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Lilah Kane's Awards

Best Location For An Episode

The submarine in "The Vessel."  It was one of the many MOTW/mytharc episodes that were a masterpiece in season 11. It was like a mini movie to enjoy with a huge bowl of popcorn.  The submarine was well made and the crew and the mysterious woman of letters made us care about them.

s11e14 k248

Alice's Additional Note - While on vacation in Hawaii last month, I was able to tour the outside and inside of the USS Bowfin, which is one of the WWII submarines that the set was designed after.  All I can say is after being in that sub, it felt EXACTLY like I was part of "The Vessel."  Massive kudos to the set designers for their authenicity. 


They especially got the torpedo room right.  There were bunks on each side right above the torpedos on the Bowfin!

sp1114 1020

Most Humiliating Moment

"Beyond The Mat"

s11e15 88

Crowley, Lucifer's pet, being forced to lick the floor.  This scene made me really feel bad for Crowley and have pity on him. It was down right humiliating for the character and even he didn't deserve that treatment.  It was more painful to watch than funny.  

Best iconic moment/scene that will be talked about for years


spn1104 1224

Sleeping Winchesters in Baby's embrace. If I can't choose the whole "Baby" episode for this I will choose the scene where the boys talk and go to sleep inside the Impala. Then we see the iconic top view where they sleep side by side peacefully. Robbie Thompson also mentioned that the boys sleeping like that was the kick start for the episode. That scene/image was the one he saw first in his mind.

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