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Nate Winchester's Awards

Best Acting By An Inanimate Object/Being

Baby in "Baby"


(with co-star credit to the Coleman Green Cooler)

spn1104 1725

I mean... isn't this unanimous?

From Alice - Ha, it isn't!  You've forgotten the surprise appearance by an old friend that has apparently been in Sam's pocket this whole time...maybe.  It was gone as fast as it appeared, but you can't discount that it was there and glowing!
I also give this award to...the Samulet!

11.20 566 Glowing Amulet

Most Ludicrous Plot Straight Out of Fan Fiction

The DarknessTM!

normal O brother where art thou 594

Yes the entire arc!  The following is what I assume was a real event in the writer's room:

"Let's do God's sibling!"
"But I thought we established some things about the SPN universe that-"
"We already have the Devil, so what's the opposite of God? . . . First words in Bible are about Light!  So we'll make it Darkness!"
"Demons... Leviathan... we kind of have an overabundance of 'dark' motifs-"
"It'll be God's SISTER!"
"I really think such beings would be beyond things like sex and gender; and there's the questionable implications of making a being of dark & destruction female; plus we already have a motif about brothers-"
"And she'll be this totally sexy woman in this slinky black dress who Dean can't help but feel drawn too because Dean is so cute and nobody understands him like I-- she does!" 

normal O brother where art thou 533

"I picked the wrong day to quit sniffing glue."

9653432 large

Most Miraculous Act of Winchester Healing Not Involving an Angel

"Red Meat"

spn1117 0036

Just all of it.

spn1117 0721
spn1117 0865
spn1117 1666

Shock and blood loss do not work that way!

spn1117 1906

A transfusion and some Grade A sutures and he's ready to go?  Is this the best urgent care in the history of the world or what?

spn1117 3054

It doesn't steal the "you've got to be f___ kidding me" survival award from Oliver Queen but it is in 2nd place.

(You mean this? It's only a flesh wound!)

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