You came you, you saw, you voted, you made your voice heard!  After an arduous month long process, we can finally announce the winners of our Supernatural Season 11 Fan Vote Awards.  There were 17 categories in all and there were some very surprising choices, some really close votes, and some total blowouts. Did your choice make it?  Let's find out.  


Best Supernatural Season 11 Episode

Winner (by a landslide)

s11e04 7



s11e02 136

"Form and Void" (2nd Place)

11.20 597 WeShouldTalk

Don’t Call Me Shurley (3rd Place)

Yep, this was a contest for second place, and I knew that would probably be the case considering Baby was the overwhelming favorite in the nomination process too.  But “Form and Void” only managed to grab second place from “Don’t Call Me Shurley” by two votes.  “Just My Imagination,” “The Vessel,” and “Safe House” didn’t have a chance.  

Editor’s Choice 

“Baby” all the way.  The best episode outside of the Kripke era.  

Worst Supernatural Season 11 Episode


"The Chitters"



"All in the Family" (Second Place)

spn1122 0649

"We Happy Few" (Third Place)

This vote was a lot closer, with "The Chitters" besting "All in the Family" by only 30 votes.  “Beyond the Mat” wasn’t that far behind “We Happy Few” but “Hell’s Angel” and “O’Brother Where Art Thou?” mainly avoided the wrath of this category.  

Editor’s Choice

"The Chitters"

Two for two with the crowd.  As extremely disappointed as I was with “All in the Family” and “We Happy Few” as the poor follow ups to a lackluster finale, "The Chitters" was the equivalent of “phoning it in."  Very weak filler.  It’s episodes like this that make me wonder why “Supernatural” gets 23 episodes in a season.  That means they have to give us 23 watchable episodes otherwise it’s useless to have that many.  I shall never put myself through “The Chitters” again.  

Funniest Scene in Supernatural Season 11

Winner (by a wide margin)

s11e08 213

Mom unknowingly smears Sparkle’s imaginary blood all over her - “Just My Imagination”

Runner Up 

s11e12 113 dinner1

The awkward dinner scene with Jody, Alex, and Claire - "Don't You Forget About Me"

Our winner did beat the runner up by a 2.1 to 1 margin, but between those two scenes, the others didn’t even register.  As a matter of fact, those were the only two mentioned in the nomination process.  Looks like the ones I came up with to fill up the vote with other candidates tells me that either my sense of humor is whacked, or “Supernatural” needs to work on doing more funny scenes.  

Editor’s Choice 

"Just My Imagination"

Oh yes, the “Sparkle” blood thing was funny, but if you add Sully’s description of the sparkly blood, “Even when he's dead, Sparkle can't stop shining," Dean asking Sam, who spotted his imaginary friend but Dean couldn’t see him, “Are you having a stroke? Do you smell toast?” and the wicked air guitar solo, I think I just might call most of “Just My Imagination” the Funniest Scene. 

Most Tear-Jerking Scene of Supernatural Season 11


11.23 418 SD hug
Alpha and omega 453

Scene at Mary’s grave, Sam and Dean hug farewell and Dean gives final wishes.  “Alpha and Omega”  


s11e08 469

Sam’s talk with Sully about the cage - “Just My Imagination” (Second Place)

RM 6

Dean discovering Sam’s “dead” body and his grief stricken promise to return - “Red Meat” (Third Place)

The vote between the top three was very close!  Going into the final day of voting any one of these three could have won.  In the end, the winner had beaten the second choice by 9 votes and the third place by 20 votes.  The other choices barely registered.  

Editor’s Choice 

Dean discovering Sam’s “dead” body and his grief stricken promise to return - “Red Meat”
This one killed me!  I really thought Sam was dead too.  The way that entire scene was shot, the lighting, Dean’s horrified reaction at finding Sam’s lifeless body, the angle from the floor next to “dead” Sam as Dean delivers his promise, so perfect.  I felt every ounce of Dean’s agony and how much his choice to leave killed him inside!  He was protecting others though and Sam would have wanted it that way, that is assuming that the bastard they were trying to safe didn't try to kill him.  

