Yes, now that the excitement of Comic Con has passed, I'm writing up random lists at work while bored.  By popular demand (both of you!), I present The Top Ten Motel Rooms of Supernatural.  There's no real criteria here, just that they stand out. 

#10 - "Playthings" 

In going through the possible list, I vividly remembered that two great looking but tough guys being mistaken for gay antiquers shouldn’t be hanging out in a luxury New England inn with a really weird wedding dress on the wall. “What the?” indeed. Dean for the first time actually had to deal with tipping the bell hop. It did have a courtesy bar though, thus allowing Sam to get drunk. I didn’t envy their hotel bill though, those things are expensive.  Their room also had a nice toilet for Sam to puke in.  Plus all those creepy dolls, grandma in the attic, and a perfect covered pool for Sam to jump into and come out all wet. Not your average hotel by any means. 


#9 – "Nightshifter"
This room makes the list for one reason.  It's got a tackiness factor of "11" in the not so subtle homage to “Schultz” beer. What, Schiltz didn’t want to pay for the product placement? The piece with the logo between the beds, and the ridiculous room divider behind Dean is just pure tacky with a capital T. Plus, there’s a picture of a cow on the wall. Apparently, Wisconsin is known for beer and cows. Again, its about the pieces that stand out, and things in that room always make me chuckle.

#8 – "Nightmare"
This is here for one reason only, my upbringing in Michigan. Someone got the Michigan hunting lodge down pat. Some of you may or may not know, Michigan is big on deer hunting. Every November, thousands of stupid men take off work for a week or two and usually spend more time in these quaint hunting lodges playing poker and drinking beer than actually bagging any deer. Their wives usually see more in the backyard while they’re gone. The joke has always been they have a better chance getting one by hitting it with the truck than shooting dear Bambi. 
Anyhow, as someone who has seen a few of these lodges firsthand, they got this one perfect. I especially laugh over the fact that Dean is seen in this lodge cleaning the guns. That’s way more than these “deer hunters” do with firearms. Also, this room introduces the infamous deer's head. The one that’s seen in several other episodes, including #10 on this list.