I was able to tour the outside and inside of the USS Bowfin, which is one of the WWII submarines that the set was designed after.  All I can say is after being in that sub, it felt EXACTLY like I was part of "The Vessel."  Massive kudos to the set designers for their authenicity. 


They especially got the torpedo room right.  There were bunks on each side right above the torpedos on the Bowfin!

sp1114 1020

Most Humiliating Moment

"Beyond The Mat"

s11e15 88

Crowley, Lucifer's pet, being forced to lick the floor.  This scene made me really feel bad for Crowley and have pity on him. It was down right humiliating for the character and even he didn't deserve that treatment.  It was more painful to watch than funny.  

Best iconic moment/scene that will be talked about for years


spn1104 1224

Sleeping Winchesters in Baby's embrace. If I can't choose the whole "Baby" episode for this I will choose the scene where the boys talk and go to sleep inside the Impala. Then we see the iconic top view where they sleep side by side peacefully. Robbie Thompson also mentioned that the boys sleeping like that was the kick start for the episode. That scene/image was the one he saw first in his mind.

(Coming on Page 4, Elle's Awards)

Elle's Awards

Best Inside Joke

"Love Hurts"

spn1113 2042

Dean Wins Rock Paper Scissors  this has been a series long thing (obviously) and was funny to watch since Dean finally won, so excited at such he didn't claim the prize (I believe J&J talk about this in a con video). AND it truly is an inside joke, since I read a review of this episode on where the reviewer asked what she was missing in the RPS game because she didn't get the joke - obviously not someone watching from the start (which begs the question: what kind of people are they letting review our show?!). In short, a great nod to long time and/or devoted viewers. 

Honorable Mention

"Don't Call Me Shurley"

spn1120 0423

"Oh, I've been super busy. Yeah, I traveled. I started a blog. Mostly just pictures of cats. They're so cute. And, uh -- Oh, I signed up for Snapchat! And I started a new series of books. Revolution. But I don't think it's going anywhere."

Yep, Eric Kripke's post SPN series "Revolution" was cancelled at NBC after two seasons.  It literally went nowhere.

Series Long Myth Put to Rest

This sort of/kind of falls under this category since it's been around all series in one way or another: Did Sam or did he not pick up the Amulet, all those years ago? YES!

spn1120 3077

Best Appearance By A Supposedly Important Figure That Didn’t Go Anywhere

Billie the Reaper

spn1123 1689

A constant threat that ultimately culminated in nothing. Yes, she technically pulled out the souls for the bomb, but even that ended in a puff and fizzle since it never came to fruition. Awful lot of talk through the season, and the character certainly had the air of power and threat about her....and then nothing.

Coming up next, the third part of our awards, aka a bunch of other misc categories we missed.  After all, it's a 23 episode season.  There's a lot to recognize! 

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