Whenever I need a great laugh I often find myself turning towards the Supernatural Gag Reels. They always make me feel better and giggle with glee. There are so many fantastic moments in them, but I thought I'd narrow them down to just twelve. Feel free to add any that you really enjoyed. I'd like to see what other faves are out there.

Honorable Mention 1: Jared and Jensen appearing as Chip n' Dale priests and Jensen fighting with his shirt (season 1 and 7)

Everyone remembers the priest outfits from the episode "Nightmare" very well. Black, reserved, and with the white collars, Sam and Dean use the disguise to get into the Miller household. They need to find out why those in the family are dying---all based on Sam's visions. Of course the gag reel takes it to a whole different level. Instead of the reserved priestly garb, the boys appear in cutoff shirts with the collars, posing as male strippers. It's pure fun. Flash forward to season 7 and we get treated to another scene with Jensen stripping solo this time. Unfortunately it's not going so well---or as smoothly. One hand is caught in the sleeve and try as he might, he can't seem to get the shirt all the way off. That's okay, as we're afforded a nice shot of his chest and torso---all while getting the chance to laugh. Perhaps if he had brought the priest stripper outfit instead of a crisp business shirt he would have had better luck!

Honorable Mention 2: Jared's penchant for "breaking wind." (All seasons)

"Half a burrito and you're toxic!" Dean shouts at Sam in "Yellow Fever." We learn how true that is in the gag reels as Jared cuts the cheese a few times. He seems rather proud of his talent while Jensen reacts with horror, disgust, and giggles. Jared seems to enjoy letting loose while in the Impala, making sure there's no escape for his costar. Juvenile? Absolutely. Funny? You bet. Jensen can't quite contain his running commentary about how bad it is. He cries that "It stinks in here!" and that "I'm going to throw up!" He suggests that they light matches. He laughs helplessly, making Jared follow suit. Sometimes you just have to laugh at the absurdity that is the human body. This is one of those times certainly.

Number 10: Jared making a cameo in the gag reel as Elmer Fudd (season 6)

For some reason I find it hilarious when Jared misspeaks and says the word trailer just like Elmer Fudd. It most certainly wasn't intentional by any means, but it always makes me giggle. Taken from a moment in the "French Mistake," Jared's trying to say Sam's line about the fake Jensen Ackles having a fish tank in his trailer. What comes out instead is "twalier" and even he catches it. Jensen picks up the baton here and goes for a full on Elmer Fudd impersonation that makes the flub even funnier. Sure, there's other flubs of speech in the show's history, but for whatever reason this one always makes me laugh hardest.

Number 9: Jared telling Kim Manners that he loves him (season 2)

This little round of teasing is bittersweet now with Kim gone, but it always makes me smile. He is playfully teasing Kim Manners, director of "Heart" in this case, that he loves him. Oh no, this isn't heartfelt or with "feeling." This is playful. Between lines and takes, Jared takes time to blow air kisses and say, "I love you, Kim." It shows us just how loose and open this set can be, even if we know they are serious about their work. There's room to have fun and everyone involved in front of and behind the camera can certainly join in.

Number 8: Misha Collins tossing the holy fire Molotov at Jake Abel's “nipple” (season 5)

Watching Misha struggle to nail this scene right is fun. He has to toss the holy fire bomb just right and make it look real all without really doing it. After all, he can't really set Jake on fire. He still has to throw a real object, however, and it seems he has issues with getting it to hit just right. Jake complains of it hitting everything from his nipple to his ear, and it seems he spends a lot of his time in the scene complaining about Misha's poor aim. Everyone else there seems to find it highly amusing, laughing at all the craziness ensuing in order to get this scene just right. It's even funnier when they have to reset for another take, all declaring Assbutt mark, so that Misha can have another go at throwing an object at Jake.

Number 7: Random dancing by all the cast (all seasons)

Before the recent "Harlem Shake" video was unleashed live to the web direct, there were dancing montages in the gag reels. Usually featuring just Jared and Jensen, they have a ton of fun coming up with silly and inane routines that break up filming. There's the dancing in the field as they toss the football. There's the dancing by the food cart. There's playing gopher in a grave by popping up and down in alternating sequences. There's Jared and Jensen dancing as Dean and Lucifer---all with Jared saying that God wants them to do the "monkey dance." Sometimes, though, Jared and Jensen invite others into the dancing frenzy. Jensen invites Mitch Pileggi to dance in season 6's gag reel, complete with hands meeting and finger guns. Jim Beaver joins in on the fun in season 7 with the borax weapon as they try to outrun Dick Roman. And most famously of all is the frolic in the field with Misha Collins in season 6---complete with wormstache. No matter the reason or the rhyme, these dances are just fun and a delight to see. May they always find time for them.

