Hi, everyone! I'm back with another Supernatural Top Ten list! This time I'm featuring characters who either started as a Friend but then became a Foe, and/or characters who started out as an Enemy but later became an Ally. Once again, I chose my list by picking the first ten characters that came to mind, reasoning that these obviously had impacted and affected me the most. 

Now before you read my list, write down what you would pick. What ten "Friend to Foe" and/or "Enemy to Ally" did you think of first? 

Once upon a time there was a homicidal clown…Tell me if you’ve heard this one already. 

I do get where Eric Kripke and John Shiban were going with this.  In reality, clowns are creepy as hell.  They’re “funny” strange, not “funny” haha.  But aside from a chuckle or two watching Sam’s worst childhood nightmare surface, which is really strange considering his entire life is a nightmare, this story was too busy.  It was disjointed mess that didn’t do any of the multiple stories present any real justice.   Let’s follow the short attention span theater. 

Happy Father's Day! (belated) 

I really, really wanted to release this on Father's Day, but things just kept going wrong -like some microphone trouble, which you'll probably hear. Thankfully, I didn't have as much go wrong as John Winchester does in this story.

If you've been following The Winchester Family Business' "Breathtaking Photos" series, you know that I've had this idea for a while. What if we put together a series of our favorite photos of Supernatural's lead stars and characters? I'm not talking about the good pictures, or even the really good pictures, because, let's be honest, it's hard for the Supernatural actors to not be attractive in every picture they take! No, I'm thinking about the stunning pictures. The ones that stop you in your tracks. The ones that immediately distract you from what you are doing and demand that you devote your attention to absorbing every light variation, every freckle, every dimple, every pixel of the photo or filmed shot.  Would we all choose the same pictures? What exactly makes one image stand out from all the rest? Would all this pretty fill our hearts to bursting? These are important questions that deserve thoughtful answers!

To do this right, we're creating an appreciation photo stream for each actor and character individually. So far in this series, we've shown how talented photographers have captured the breathtaking charisma of Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins. We then turned our attention to the characters they each play on Supernatural, beginning with Sam Winchester! Now it's big brother Dean's turn, followed by our beloved angel, Castiel. To find the most breathtaking images of Team Free Will, I reviewed every screenshot, from every episode, from every season aired so far in Supernatural! Weeks of looking at Sam, Dean and Cas pictures to get you the best! 
When you’ve been conditioned to not say “I love you,” what do you do?

You prove it in other ways.

Vampires?  Meh. 

“Dead Man’s Blood” is not one of my favorites.  It’s not that it wasn’t well written.  It was written by Cathryn Humphries and John Shiban, two very strong writers at the time.  It’s not the directing.  This was shot by one time “Supernatural” director Tony Wharmby, who went on to establish a pretty great repertoire with the “NCIS” series and spinoffs.  It’s certainly not the acting, as Jeffrey Dean Morgan was prominent in this story and did quite a layered take on John Winchester.  Nope, it’s that I hate vampire stories in “Supernatural.”