This episode explored how people can cause rifts in their relationships by focusing on what they want and not thinking about others. On the other hand, focusing on other's needs instead of your own can bring you closer together with people. The interesting twist was that antagonists can act in the interest of others, and protagonists can be selfish, even ….

The Morning After

A round of applause for the fast pacing of season 2! Walker’s 4th episode of the year, “It’s Not What You Think”, answered yet more questions that were posed by Cordell’s first season investigation into the Northside Nation’s corrupt grip on Texas. Last week in “Barn Burner”, we learned that Serano instigated the surveillance on the Walker ranch. After Serano’s arrest, Dan Davidson took over the operation, eager for a chance to spy on his neighbor. But Hallelujah! Cordell discovered a camera and realized they were all being watched. His keen eye and astute assessment of the situation attests to his instincts and training as a ranger, which was a welcome endorsement of Cordell given all the humbling jabs he continues to endure from his family and partner. It was also a great relief that the eavesdropping mystery didn’t drag on as a tiresome plot device. It was in play long enough to be intriguing then was resolved before it became trite. Just as with Emily’s death, the first culprit to be blamed for the crime is not the person who is ultimately responsible. Once again, the perception of what happened is not the truth.

November 19, 2022.

One year ago today, the Supernatural family watched Dean die in a barn during a vampire hunt. Castiel was gone, taken in a moment of happiness by the Empty entity. Jack had vanished with a smile on his face, the new god of free will and blades of grass. Sam “carried on”, creating a life without his brother or his adopted family, dying of old age and natural causes after getting married and raising a son.

Sam and Dean found each other in Heaven, reuniting with the simple greeting, “Hey Sammy,” answered only with “Dean” and a tight embrace. 

Those were the last words ever spoken to us by Sam and Dean Winchester. 

New episode day!  Here's all the info we have about episode 2.04, titled "It's Not What You Think."

First, a synopsis from The CW.  Things are obviously picking up where they left off when Cordell discovered the hidden camera at the end of the last episode.  I'm with Liam on this one!

LIAM IS SUSPCIOUS OF THE DAVIDSONS – Walker (Jared Padalecki) tells his family about the surveillance cameras in their home and partners with Denise (guest star Tamara Feldman) to lure out whoever is watching them. Liam (Keegan Allen) doesn’t trust Denise, or her husband Dan (guest star Dave Annable), which frustrates Walker who is trying to mend the rift between the families. Micki (Lindsey Morgan) continues to deal with the ramifications of her time undercover. Jackie Tejada directed the episode written by Casey Fisher (#204).  Original airdate 11/18/2021. Every episode of WALKER will be available to stream on The CW App and the day after broadcast for free and without a subscription, log-in or authentication required. 

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Trauma in a barn is where Supernatural ended and where a hugely formative chapter of the Walker family life started. "Barn Burner" delivers some explanations, surprises, and a few head-scratchers, but all-in-all, it’s a good installment in what’s shaping up to be a solid second season.

People who are hurting tend to lash out. That was a major theme in this third episode of the second season. No one is immune to this, even the sweetest people can hurt others when they’re hurting. It’s what they do afterwards that sets them apart. The one who both teaches us this lesson and exemplifies it is … 

It's that time again, preview time!  Coming up now, episode 3, titled "Barn Burner."  It's a good old fashioned southern chili cookoff.  Perfect setting for plenty of drama!

Here is the synopsis of "Barn Burner" courtesy of The CW:

ABBY AND GALE FACE OFF AT THE SIDE STEP – Walker (Jared Padalecki) invites Gale Davidson (guest star Paula Marshall) to participate in the chili cookoff at the Side Step to try and make amends after years of their families feuding, however Abby (Molly Hagan) isn’t too pleased with the gesture. Micki (Lindsey Morgan) and Trey (Jeff Pierre) work on reconciling their relationship when she comes home after her deep undercover operation.  Joel Novoa directed the episode written by Arron Carew & Blythe Ann Johnson (#203).  Original airdate 11/11/2021. Every episode of WALKER will be available to stream on The CW App and the day after broadcast for free and without a subscription, log-in or authentication required. 

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Walker's episode 2.02, "The One Who Got Away", spent more time on the Texas Rangering than the family drama, which I prefer, so I thought it was a strong follow-up to last week's season premiere. We got some answers and some new questions, and the Davidsons didn’t act like they were strung out on drugs. People acted in reasonable and intelligent ways (at least by TV standards), and we got some interesting backstory about Micki.

What a roller coaster this episode was. There were so many twists and turns, and the many action sequences were intense. But even in the quieter moments, the episode was powerful. It was also filled with many revelations, some about …


This episode revealed that Walker was a target in the shooting at the end of last season, but so was Stan. The Northside Nation head, Serrano, wanted them dead to protect his interests. Walker was just too much a thorn in his side. This, of course, was Capt. James and Micki’s concern. And yet, Cordell seemed to want to continually use this to make himself the bait, much to the chagrin of people that care about him.  But he was simply trying to be a good ranger and friend. He’s worried about Micki. This is a theme throughout the episode, especially after Garrison dies. He wants to support her in this tough time. And even though they seem to exaggerate how bad Walker got when he was undercover, he is trying to use the mistakes of his past to help…