Number 6: Jared and Jensen wishing everyone a Merry Christmas "Canadian"€ style (season 1)

There's just something so endearing about seeing them having fun. Jared and Jensen are bundled up with thick winter coats, hats, and gloves for a harsh winter. If they don't look ridiculous enough as is, Jared has to make it even more so when he starts to wish everyone a Merry Christmas with a faux Canadian accent. It's so Fargo-like it makes it even funnier. Jensen jumps right in, going right along for a hilarious moment. It's boys being silly for silly's sake - and it is delightful.

Number 5: "Who's Shot Is It Anyways?" Jared stealing Jensen's sight line. (Season 3)

Jensen is trying desperately to film a scene to no avail as Jared keeps making sure he takes up the frame. He leans his head into the camera, fiddles with props while blocking Jensen, and sniffs a bullet probably meant for the Colt. He leans against Jensen pretending to listen in on the phone conversation. If it could possibly distract Jensen, Jared will try it. Obviously he's trying to get his co-star to break character. Despite Jensen playing along and turning the phone to allow Jared to "listen," he remains in character until the very end when they share a small laugh and smile. It's a treat to see because we can see just how much fun they must have acting together and making this show.

Number 4: Jared fighting (and failing) to open the window (season 2)

Try and try and try as he may, Jared just can't get that window open. Even with everyone yelling at him to open it, Jared just can't quite make it happen. He even gets some assistance, but still can't pop the latch. On one hand he should be proud. It proves he's not a criminal breaking and entering other people's homes on a regular basis. On the other, it leads to hilarity all around. The close ups of him yelling through the window, particularly that he'll kick some “5 foot 4 ass” just makes me giggle snort every time. Even Jensen finds it highly entertaining, standing in the background with an amused smile. To think, Sam makes it look oh so easy---but we know the truth now. It's so not.

Number 3: Jensen screaming at the cat (season 4)

Who could ever forget Dean being afraid of, well, of everything in “Yellow Fever” as he's infected with ghost sickness? A routine investigation into the old factory reveals a locker. Sam turns to an anxious Dean and counts to three. Once he opens the locker a cat jumps free---and Dean screams like a little girl. If that isn't funny enough, the gag reel version amps it up even more with Jensen spinning in a circle screaming only to end up in Jared's arms ala Scooby and Shaggy style. It's a delight to see, and incites belly laughing every time. If Jared and Jensen ever want to try for a comedy career I'm fairly certain they could easily make the transition. Each one could trade off being the goof and straight man.

Number 2: "Eye of the Tiger/All Out of Love" as sung by Jensen (Season 4 and 7)

Technically neither of these "gag reel moments" appear in the gag reel, but they're so good they get their own special feature on the DVDs. The "Eye of the Tiger" segment was so funny that they couldn't wait for the DVDs! They put it on after the credits for "Yellow Fever." Who can forget seeing Jensen dancing and lip synching to the song. The leg air guitar! Jared laughing quietly in the background! There's just so much to love about this. Despite it being Jensen having some fun on set, we can't help but think Dean would have done something very similar---only to have Sam think he's totally lost his marbles. "All Out of Love," gives us both brothers on camera---and its beauty is that both Jensen and Jared manage to stay in character. In fact, as funny as Dean lip synching the song is in the actual episode, this cut could have fit in just fine---right down to the car swerving on the highway. Jared is totally in character as Sam the whole time, and while he doesn't say a word we're laughing almost as much at his appalled and horrified expressions as we are Jensen's in character bad singing. Who can forget Jensen saying with anticipation “This is the good part!” and Jared shrinking away in apprehension? Letting us know that they're just playing, at the end both collapse into fits of laughter punctuating a beautiful moment between these two.

Number 1: Jared ripping his pants and Jensen laughing about it. (Season 2)

There is just something so pure and hilarious about this moment. Jared is trying to goof off a bit, bending down while swaying his hips to get a funny shot---only it doesn't turn out the way he planned. The distinctive sound of fabric ripping fills the air, and Jared exclaims in disbelief, "I ripped my pants!" Instantly, Jensen throws his head back and laughs. It's such a carefree and joyous sound. To make it even funnier, Jared runs around clutching at the large tear, trying to see how big it is. This only makes Jensen laugh harder until he's breathless. Out of all the gag reel moments---staged or not---this one is my all time favorite. It never fails to make me laugh. This particular moment is the best mood enhancer possibly ever.

So, what are some of your favorite gag reel moments and why? And what type of gag moments do you think we might see from season 8?