If you have a weak stomach, be warned.  Some of these screencaps are pretty gross.  If you think you can handle it, read on!

I was inspired to write up this list by Ben Edlund's insane opening to "My Bloody Valentine."  Gruesome! We all know that Supernatural can be a really gory show.  And normally, I can handle what they throw at me.  I have a pretty strong stomach, thankfully, because you need one to watch this show!  But sometimes things happen that make me turn away from the TV because I just can't watch.  We all have our own personal fears and things we just can't stand to see, so what really creeps me out and makes me turn away may seem really tame to others.  I'm going to go through my Top 10 Cringeworthy Moments and tell you why they make me squirm.  And I'm curious to hear if you readers cringe at the same moments or have other ones that you can't stand, so fess up in the comments!

Honorable mention - Dean crawls through a dirt tunnel - "Jump the Shark"


Okay, I'm sure a lot of you have no problem with this scene whatsoever, but it just freaks me the hell out.  First of all, I have a bit of a visual claustrophobia thing going on, by which I mean I don't freak out when I'm personally in an enclosed space, but I don't like seeing other people in enclosed spaces.  Second, my all-time biggest fear is getting crushed to death, irrational as that may sound, and when you're crawling through a tunnel, that means there's something above your head that can collapse and kill you.  Here, Dean has to crawl through a dirt tunnel. Just look at that thing!  It's horrifying. Dirt tunnels collapse all the time! Dean, are you trying to give me a panic attack here?  The only reason it's not higher on my list is they don't actually show him crawling through the tunnel.  They only show him emerging from it, thankfully.  If they had, this might have been the worst scene in the entire show for me.

#10 - Dean gets shocked by the crash card paddles - "In My Time of Dying"  


Dean gets hurt a lot on this show. (Understatement!) This, however, is the hurt Dean scene I have the hardest time watching.  There's just something awful about seeing someone get shocked with those paddles.  When doctors have to use them on you, you're obviously in really bad shape.  It's pretty much a last-ditch effort.  The sound the charge makes when the doctor trigger the paddles is terrible. And your body is not supposed to buck up like that!  I just don't like it.

#9 - Isaac chugs drain cleaner - "The Magnificent Seven"    


This is horrifying.  My stomach churns every time I watch this scene.  Drain cleaner, of course, is highly poisonous.  It melts away your insides, which sounds like just about the most painful thing that could happen to a person.  So seeing Isaac chug the stuff like a frat boy on a Friday night is just brutal.  But what really gets me is that the consistency of the prop drain cleaner they used looks like really thin lemon Jell-o, and I hate Jell-o, so the thought of forcing down that vast quantity of the stuff makes me gag.  Ugh.

#8 - The hand in the Cuisinart - "After School Special"  



Who hasn't been reaching into their blender and panicked for a minute thinking it might turn on?  Those blades are dangerous!  I mean, they can chop ice like it's nothing, so imagine what they can do to your hand.  Or don't because you can watch this scene.  And you can tell me all about it because it makes me turn my head every time.  It's the second time on the show they've mangled someone's hand in an appliance because it's a pretty common fear, really, and it's creepy each time.

#7 - Man vs. the table saw - "The Kids Are Alright"    

Power tools are dangerous, as everyone knows.  And from the minute that table saw starts turning itself on, you just know what's coming.  But it's still terrible.  The sound effects in this scene are what really get me, especially the sound the saw makes as it hits the guy's ribs.  Plus, if you watch carefully, you can see the saw blade moving under his shirt.

#6 - The shapeshifter shifts shape - "Skin"    

This whole scene is just gruesome.  I mean, the shapeshifter is peeling off its skin, and not like a sunburn peel, either.  I'm talking a full, slimy layer.  Sick.  There are bones shifting and breaking, it pulls of an ear.  But the worst part is the teeth breaking out of the mouth.  Ever since I broke one of my teeth some years back, I hate seeing teeth break or fall out or anything like that.

#5 - Razor blades in the Halloween candy - "It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester" 


Okay, so I was already cringing at this scene when the guy made his confused face after he started eating the candy, but when they showed the view from inside his mouth as he reaches in and tries to free the razor blades almost made me lose it.  And of course they couldn't just show that once.  They had to show it three times!  Just thinking about that makes my gag reflex trigger.

#4 - Arm, meet garbage disposal - "Home"    

Garbage disposals are ominous.  Growing up, every time I had to put my hand down there to clear it out or pull a fork out or something stupid like that, I was nervous that somehow it was going to come on and mangle my hand.  I think that's a pretty natural fear, really.  So of course the writers exploited it for this scene.  As soon as I saw that guy stick his hand down the garbage disposal, I knew what was coming.  But that didn't make it any easier, and I still can't watch it happen.  It's just...arm pulp by the end.

#3 - The fingernail pull - "A Very Supernatural Christmas"  

Okay, so there's a reason that pulling fingernails and toenails and hammering spikes underneath nails is a torture method: it hurts like hell! Thanks to my many years  as a soccer player, I know what it feels like to get a nail pulled out whole, and let me tell you, it's horrible.  If you've never had this experience, I hope you never do.  So this scene is nigh unwatchable for me.  I just can't handle it because it reminds me of how painful it was to lose my nail.  Plus, it's just gross.

#2 - A couple eat each other to death - "My Bloody Valentine" 

SPN 0054

This is so messed up!  I mean, a love bite is one thing, but this is ridiculous!  Ben Edlund outdid himself with that scene.  It's horrifying.  The worst part is how much they're enjoying themselves throughout.  I know that's a Famine effect, but it's really, really creepy.  Is it wrong to say it's also a little bit awesome?  I mean, this is broadcast TV.  They're showing people eating each other to death!  It's kind of amazing what they can get away with sometimes.

#1 - Spitting teeth - "Malleus Malificarum"    


Wrong, wrong, wrong!  I just...I literally have nightmares about this exact thing.  Like I said before, I have a thing about teeth, and this is worse than the shapeshifter teeth scene because poor Janet was an innocent victim of a tooth-hating witch. Also, it's bloodier.  And it's super gross to see full teeth like that, all pulled out of the gums.  This is another scene that makes me gag.  It's just nasty, really.

So there are my personal Top 10 Cringeworthy Moments.  Remind me to never watch those scenes again!  So, do any of these scenes make your skin crawl?  Is there something else that does instead?