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Casa Erotica 
Casa Erotica also is more of an oldie and a goodie started in season two, just like Magic Fingers,  It still makes me smile.  Who knew straight laced Sam Winchester privately loved cheesy motel porn flicks? 
Then Casa Erotica was famously re-enacted by Gabriel in his post demise message to Sam and Dean in "Hammer of the Gods."  Oh yes, Dean wisely closed the laptop before things got too graphic. 
After season five Casa Erotica didn't get mentioned again until season nine, where it was mentioned a couple of times.  Dean got to live the dream and bang an ex-actress who starred in one of the films in "Rock and a Hard Place."  But that's nothing compared to "Meta Fiction," where none other than our wayward angel Castiel got to see the latest update of the campy classic.  Casa Erotica 14!
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