Best Brotherly Bonding Scene of Supernatural Season 11


spn1104 1032

The brotherly talk during a night spent in the Impala - “Baby”


spn1123 1980

Sam and Dean saying farewell at Mary’s grave - “Alpha and Omega” (Second Place)

Don t call me shurley 584

Dean won’t abandon a dying Sam - “Don’t Call Me Shurley” (Third Place)

The margin between first and second place was pretty close!  Quite a bit of brotherly goodness this year.  

Editor’s Choice

s11e04 109

The Night Moves scene - “Baby"

Yeah, I teared up a little during the scenes in both “Don’t Call Me Shurley” and “Alpha and Omega” but the “Night Moves” scene in “Baby” still makes my inner fan girl flail wildly in excitement.  A classic for the ages and it’s about time we saw goofing and fun with Sam and Dean.  It goes to show, they do know how to blow off steam on the road.  It’s not all doom and gloom.  

Best “Kick it in the Ass” Moment of Supernatural Season 11

Winner (by an overwhelming margin so wide that the other choices were rendered irrelevant)

RM 14

Sam F***ing Winchester taking down the werewolves and saving Dean from Corbin even though he’s been shot, left for dead in the deep woods, is bleeding badly and in agonizing pain – “Red Meat”

I’m not even going to bother mentioning runner-ups, because even adding their votes together still barely made up a third of what our winner got.  This choice won with a huge 67% of the vote.  It just goes to show, you can’t easily put a moose down.  

Editor’s Choice 

"Red Meat"

I’m with the masses.  That was just too badass not to notice.  Sam F***ing Winchester FTW.  However, my second place would have been Dean’s fight scenes in “Baby”.  I theorize that Jared was too big to do those scenes in the Impala so Jensen had to tackle them all.  So well done!  

Best Guest Star to be Introduced in “Supernatural” Season 11 



Nate Torrence - Sully, “Just My Imagination”  

Runner Up

s11e02 253

Lisa Berry - Billie the Reaper, Various episodes

Emily Swallow, aka Amara, finished third but she didn’t come close to the two winners.  Seems that God’s sister didn’t make that huge an impression with fans!  Nate Torrence though won with double the votes of Lisa, showing that Zanna tops Reapers in the hearts and minds of our viewers.  Better luck next year Lisa Berry, who we are sure will be back to torment Sam and Dean over the pesky death thing.  

Editor’s Choice

Lisa Berry - Billie the Reaper

I adored Nate Torrance and I'd love to see him back someday, but Lisa Berry's Billie the Reaper blew me away!  Her appearance singing "O' Death" in "Form and Void" is something I'll never forget.  What a powerful scene.  I swear she has a larger agenda than what's been revealed.  I hope anyway, because if not then Season 11 woefully wasted her talents.   

Best Guest Star from another season appearing in “Supernatural” Season 11


Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer - “Safe House” 



Rob Benedict  as Chuck Shurley - “Don’t Call Me Shurley,” “All in the Family,” “We Happy Few,” and “Alpha and Omega” (Second Place)

spn1116 2545

Steven Williams as Rufus Turner - “Safe House” (Third Place)


Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer - “O’Brother Where Art Thou?” “The Devil in the Details,” “Hell’s Angel” (Fourth Place)

This was a very close vote!  Four out of the five choices were in the running all the way until the end when Jim Beaver came away as the victor.  I think that confirms from the fans that we have never, never, never, never, ever, never, never forgiven TPTB for killing Bobby.  Hey, they can bring back Mary, why not Bobby?  

Editor’s Choice

"Safe House"

Sorry, it’s a tie.  I know that’s a cop out, but how can I choose?  Jim Beaver and Steven Williams both coming back together was just too amazing for words.  “Safe House” was easily one of my favorites of the season and it was all because of them.  

