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The mood among the fandom lately has been downright sour. Dean fans vs. Sam fans, Jensen fans vs. Jared fans, Ruby haters vs. Ruby lovers and my favorite so far, The CW haters vs. The CW haters. No lovers in that mix.

So, to lighten the mood, especially since come late February the winter weather has rendered us downright miserable, I've come up with the perfect hiatus killer. It's time to recall with delight the Top Ten Funniest Scenes for all seasons of Supernatural.

When chopping down a massive list, I usually come up with arbitrary rules to make the process easier. Not this time. I watched, and depending on how hard I laughed, that's what made the mix. Remember also, these are funniest scenes, not funniest episodes. So, while Hell House in its entirety is a treat, I couldn't single out one scene that stood above the rest. Same with Ghostfacers.

Considering it's a long hiatus and the arduous process of sharing video clips is involved, I'll be revealing one episode a day for the next ten days. Today, it's a bonus, for I'll also share my choice for Honorable Mention as well as #10.

Honorable Mention: Hell Hazers II, Again!

Some of the best comedy comes from self depreciating humor and inside jokes. "œHollywood Babylon" was loaded with those devices, making some funny laugh out loud lines. My personal favorite is Sam running at the mention of seeing the cast of The Gilmore Girls. When recalling the episode though, only one scene stands out. One that not only makes fun of the very genre that makes Supernatural thrive, but makes light of the ludicrous writing that plagues so many sequels in horror and other action genres. In other words, redundancy can be funny. So can inserting scenes from other episodes that were never quite on their game, turning them into really bad movies.

This is on the list mostly because of a personal slant, thus the honorable mention ranking. Recently I attended McG's panel for Terminator Salvation at New York Comic Con. In one of the questions he made fun of himself for getting his start with the Charlie's Angels movies. So, when I pulled out this clip yesterday to share for viewing, I finally got that inside joke and its hysterical. Considering this episode contained several slams on McG, even giving the shallow producer of Hell Hazers II that name, the mention of the Charlie's Angels movies becomes ten times funnier.

#10 - Count Dracula orders pizza - "Monster Movie"

A guy paying for a pizza with a coupon is not funny. Count Dracula paying for pizza with a coupon is borderline strange. When Count Dracula's diabolical session of cheesy torture with Dean, dressed strangely in lederhosen, is interrupted by a pissy pizza delivery dude not at all intimidated or impressed with the whole Vampire act, doesn't care if garlic is on the pizza, and wants his money now because he has other deliveries, that's amusing. When dastardly Count Dracula finally does pay, pulling out a coupon from his costume, it's hilarious. Comedy is all about timing, and that punchline wins.


# Tigershire 2009-02-19 23:30
Ah, I love Monster Movie. That was an awesome episode and this was a fantastic scene. Hollywood Babylon is also one of my favourite episodes because of all the inside jokes (even the ones about our weather! smirk).

This is a great idea Alice. I look forward to tomorrow's installment!
# Suze 2009-02-20 04:41
Good start :lol: This one was just on the tv and it's even more fabulous without all the freezy spots. The whole thing was pretty much pitch perfect but this bit was the definitely one of the high points ( also Sam finding the projectionist's ears don't come off, that was a scream! )

I really liked Hollywood Babylon too, it managed to alternate scary and hilarious and I so loved the last shot where they walk off into a glorious sunset but then someone moves the backdrop and it's raining as usual. :D

What's the thing with CW haters Vs other CW haters, I missed that ...
# Elle 2009-02-21 10:11
Monster Movie was so funny! Everything from Dean's "re-hymenated" theory through Sam taking down the "door"/set with his long legs.
Great start, Alice. Thanks for the reprieve from February blahs and lack of new Supernatural episodes.
Mary Bardicvoice
# Mary Bardicvoice 2009-02-21 17:49
This countdown is a great idea, Alice - and definitely a fun way to work through the hiatus. (And I found my way here, yay!)

Hollywood Babylon cracked me up so many times for so many reasons, and the fake movie trailer had me positively howling. And Monster Movie was magnificent right from the get-go. I love the way that Kripke and Co. can have fun and advance the plot and the character development at the same time ...