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Busty Asian Beauties 
This is another one started in season two, first mentioned in one of my personal favorite episodes, "Tall Tales."  Then, it was just a porn site.  We really didn't get to see the site though until season three's "Long Distance Call."
 SPN 0216
Ever since then there's been sightings of the racy magazine in one place or another.  It was one of the first things Dean got to see after his return from Hell in season four's "Lazarus Rising"...
vlcsnap 00019
There's the oversized living teddy bear with the porn addiction in season four's "Wishful Thinking"...
vlcsnap 00033
And we even learned that the Men of Letters loved a prior and more refined version of the magazine, Voluptous Asian Lovelies in season eight's "Goodbye Stranger."  
The last mention was in season ten, in both "Black" and "Soul Survivor" and they were brief.  I’m stunned that Chuck didn’t mention the oriental babes after going through Dean’s porn collection in season eleven.  A golden opportunity lost.  I'm sure there will be other mentions before this show is over.