Best Ending to a “Supernatural” Season 11 Episode


Don t call me shurley 640

Chuck reveals himself as God to Sam and Dean, the amulet appears glowing in Sam’s pocket - “Don’t Call Me Shurley”


s11e04 591

Sam, Dean and Baby save the day, are banged up, and start the journey home - “Baby” 

spn1123 3074

Toni shoots Sam, Dean finds Mary alive - “Alpha and Omega”

God for the win!  Too bad that such an amazing ending, with the amulet finally on our radar again, was squandered and absolutely went nowhere for the final three episodes when the amulet was all but ignored.  Kind of a bittersweet victory, don’t you think?  

What’s really funny is that our third place finisher, the ending from “Alpha and Omega”, got almost as many votes in the worst ending category as well!  It just goes to show how polarizing the finale was.  

Editor’s choice

Chuck reveals himself as God to Sam and Dean, the amulet appears glowing in Sam’s pocket - “Don’t Call Me Shurley”

The ending of “Don’t Call Me Shurley” was Robbie Thompson’s swan song as well and the masterpiece was a farewell to us.  It was a beautiful ending and I wish the season had ended there.  

Worst Ending to a Supernatural Season 11 Episode


s11e11 557 sams apology

Sam apologizing to Dean for not looking for him, something that happened at the end of season freaking seven.  - “Into the Mystic”


spn1122 2936

Amara mortally wounds Chuck after one very clunky team up against her - “We Happy Few”

RM 17

Dean lying to Sam - “Red Meat”

11.23 593 Mary

Toni shoots Sam, Dean finds Mary alive - “Alpha and Omega” 

The winner is very interesting!  I guess a lot of fans are tired of the whole season eight mess and didn’t wish to see it rehashed.  I hope it gave Robbie Thompson closure though, since he knew at this time he was on his way out.  

Editor’s Choice

"O' Brother Where Art Thou?"

normal O brother where art thou 645

Sam is stuck in the cage with Lucifer, starts to cry, gets an inappropriate bunk mate joke from Lucifer - “O’ Brother Where Art Thou?”  

Sorry, but that ending ticked me off to no end.  Why did Sam shed that tear? Why did they end it with Lucifer making what was essentially a rape joke? I thought Sam had come so far at that point.  To pull the rug out from under him like that just sucked, a lot, especially when he was strong and defiant in the next episode.  I really, really, really wish these writers compared notes.  

Best Quote from Supernatural Season 11



Crowley: Don’t worry about Sam.  Dean: I’m sorry. Have you met me?  - “The Devil in the Details” 

Runners Up

normal spn1101 1986

Sam: What happened to us? Hunting things -- we're good at that. Sure, we're great at that. But that's only half of the bumper sticker, man. – “Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire” (Second Place)

spn1116 0520

Bobby: Were you ever nice? Rufus: 1985. Worst year of my life. - “Safe House” (Third Place)

This was a hard category with more choices than any other.  There was one clear winner, then the runner ups had a small competition going in their cluster, and then the rest just sort of lagged behind.  

Editor’s Choice

I defer, because I love all of these.  I picked most of them.  If I had to go with one though (if there’s a gun to my head), it would be Bobby and Rufus in “Safe House.’ 

Best Shoutout to Pop Culture in Supernatural Season 11


s11e10 26

Crowley gets a Sam Funko POP! vinyl doll for Christmas.  - “The Devil in the Details”


RM 11

Billie:  Game’s over, Dean. No more second chances. No more extra lives. Time to say bye bye to Luigi, Mario. – “Red Meat”

spn1122 0169

Dean: This is like the worst episode of "Full House" ever.  “We Happy Few"

There was a very nifty contest for second and third place, but our winner ran away with it.  You’ve got to admit, that’s one very bizarre dream for Rowena.  

Editor’s Choice

sp1115 2946

Lucifer:  You made me bleed my own blood.  (Simpson’s quote!) “Beyond the Mat” 

Hello! Hardcore Simpsons fan here... 


Worst Crime against “Supernatural” by the writers in Season 11?

Winner (tie!) 

normal The vessel 578

Bringing back Lucifer by possessing Castiel, calling him God’s “First” son and favorite, making him a petulant spoiled brat instead of the fearsome villain he’s always been. 

s11e02 309

Dropping Sam’s faith arc and new resolve to save people by midseason.  He didn’t even get a chance to have a serious talk with Chuck/God!


