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Rocky and Bullwinkle Nicknames
Let’s face it, the most endearing pet names for Sam and Dean have come from Crowley.  It all started in season five’s “The Devil You Know,” when Crowley asked Dean “Where’s your moose?”  Jared didn’t help things when he joined Twitter at Salute to Supernatural in Nashville in 2011 calling himself “Moose.” 
Yes, the "Moose" name has been used numerous times from season five to current day.  It wasn’t until the season eight opener that Crowley pulled out the “Squirrel” moniker for Dean.  However, starting in season nine in the episode "Blade Runners," Dean’s name on Crowley’s phone is revealed to be “Not Moose.”  
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Oh, but Dean didn't take this taunting lying down!  I howled over Dean calling Crowley and Rowena “Boris and Natasha” in season ten after Crowley used the “Squirrel” name on him.  Now I want to see a Rocky and Bullwinkle skit with these four in full character.  You know this can happen at a con.  Are you reading Creation Entertainment?