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Welcome back to "Top Six Favourite Episodes", this time for season thirteen. These episodes are, still to this day, the nearest and dearest to my heart, my comfort episodes, the ones I go to when I need a laugh or a cry or the comfort of an old friend. 

Before you read my list, make your own list of season 13 favourites! It will be fun to compare your unbiased choices (before you are unduly influenced by my memories or picks) to mine. Nightsky reveals her Top 6 season 13 favourites after mine, so you'll have two WFB staff lists as a comparison!

So without further ado, here's my list of Season Thirteen Favourites!  The list is by order of appearance only, as they all are equal in their importance to me. 

1) "Lost and Found"

This episode continues from last season.

SPN 2022

Mary and Lucifer are trapped in the alternate universe.   

12.23 2650

Kelly and Cas are dead,      

SPN 0038

and newborn Jack is a scary teenager.    

SPN 0040

Jack and the brothers' first introduction doesn't go well. Dean's reaction of pulling out his gun threatens Jack.    

SPN 0054

Jacks responds by sending them flying.    

SPN 0274

A naked Jack makes his way to a fast food chain looking for his father. 

SPN 0563

Clark and Jack go to the police station where Clark's mother is sheriff.   

SPN 1014

Sam and Dean trace Jack to the station were Dean confront the sheriff with the truth. 

SPN 1970

Later, after they are released from the police station, they go back to the cottage and make a pyre for Castiel. 


2) "The Rising Son"

SPN 0195

Mary and Lucifer are still trapped in the alternate universe, trying to figure out how to escape. 


While heading back to the Bunker, Sam, Dean and Jack stop at a hotel for the night. During their meal, there is a cute moment of Jack mimicking Dean's motions.     


Donatello shows up at the hotel, being drawn by Jack's birth.        

13.2 0849 sigils

The brothers take Jack to get an anti-possession tattoo, however the tattoos dissolve.  

SPN 1419

Asmodeus disguises himself as Donatello and tricks Jack into raising the Sedrim. 

SPN 1728

The brothers and Donatello track down Jack. Asmodesus tries to kill them,         

SPN 1753

but Jack stops Asmodeus. 

SPN 1923

Later, back at the Bunker, a scared and confused Jack repeatedly stabs himself until Dean stops him. 


3) "Advanced Thanatology"

SPN 0208

Sam talks Dean into working on a case of a missing teen. 


They try talking to the only witness Shawn, but he's too traumatized to speak.  


The only clue they can get are the pictures he keeps drawing.      

SPN 0636

Later, Sam is able to get through to Shawn and finds out what happened to the missing boy.  Sam then informs a hung-over Dean. 


Sam then gets a call from Shawn's mother saying that he is missing. Sam and Dean go to the home of Dr. Meadows. The spirit of the doctor appears and goes after the brothers. While Sam holds off the spirit, Dean burns the doctor's masks.  However, they find the house is full of spirits. They don't know where the bodies are, so they can't burn their bones.    


In order to find the ghost bodies, Dean kills himself. Sam is to revive him in 3 minutes.  


Dean ends up in Heaven meeting the New Death Billie. Billie agrees to release the spirits trapped in the veil, but she wants intel and advises that Dean and Sam are important, that they have work to do. She then sends Dean back to his body. 

SPN 1790

Later, Dean gets a call and goes to the location to find.....      

13.5 1799 Reunion Cas

... Castiel is alive!   

4) "Tombstone"

13.6 0119 Dean reunion

Continuing from the last episode..hugs are given between Cas and Dean... 

13.6 0124 Sam hug

and with Sam.....  

13.6 0231 Jack hug

and later with Jack.  

SPN 0383

Dean is all excited over the cowboy hotel room ...  

SPN 0384

... while Sam, Cas and Jack watch his excitement.        

SPN 0489

Cas and Jack have a moment to talk.                             

SPN 0870

Sam and Jack work together, 


while Cas and Dean work together.   

SPN 1902

After Jack accidentally kills a security guard, he decides he's not safe to be around and leaves the safety of the bunker. 


5) "Scoobynatural"

13.16 0391 logo


Sam and Dean solve a case with a possessed dinosaur terrorising a shop.  

13.16 0231 ManCave

As a reward, the shop owner allows Dean to take a big screen TV, which he uses to turn one of the bunker rooms into a Man Cave.        

13.16 0370 malt shop

After turning on the TV, the brothers and Baby find themselves in a cartoon world.   

13.16 scooby gang

Actually, the Scooby-Doo world! Dean gets to meet his favourite characters.                         

SN1316c 0005

Dean fits right in.      

SN1316c 0006

The gang go to 'A reading of a Will' where Scooby is one of the heirs. All the heirs must survive one night in the mansion to inherit a million dollars each.          

SN1316c 0008

One of the heirs gets killed, which has never happened in the Scooby universe. 

SPN 0985

They find out Cas was also pulled into the Scooby world and is now able to help them.   

13.16 1925

They find a young boy who explains he is dead and that his spirit is tied to a pocket knife. A bad man slips the knife into various things like the dinosaur and the TV, making him lose control.  Sam and Dean tell him that they'll help him if he'll get them back to their world.     

SN1316A 0251b

The boy sends them back and they solve the case. The bad guy is a crooked real estate developer, like in so many Scooby episodes.    

6) "Let the Good Times Roll"

13 23 0143 Bobby Mary Romance

Mary and Alt Bobby are discussing things when they happen upon a dead Maggie.   

SPN 0428

Jack is upset over Maggie's death. He goes after the guy he believes killed her, but finds out he was wrong.     

SPN 0721

He goes for a walk to clear his head when Lucifer shows up.  He talks Jack into joining him. Jack agrees but asks for one favour.          

SPN 0875

Lucifer fulfills his promise and comes and resurrects Maggie.  During that time, Michael shows up.   

SN1323b 0541b

Jack learns that Lucifer was the one who killed Maggie and is working with Michael. Lucifer slashes Jacks neck and takes his grace. Lucifer then disappears taking Jack and Sam with him.      

SPN 1660

Dean makes a deal with Michael. Dean will be Michael's vessel until they defeat Lucifer.   

SPN 1779

Michael/Dean find Lucifer's location. Michael and Lucifer battle it out.                          

SPN 1947

Michael kills Lucifer.                                 

SPN 2096

However, Michael betrays Dean and continues to take over his body.                 


Those are my top favourites for season thirteen! As promised, here are Nightsky's "Top 6 Favourite Episodes" for season thirteen, in order of preference:

  1.  "Scoobynatural"
  2.  "Lost and Found"
  3.  "Let the Good Times Roll"
  4.  "The Bad Place"
  5.  "The Scorpion and the Frog"
  6.  "A Most Holy Man"

Nightsky: That's interesting! Only 3 episodes are on both my and Karen's lists! My first 3 episodes are among my top 28 favorites for the series. "The Bad Place" rounded out my top 50, mostly because of the ending sequence. The rhythmic action at the climax is still one of my favorite scenes. The last two episodes made my top 100 because of their humor and/or heart. The creative direction of "A Most Holy Man" made it mysterious and different, plus I really liked the calming, sage wisdom of the priest. I'll be curious to see your lists! I admit that I need to rewatch season 13 to refresh my memory. I'm anxious to see if I forgot something obvious!

Which episodes make your top 6? What surprised you, either by inclusion or exclusion, from my or Nightsky's lists? Make your lists now, if you didn't before you read our favorites, then compare to where the episodes fall in WFB's Ultimate Top 100 Hiatus Challenge!

Having fun comparing favorites? Watch for season 14's list, coming soon! 

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