11.20 566 Glowing Amulet

Bringing back the amulet in one fantastic and emotional moment, and then never speaking of it again (You think it would have come up, where has it been all this time?  Why did Sam have it?)

The contest was heated between these three, so much we had a tie!  I thought this would be a pretty hard choice but in the end, three of them were mostly dismissed as less important compared to the others.  

Editor’s Choice

Bringing back the amulet in one fantastic and emotional moment, and then never speaking of it again (You think it would have come up, where has it been all this time?  Why did Sam have it?)

The fact that Robbie Thompson so wanted the amulet to make an appearance before he left and the four writers after him chose to completely ignore it like the moment never happened is UNFORGIVABLE to me.  At Comic Con, I want answers!  I also want to see it in Sam's pocket in season 12.


Most Gratuitous/Totally Sexy Moment of Supernatural Season 11


scnet spn11x08 0319

Sam and Dean in their sleepwear in the kitchen (gotta love Dean still wearing the dead guy robe) - “Just My Imagination”


SPN 0067

An infected Sam playing MacGyver - “Form and Void”

Yeah, the choices were kind of lame this year.  Even when Sam got laid in “Baby,” it was all off camera.  But two Winchesters in their sleepwear encountering an imaginary friend in their kitchen?  It wasn’t much, but we’ll take what we can get. 

Editor’s choice

An infected Sam playing MacGyver - “Form and Void”

What can I say.  I’m a sucker for Hurt!Sam AND Smart!Sam 

Best Plot of Supernatural Season 11


spn1104 0379

A whole episode from the Impala’s POV - “Baby”


spn1117 2569

Sam is shot and badly wounded in the remote wilderness while he, Dean, and two other victims are being hunted by werewolves - “Red Meat” 

spn1116 1547
spn1116 1551

Parallel stories of Bobby/Rufus and Sam/Dean hunting the same ghost years apart - “Safe House” 

The voting between the top three was pretty close.  

Editor’s Choice

Parallel stories of Bobby/Rufus and Sam/Dean hunting the same ghost years apart - “Safe House”

As much as I loved “Baby”, I found that to be more of an ideal concept that everyone got to run with, especially the production team.  It wasn’t really a big plot.  I loved “Red Meat” too but I thought the plot of “Safe House” was more clever and more complex.  Weaving together stories like that is not easy!  Plus we finally got the “Grumpy Old Men of Letters” line.  

Worst Plot of Supernatural Season 11



Vampires again? Claire again?   - “Don’t You Forget About Me” 


spn1119 2831

Supercharged cicada type mutant monsters?  Um no.  - “The Chitters” 

normal Beyond the mat 207

Sam and Dean solve a case with wrestlers - “Beyond the Mat” 

Again, the voting was pretty close in this category, at least for the three choices up above.
Editor’s Choice

Supercharged cicada type mutant monsters?  Um no.  - “The Chitters” 

If you’re going to run with a MOTW story, make the monsters creepy please.  Taking on the mutant type creatures that essentially went nowhere?  Not even a big kill?   The only thing that elevates the “Don’t You Forget About Me” plot in my mind is the return of the most awesome Jody Mills.  

Best Use of Classic Rock/Any Music in Supernatural Season 11


s11e04 114

“Night Moves” by Bob Seger - “Baby”

Runner Up 

spn1120 3036

“Fare Thee Well” sung by Rob Benedict - “Don’t Call Me Shurley”

These were the two stand out musical moments of “Supernatural” Season 11, bar none.  It was kind of cruel making people choose between one or the other, wasn’t it?  “Night Moves” still won with 40% of the vote over “Fare The Well’s” 29%, and “Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel” got 17%.  The other choices barely registered.   

Editor’s Choice

“Night Moves” by Bob Seger - “Baby”

I’m a Detroiter born and raised, and Mr. Seger is our native son.  I’ve always wanted to hear this song on the show and the use couldn’t have been more perfect.  Out in the back seat of the ’67 Chevy indeed!  

Coming up tomorrow, the WFB staff choice awards!  Well, just a couple of us writers with some opinions, because we have them.