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Welcome back to "Top Six Favourite Episodes", this time for season eleven. These are, still to this day, the nearest and dearest to my heart, my comfort episodes, the ones I go to when I need a laugh or a cry or the comfort of an old friend. 

Before you read my list, make your own list of season 11 favourites! It will be fun to compare your unbiased choices (before you are unduly influenced by my memories or picks) to mine. If you regularly rewatch the series from the beginning (on Netflix, with TNT TV or on DVD), or if you followed the Supernatural Top 100 Episode Countdown that The Winchester Family Business unveiled during the 2019 hiatus, these episode should be fresh in your mind!!  Nightsky reveals her Top 6 season 11 favourites after mine, so you'll have two WFB staff lists as a comparison! 

So without further ado, here's my list of Season Eleven Favourites!  The list is by order of appearance only, as they all are equal in their importance to me. For season 11, you may notice that I have episodes 1 & 2  joined as one episode. Since two is continued from one, I figured I could cheat a little!

"Out of the Darkness into the Fire" (Part 1)

Darkness with Dean 225

After the Darkness is released, she takes Dean to thank him.     

SPN 0095

Meanwhile, Sam wakes up and searches for Dean, who he eventually finds passed out in the field.      

SPN 0456

While heading home, they come across a construction site. The workers are all dead, plus a family in a car. However, one worker survived and seems to be infected with a virus that made them all go crazy.  

Supernatural S11E01 1080p kissthemgoodbye net 0825

When the worker attacks the brothers, he is shot by Deputy Jenna Nickerson. She responded to a 911 call and found the workers attacking the family. She managed to kill the deranged attackers but was wounded in the process.                       

SPN 0611

Sam and Dean take Jenna to the hospital, but find almost everyone dead there, too. 


They find survivor Mike and his newborn Amara. Unfortunately he is also infected and gives his daughter to Jenna to care for, as he know he doesn't have long to live. 

SPN 1096

The hospital gets invaded by more infected people. Dean and Jenna  leave with Amara to find a safer place while Sam stays to find a cure.   

normal spn1101 2463

Sam ends up getting attacked and is now infected. He doesn't tell Dean when he calls for an update. Sam is determined to find a cure. 

Cas in Barn 92

Meanwhile, Cas is dealing with the animal spell Rowena put on him....    

SPN 0800

...and Crowley had to find another meat suit, until his old one was released from Rowena's immobilization spell. 

"Form and Void" (Part 2)

SPN 0103

Dean takes Jenna and Amara to Jenna's grandmother's home. 

SPN 0453

Jenna and Grandma witness Amara's abilities....          

normal spn1102 0848

... and needs.        


Grandma is a little freaked out by Amara and calls for a priest, Father Crowley.        

s11e02 407

While Dean and Father Crowley go out to discuss the situation..... 

SPN 1214

Jenna becomes soulless from Amara feeding off of her and Jenna kills her grandma.  

s11e02 136

As for Sam, he is getting as much information from other infected people so he can find a cure.  

SPN 0874

After feeling despondent, he goes to the chapel and prays for Dean to survive.   

SPN 0654

Sam is then introduced to Reaper Billie who informs him that his time is near and he won't be coming back. She also gives him a little hint that he won't be going to Heaven as he is unclean in the biblical sense.        

CuringSam 470

After some time, Sam figures out the cure is heating the virus out with holy oil.       



"A Day In The Life Of Baby"

spn1104 0127

Getting pampered with a wash and blow dry.        

s11e04 109

Enjoying good tunes .....                               

s11e04 117

....  listening in on the light conversations and banter....                                                      

11.04 204

... as well as the more serious talks.                      

normal Baby 339

Providing a safe place to sleep, being a home for the night.      

s11e04 306

Some down falls do happen .... being hi-jacked and taken for a joy ride.          

normal Baby 691

Having fights from the inside...      

s11e04 367

... and those on the outside.             

s11e04 591

Enduring the battle scars.                


Or worse, seeing those you love endure battle wounds.     

"Into The Mystic"

normal Into the mystic 030

A flash back 30 years ago in Cork, Ireland, were a couple is killed....

S11E11 57 

by a Banshee.   

s11e11 49

Their little daughter survives but her ear drums burst from the Banshee's wail.   


Back to present day where Sam can't sleep due to nightmares of his time with Lucifer.     

s11e11 113

The brothers investigate a strange death at an retirement home.    

s11e11 k15

They find out the victim was stealing Viagra pills. As Sam reads the victim's profile, Dean casually pockets one of the prescriptions.                              

s11e11 325 mildred close up

That evening, the manager is attacked and killed by the Banshee. The attack is witnessed by one of the residents, Mildred.                

s11e11 k31

Dean interviews Mildred and finds she a little extra friendly.                


Sam investigates Eileen and finds out she is also a hunter and was..... 

s11e11 k27

... the infant who lost her hearing and her parents to the Banshee years ago.                    


Dean goes back to the bunker to get the gold blades they need to kill the Banshee and finds Cas there. Dean is still unaware that Cas is possessed by Lucifer.             

s11e11 460

Dean goes back to the home and waits with Mildred, ...                       

s11e11 427

....Sam and Eileen for the return of the Banshee.                          


When the Banshee arrives, it is Dean that is affected instead of Mildred.              


Mildred and......                              

s11e11 509 Eileens kill

Eileen are able to kill the Banshee.                                          

normal Into the mystic 580

As Sam and Dean leave ...                

normal Into the mystic 582

... they are watched on by some adoring fans.   

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