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Let's have some fun. Heaven knows, we all need it. 

In Part 1 of "Supernatural Top 10 Best and Worst Dressed Characters", I ranked the top 5 worst wardrobe choices in the history of Supernatural. From the heavenly host to the gods above, we proved that supernatural beings may be all powerful but they certainly don't always know how to dress. 

It's always better to be positive than negative, though, so let's double that number when looking for the BEST dressed characters in Supernatural! Actually, it was fairly easy to think of outfits that made a lasting, good impression throughout the years. Turn your mind's filter to 'clothing mode' and let the images pop up randomly. See? You probably thought of many of the same fashionistas I remembered... but then again, maybe you came up with a lot more!

So, think of the 10 BEST outfits worn on Supernatural. Witch, demon, hunter, angel, or victim about to die, who were smartest dressers from the past 15 years? Which outfits really stood out for you? Prepare your lists before reading mine. I'll wait....

You're back! Okay, let's get started!

Supernatural's Fashion Forward Hall of Fame

Honorable Mention: Yoga Instructor Sam - 9.13 "The Purge"

ALWAYS a win, muscle-clad Sam in a tank top and shorts. Showing off one's buffed physique while working out is one of the best reasons in the world to go to the gym! 


SPN 0977

Look at that beautiful landscaping outside the spa! What? You didn't notice the plush greenery? Yeah, I totally understand. 

Honorable Mention: Medieval Sam, Dean and Charlie - "LARP and the Real Girl" 8.11

Admit it These costumes make you smile. Just looking at them, you know people are having fun. 


These guys are joyful, carefree and living in their dream world - if only for an hour or two.


Charlie doubled down by looking fabulous in the best medieval warrior garb ever fashioned for a reigning queen...

while also enjoying the splendor of her court.


#10 Vacationing Amara - 15.02 "Raising Hell"

Nothing says independent, confident woman like a mustard yellow pant suit!

15.2 1541 Amara Yellow Suit

Talk about making an impression! This outfit took command of the room (and any pesky godlike brothers) as soon as Amara emerged from her boudoir. 

15.02 1551 Amara jacket

An animal print blouse, multiple rings on every finger, and look at those earrings! Is that green nail polish? This woman's fashion is saying everything she wants to say to her brother, and then some! You go girl!

#9 Cowboy Sam and Dean - 6.18 "Frontierland" 

Is it the Stetson hats or the leather vest? Maybe we just like the idea of Sam and Dean as cowboys?


Or maybe we want to live in a town where Sherriff Dean keeps the peace... 



and dreamy eyed Sam rides his horse up to the fence of our Ponderosa ranch house. 

6.18 sam cowboy closeup

I'm not sure where fantasy ends and fashion begins, but these outfits work well on these boys!


#8 Billie as Death 

You know, there was nothing special about Billie's outfit. It was simply a black tee (or body suit) and black jeans, but those pieces alone, fitted skin tight, let you know she was woman/reaper/entity you didn't want to cross.

13.5 1288 New Death
13.05 "Advanced Thanatology"

The full length black leather coat and black gloves simply put the exclamation mark on the statement that she was the new supreme master of Death. 

SPN 1378
13.05 "Advanced Thanatology"

Striking a pose in black on black says don't mess with me in so many ways. 

SN1319a 0173b
13.19 "Funeralia"

Understated and powerful. That was perfect Billie. 

#7 Rowena's Gowns

Even in the depths of Hell (or Hell adjacent hideout), Rowena wouldn't be found dead in anything other than the most stylish dress.

10.17 1713 Rowenas gown
10.17 "Inside Man"

While not above using her feminine wiles to lure her marks, seduce her co-conspirators, or distract her intended victims (when on the occasional assassination mission), it never appeared that Rowena used her clothing as weapons. They always seemed to be a genuine extension of her personality.  

normal spn1017hd0580 lt
10.17 "Inside Man"
Is that a shawl over her dress, or a part of the dress? I wish I could get infinity scarves to lay that perfectly on me. 

normal spn1017hd1254 lt
10.17 "Inside Man"

Look at that cloak! While it may be the expected overgarment of a witch of a bygone Scotland, it's dramatic nonetheless. 

Rowena as a socialite was never a disappointment, either. From the front, side and back, her gowns were the height of fashion. 

13.19 0009   13.19 0079 side view    13.19 0061
13.19 "Funeralia"

Ironically, her last dress on Earth was not a favorite of mine. I was all for the color but the satin draping and elastic cuffs were a cross between high school musical and Amara's hand-me-downs (See Supernatural's Worst Dressed Characters). The overall impression Rowena left, however, was class through and through. What were your favorite gowns from Rowena's closet?

#6 Samifer 

The jaw-dropping impact when Sam appeared in that all white suit was enough to secure Samifer a place in our fashion hall of fame. 

5.04 "The End" 

It almost appears as if Sam's shirt is a cream color in these shots, but I've never noticed that on my television. I just remember white did not stand for the good guys, and being terrified by the menace hidden behind the suit color's undeserved, feigned innocence.  

5.04 "The End" 

Ten years later, the same white suit carried the same message of doom for Dean.

15.05 0279 Samifer
15.05 "Proverbs 17.3"

Messaging through clothing at its best.

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