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In honour of season 11 and all the attitude adjustments it wrought, today we’re counting down some of the top ten “redemption” hits in Supernatural history.

Honourable Mentions

Before diving into the major hitters, we have some honourable mentions that didn’t quite make it onto the final list. These characters either (1) had their turn arounds/revelations off-screen/before meeting the boys or (2) weren’t actively operating against the Winchesters, but rather came to an understanding of something in a brand new way as a result of the Winchester passing through their lives – and for their betterment.

As always, in no particular order:

Bela Talbot

Only just squeaking onto this list in any form or fashion, I ultimately decided to include Bela because it could be argued (albeit loosely) that Ms. Talbot had a deathbed turnaround when she decided to give up the information about Lilith to Dean. True enough, this may have a self-serving end to it, hoping the Winchesters achieve revenge on Lilith that she herself isn’t able to get. On the other hand – deathbed desire for some sense of redemption before going to Hell? Also possible – and enough to earn Bela her place among the HM.


Do we need to explain why he’s here? Our beloved Purgatory pal fell in love and gave up the usual vampire diet – and his clan’s pirate ways – as a result. None of this ended well for Benny, both times it led him back to Purgatory, but once he was committed Benny never drank a person to death.

Anna Milton

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This angel makes the HM list because of her decision to remove her grace and live as a human. Anna was stationed on earth for millennia and came to desire to understand humanity first hand. This was done independent of the Winchesters. Of course, all her actions from the time we got to know her until her death – entirely Winchester related and not for the better in the end.


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It’s hard to make an argument about the redemption of God (then again, this is Supernatural) so let’s just say, he came to a new realization about his sister after talking to the Winchesters and Metatron too. And thank goodness for human kind.

Henry Winchester

Grandpa Winchester is less than thrilled to discover his grandsons (and son) are hunters. Why doesn’t he like hunters? Mostly it’s the “…the unthinking, unwashed, shoot-first-and-don't-bother-to-ask-questions-later part” that bothers him. After he’s spent time with Sam and Dean, he’s changed his mind, at least about his own blood – after all, they are Winchesters, right?

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